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  • The First Fleet Re-enactment.  A fleet of square riggers left London on April 27 1987 and arrived at Sydney Cove on January 26 1988.  The author was a full-voyage trainee on that re-enactment voyage.
  • Philip Kimberley, top ranking British intelligence officer rocks the international spy community by defecting to Russia. However, not trusting his new colleagues, Kimberly leaves behind a hidden dossier exposing the KGB's spy network as insurance.  Years later, drunk and broken, Kimberly is given one last assignment by his KGB superiors - to undergo extensive surgical alteration and re-enter the UK to retrieve the dossier.  With news of Kimberley's death leaked to the media the defector slips back into the U.K. unrecognisable as his former self. With documents in hand Kimberley begins a dangerous game of intrigue that plays MI6 against the KGB with deadly results.  But then Kimberley's nemesis Admiral Scaith brings the former spy's daughter into the game, the rules suddenly change as the final pieces fall into place.
  • Six adventures with Simon Templar - The Saint. This volume includes: The Helpful Pirate; The Bigger Game; The Cleaner Cure; The Intemperate Reformer; The Uncured Ham; The Convenient Monster.
  • Anyone who's ever had a bet on a horse will relate to this collection of tall - and short - stories of the racing world, a sport renowned for colorful characters.  Not only jockeys and racegoers provide the laughter in this collection - there are plenty of bookies, owners, trainers, racing writers, commentators, stewards, vets and committeemen.  Here's a sample: There was the time that Queensland jockeys waged a 'go slow' campaign for a higher winning fee. The race at Doomben started at 3 p.m. and finished at 4.45 p.m. The favourite would have been in a photo finish but by the time the race ended it was too dark to take pictures.  Pure Aussie humour.

  • Jim Trudell (Don 'The Dragon' Wilson) is on the run, with no law to turn to but the law of survival. When he rescues a beautiful woman from a gang of low-life thugs, he gets entangled in a web of police corruption - and a murder he didn't commit. Now he's a fugitive from the law with no place to hide and in a race against time to piece together the truth and get even with the cops who want him dead.  Fast-paced kick-boxing action.
  • Hardback, no dust jacket.  1st UK edition, 1949.  Contains previous owner's name and has some age spotting.
  • The infamous Sr Lancelot Spratt, now retired, wants only to vegetate in Wales and fish the old Witches' Pool on is land.  But is it on his land? Chadwick, Sir Lancelot's new neighbour and a marmalade tycoon, claims that the pond is his, by right, deed and title. Sir Lancelot's breakneck visit to London to enlist his solicitors in the battle with Chadwick set off an uproarious chain of events and proves that even in retirement, Sir Lancelot is still a force to be reckoned with. Nor has his retreat to the countryside weakened his penchant for arranging the lives of others  - with results frequently to his own embarrassment.
  • Traces the history of the inn and its role in society.
  • Before the Darwin Awards, there was Riple's world of fascinating facts about risks, breaks, quirks, freaks and miracles. Such as... Minnie Gawell, who in drawing a raffle, picked her own numbers four times in succession; if Bram Stoker had not eaten crab for his dinner (which gave him awful nightmares) the world would never have had Frankenstein; and the refugees from floods in Pakistan who received a supply of brassieres. Over 300 pages of the very weird.
  • Ex-military investigator Jack Reacher is called in when five people are gunned down and the evidence all points to someone who swears he's innocent.  The law has limits, but Jack Reacher doesn't.
  • Even in peace-time, Biggles can find adventures and mysteries with his tried and true comrades Algy, Bertie and Ginger.  Contains 14 stories.
  • Set in New Zealand's far north, it is the story of a 'bait boy' who is happiest when netting flounder, swimming with a friendly seal or messing about in boats. No-one seems very rich, yet no one starves, with summers that last almost all year, fruit for the picking and fish for the catching.  When this lad runs away he finds unexpected friends, from Maori sea weed pickers to the captain and the cook of a coastal scow.  Billed as having a simple yet unexpected ending.

  • Here is a veritable tossed salad of resort guests: old, young, eccentric, snobbish, pleasant and revolting and a good mix of employees  to create a real microcosm of human nature.  There's Miss Dukemer, the worldly wise cashier; Purcell, the Assistant Manager who likes ladies and liquor; the rich Mellott sisters who share their suite with a Siamese cat; the wealthy couple who order one small breakfast between them; the elevator boy who has a hair fetish; the newly weds who aren't sure what goes where and many more memorable and eccentric characters.
  • A spoof on espionage.  Wise is mistaken for a secret agent and the duo are sent undercover to protect the idol of the Russian people, ballerina Madam Petrovna.  Consequently her life is in the hands of the worst bunglers and riotous antics ensue.  Excess postage paid at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.
  • The epic story of the two Biblical cities ruled and ruined by a corrupt, sadistic queen.  Lot is commanded by God to take his people to the valley of the Jordan - but the queen is determined to lure him into her web of voluptuous, forbidden temptations.  Cover art represents Stweeart Granger, Pier Angeli, Stanley Baker and others from the Rank Film production.
  • The story of Judah Ben-Hur did not end with the Crucifixion. In its terrible aftermath, Judah joins with the gentle Joseph of Arimathea to bring Christianity to the Romans.  Fate intervenes again, and Judah must fight and strive through adventure, heartbreak and danger before he finds peace and love again. The cast of characters include Nero, his incestuous mother Agrippina, the passionate Leah and General Seutonius  in the settings of Rome, Ancient Britain and the Mediterranean.
  • What's in a name? Well, plenty, according to this interesting little booklet.  The word 'dunce' meaning slow-witted or dull is from the name Duns Scotus, a brilliant medieval teacher; Dick Whittington, mayor of London, did exist but is not the legendary poor boy with a pet cat seeking his fortune; Robert Louis Stevenson's infamous character Dr. Jekyll was based on a real man; Old 'Uncle Tom Cobbleigh' was a hotblooded and amorous red-headed man; Lady Godiva did get her gear off  as a result of a bet with her husband - and Mother Goose did write a swag of nursery rhymes! Loads of interest in a small package.
  • More than 4,000 American Express employees were in Lower Manhattan on the morning of 9/11. Many had just arrived at the office and were getting ready to start their day. Eleven Coporate Travel employees who worked on the 94th floor of the World Trade Centre's north tower died that day.  This is American Express' tribute to them and to all the A.E. employees world-wide, who turned to and kept going through the devastation of that day.  Includes a CD.  An item for collectors of the unusual.
  • An ancient decoder has been stolen from a collection of Vatican art. When an archeologist discovers its history to the Knights Templar she enlists a NY detective to find it before it falls into the wrong hands. Clue by clue, continent by continent and murder by murder, the quest is on to discover the secret that could change the course of history. Based on the novel The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury
  • There is only one law - every man for himself.  Jericho has never been a safe town to live in, and it just got deadlier.  John Smith has arrived to play two warring gangs against one another.  He switches allegiance between the two gangs, offering his services to the highest bidder, and as the death toll mounts, he becomes the dispenser of law and order in the race to be the last man standing.
  • Contains prize certificate dated 1934. Age spotting on front end papers.
  • Puzzles, riddles, lateral-and-double-thinks with a medieval theme.