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//Antiquities & Oddities
  • Truthful Jones is the teller of the world's tallest tales - how to beat parking officers, the four-legged lottery, crime, politics and death. He tells behind-the-scenes stories about the government of Nifty Neville Wran, Bob Hawke, Menzies and Fraser; why attendances are falling at Aussie Rules matches and the inside story on cricket 'sledging'. Want to back the Melbourne Cup winner with the perfect system? Truthful has the tips.  A selection of the best from Hardy's column in People magazine.
  • Yes, you did read that right - The Va Dinci Cod. Five baffling mysteries that will change what you believe about the world...and fish. And the wisdom of ever reading another book. An eminent museum curator lies dead in his own gallery, with a three foot cod stuffed down his throat; a brilliant young man a renowned anagrammatologist (good looking, GSOH, own flat, good job, non-smoker, very high standards of personal hygiene, social) - he meets lots of women but nobody seems quite right; a beautiful, renowned young French police cryptologist who studied for her cryptology degree at Royal Holloway (a university without a department of cryptology); a book of rehashed conspiracy theory codswallop becomes an international bestseller...the stage is set for satirical adventure!
  • A wonderful window into life on the land in Australia - as it was and as it is now.  For decades, early settlers had to rely on what was at hand in the supply shed - there were no corners stores or supermarkets! Recipes for cooking bread, damper, various birds, beef and bandicoot (!) snakes (!!) and various seafoods, as well as a large helping of indigenous wisdom  in the gathering of food and its preparation. A handbook of Australian ingredients, all natural, and how to use them to the best advantage. Illustrated by Vane.
  • Mr. T. Wallace Wooly, a self-important tycoon, but at heart a shy man, meets his future bride when he rescues her from a hotel fire. Usually this would pose unique challenges to a couple just getting acquainted, but it probably helped that the future Mrs. Wooly was completely naked at the time. Mr. Wooly is the most public, most consequential man in town and respectable -so the well-publicized rescue of the nude Miss Broome thrown over Mr.Wooly's shoulder as he rushes from the burning building sets tongues wagging. Mr. Wooly is aghast at the rumors, but Miss Broome is after all, bewitching, and Mr. Wooly is soon under the spell of her red lips, lustrous black hair, and slanting yellow eyes. It isn't long after their marriage that Mr. Wooly begins to question the wisdom of their hasty union when he sees his new wife climbing down the trumpet vine outside their bedroom window, riding the goat through the apple orchard in the moonlight, and killing chickens. Among other things. The Passionate Witch was initially drafted as a film scenario, but later completed as a novel by Norman Matson after Thorne Smith's death in 1934.  Illustrated by Herbert Roese.
  • Originally published over 300 years ago as The Compleat Housewife - and 100 years before the famous Mrs Beeton - Eliza Smith, drawing on her vast experience while 'constantly employed by fashionable and noble families' compiled this collection of over 600 recipes which had 'met with general approbation'. There are also  remedies and cures for the 'benefit of every accomplished noblewoman' for every ailment from the bite of a mad dog to a case of pimples. This book was not oly famous in Britain, but also in America were it has the distinction of being the first ever cookery book to be published there.
  • The last chapter of Heidi was called, 'Promises to Meet Again.' In this sequel, written by Johanna Spyri's translator, all the timeless characters do meet again - Peter, the goatherd; Clara, no longer an invalid; Granny; the good Doctor and Grandfather.  And there are new characters to meet, and new stories to tell, as Heidi begins a strange new life at boarding school.  Illustrations by Pelagie Doane.
  • Sorrel has come to live with her aunt and cousins and she ius having a hard time fitting in. A story of growing up, compassion and  acceptance.
  • As soon as Anne Shirley arrives at the snug white farmhouse called Green Gables, she is sure she wants to stay forever - but will the Cuthberts send her back to to the orphanage? Anne knows she's not what they expected—a skinny girl with fiery red hair and a temper to match. If only she can convince them to let her stay, she'll try very hard not to keep rushing headlong into scrapes and blurting out the first thing that comes to her mind. Anne is not like anyone else, the Cuthberts agree; she is special - a girl with an enormous imagination. This orphan girl dreams of the day when she can call herself Anne of Green Gables.
  • Book IV of The Courtney Chronicles. A holiday in Italy for Susan Courtney, the prospect of meeting new friends and the even more delightful prospect of meeting up with an old and very agreeable friend.  This friend from times past has come to a crossroads in his life - will he choose the upward path, or the downward?  Illustrated by John Harcourt Finnie.