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    Sam Pig lives in a thatched cottage with Tom, Bill and Ann Pig - and also Brock the Badger. Cheerful stories for children from Alison Uttley  (1884-1976) who wrote over 100 stories for little people, including a pioneering time-slip novel  A Traveller In Time. Illustrations by A.E.  Kennedy.
  • 1907 Edition.
  • With a sensational retro cover from 1964.  Crime Club edition.
  • Seven more rounds of sparring, as Fletch and his fellow cons of Slade nick continue their struggle against the authority of Messrws MacKay and Barrowclough.  Cover features the late great Ronnie Barker as Fletch.
  • The narrative of a voyage around the world in a Windjammer in 1919. This is a vintage glimpse into the sea-faring lifestyle of times past with an authentic account of a life lived at sea; a true and spirited account of a phase of sea-life now long past, fascinating from the very vividness and sincerity of its telling. Retold with the lucidity and fondness that can only belong to one who has lived it and loved it, A Gipsy of the Horn - Life in a Deep-Sea Sailing Ship is highly recommended for readers with an interest in the history and development of sailing. With beautiful pen and ink drawings by N.A.D. Wallis.
  • In 404 B.C., the Spartans demolished the famous Long Walls of Athens, signalling the complete victory of the city of Lycurgus and the subordination of all Greece to the Spartan interest. Yet within forty years, the pride of Sparta had been humbled, their glory gone for ever.  Xenophon lived through this time; despite being Athenian he was intimate with some of the most influential people in Sparta, including King Agesilaus. Here is the on-the-spot documentation of the last years of the independent cities of Hellas, by someone who saw it all.  Translated by Rex Warner.

  • In which Nichols goes on an exploration of different faiths and religions.
  • In which Nichols explores and investigates different faiths and religions.
  • Beverley Nichols examines and discusses various religious faiths - by trying them out for himself.