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  • The Norwegian freighter Gangerolf leaves Subic Bay in the Philippines with a motley assortment of passengers. In the hold, under armed guard, is the entire crew of a sunken U-boat. In the first class cabins are Bill Derby, a British submarine commander on his way back to England for a medical board; Lt-Commander Witheringham - 'Withers' - a useless little man whose existence the Admiralty has forgotten over the years; and Captain Spatter, the American commander of the prisoners' guard. He's always broke becuase he plays craps with the enlisted men and never wins. But the most important passenger is Wren (Womens' Royal Navy Service) Mary Lou Smith - an unconventional young woman. Every character, from Wren Smith to Captain 'Happy' Christiansen, the Gangerolf 's huge, whiskey-guzzling Master, is real and alive, from the moment they board the freighter to the day they are marooned on a deserted island.
  • No collection of nautical fiction would be complete without the inclusion of Tom Cringle's Log, a novel that - together with the works of Marryat - became a cornerstone of the genre on its publication some 150 years ago. Told in an irresistible and immediate style, the story follows the life of young midshipman Tom Cringle: his imprisonment in occupied Germany by Napoleon's forces, his West Indian cruise on the Torch, a British man-of-war, his daring escape from West Indian pirates and his ultimate promotion to the officer ranks. Edited by Ernest Rhys.
  • The sequel to The Broad Highway. This is the story of the fiery Charmian's love for her husband and reckless son - and the passion her beauty arouses in two ruthless men. Charmian, now in her forties and a great deal more wary and wise, is still a great beauty and not afraid to gamble life and honor in a sinister and perilous game. While in Paris, young Richard Vibart, son of Sir Peter and Lady Charmian, receives a challenge from Henri Willoughby-Gafton, a famous duelist whom Richard has slapped for speaking lightly of Lady Charmian. When Sir Peter hears of it he hurries to Paris, while Charmian - with a plan of her own - follows secretly. But is  Henri Willoughby-Gafton the real villain? Mr. Bob Meadows, the valet from The Broad Highway also makes a reappearance. Set during the Regency.

  • Deep in the Mariana Sea Trench, a corporate underwater mining complex has been built - an industrial Atlantis. When an accident in a dry-dock chamber kills several miners and investigator is sent to determine the cause and finds that it was no accident.  He is caught in a deadly conflict between the miners and the corporation and must fight to stay alive and uncover the truth.
  • From the author of Goodbye Mr. Chips and Random Harvest.  As World War I comes to a close, George Boswell looks back on how his fate was inextricably tied to that of his sleepy English hometown As a young man, George Boswell knew he had greater prospects ahead than those offered by his native mill town in the north of England. A respected lawyer and civic leader, he possessed the skill and charisma to shine on the national stage. But ambition is not without a cost. When Boswell must choose between the promise of a bright future or staying behind for the people who have come to depend on him, his decision comes at a shocking price. story of a people pulled reluctantly toward modernity amid the farms and factories of Lancashire, and a celebration of the steadfast character of the common English village.
  • Written in 1953 and set 30 years in the future, there is an inner story and an outer story: the first crowded with the great figures of the British empire and the second set in the wilds of Queensland during the rains from November to April and when a strange adventure takes place. Great Britain is still great - its people determined, tenacious and disciplined. A young airman and the girl he loves find themselves at the very hub of the affairs of Empire during the course of a very astonishing Constitutional crisis.
  • Originally printed in 1940, a fascinating history of Lord Howe Island - its discovery and early associations and illustrated with wonderful old black and white photographs, covering the years 1788 - 1888.
  • Includes chapters on:  Cause and Origin of Migration; Routes; The Height and Speed of Migration Flight; The Distances Travelled by Birds; Migration of Weather; The Perils of Migration; Early Ideas of Migration. A fascinating work on the topic without being wordy. This book was part of a 1/- series published by the Cambridge University Press on Science and Literature intended to cover a broad range of subjects, written by experts for the interested reader seeking easily accessible, sound knowledge.
  • Five years after the success of The Sentimental Bloke, Dennis continued the tale of Rose, the girl Ginger Mick left behind. Inclined to recklessness and 'like to come to 'arm' the Bloke appoints himself chief rescuer - like some 'tin knight of old' and later, bumbling match-maker.  But Doreen is there, of course, to save the day. An Australian classic. With delicate black and white illustrations and a glossary of the slang of the times.