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  • A celebration of Misprints, Typos and Howlers from the printed media.  Includes such gems as this ad:  'Mr S. Butters for reasons of ill health, is permanently discontinuing widow cleaning'... The Bull and Crown menu which features 'Crap Soup'... and unfortunate phrasings like the following: ' The pastor will preach his farewell message, after which the choir will sing Break Forth Into Joy.'  A wonderful collection with plenty of laughs.
  • From the Carpenter's World Tracels series.  A fascinating look at life as it was here - in 1926! With 126 photographs and enticing chapter headings, such as: Life on the Sheep Station; The Three R's in Australia; Gold Diggings in Creek and Desert; Social Pests and Mutton and Butter for London Tables.
  • A hysterically funny vintage look at the war between the sexes. Contents include: Woman, the Necessary Evil : Truth and fiction about some highly disreputable ladies (!); All for Love: Or how the grand passion can become the big heartbreak; The Lady Speaks Her Mind: Or where Dr. Kinsey left off; Women of the World : Idsadora Duncan, Ingrid Bergman and the career woman; Sugar and Spice: Bittersweet commentaries on feminine foibles; Science and Sex: Marriage and bedfellows; A Dying Race - Mistresses; How well do you know women? Contributors include: Stuart Cloete, Ferenc Molnar, Paul Gallico and Robert Switzer
  • True mysteries of the sea. Chapters include: Over The Horizon; Vanishing Islands; Bottles, Casks and Caskets; The Watchers and The Avengers; The Jinxed and the Damned; The Haunts and the Horrors; Fiery Phantoms and Noisy Spectres; Floating Morgues; The Wanders and the Homers; The Classic Drifter; The Most Famous Derelict; O-U-T, Out! The Triangle of Death; Flames From the Sky; Is There  An Answer? Invisible Horizons.

  • With over three thousand entries, this is the most comprehensive ready-reference work covering the globe from the ancient near East to present day voodoo.  Arranged alphabetically, beautiful black and white illustrations, a key to variant spellings and citations of relevant art, music films and literature.
  • An English family moves to the New World of Australia.
  • The infamous Sr Lancelot Spratt, now retired, wants only to vegetate in Wales and fish the old Witches' Pool on is land.  But is it on his land? Chadwick, Sir Lancelot's new neighbour and a marmalade tycoon, claims that the pond is his, by right, deed and title. Sir Lancelot's breakneck visit to London to enlist his solicitors in the battle with Chadwick set off an uproarious chain of events and proves that even in retirement, Sir Lancelot is still a force to be reckoned with. Nor has his retreat to the countryside weakened his penchant for arranging the lives of others  - with results frequently to his own embarrassment.
  • Traces the history of the inn and its role in society.
  • Chapters include: King Billy's Breeches by Marcus Clarke; "Barefooted Bob" in Melbourne by Tom Collins; A Post-Cup Tale by C.J. Dennis and Bradman and the Burglar by Lennie Lower.
  • Years ago, CIA operative Nathan Muir and his protege Tom Bishop were inseparable, travelling the world in  a profession fraught with danger and uncertainty.  Now, about the retire from the agency, Muir learns that Bishop has gone rogue, jailed in Beijing on espionage charges after attempting to break a female prisoner out of China - and she's the woman who came between them before.  As time runs out for Bishop, Muir takes on his most dangerous and personal mission ever.
  • The Bumbling Two play a pair of travelling salesmen set for South America.  But on arrival, Morecambe is mistaken for the son of the late president and is rushed to military headquarters.  Of course, this results in Morecambe's captors getting far more than they bargained for!  Excess postage paid at the checkout will be refunded when order is processed.
  • Set in New Zealand's far north, it is the story of a 'bait boy' who is happiest when netting flounder, swimming with a friendly seal or messing about in boats. No-one seems very rich, yet no one starves, with summers that last almost all year, fruit for the picking and fish for the catching.  When this lad runs away he finds unexpected friends, from Maori sea weed pickers to the captain and the cook of a coastal scow.  Billed as having a simple yet unexpected ending.

  • Here is a veritable tossed salad of resort guests: old, young, eccentric, snobbish, pleasant and revolting and a good mix of employees  to create a real microcosm of human nature.  There's Miss Dukemer, the worldly wise cashier; Purcell, the Assistant Manager who likes ladies and liquor; the rich Mellott sisters who share their suite with a Siamese cat; the wealthy couple who order one small breakfast between them; the elevator boy who has a hair fetish; the newly weds who aren't sure what goes where and many more memorable and eccentric characters.
  • No matter how conservative science can explain somethings, strange phenomena continues:  Yeti sightings, the Loch Ness Monster, spontaneous human combustion and encounters with angels are just a very few of the explorations of this author.
  • Innocent, impulsive Danny, Angie the sophisticated, unstable student and Danny's tough, vengeful father make a strange triangle.  Danny and Angie's affair works out for a while in a hole-and-corner sort of way.  Then as the Welsh winter closes in, Angie gets more demanding - and Danny is faced with a cruel, impossible choice.
  • An ebullient play inspired by the stories of the homeless men 'on the wallaby' who roamed the Australian roads in search of work during the Great Depression.  The story traces the misfortunes of the O'Brien family, waterside workers in Port Adelaide.  The effect of eight years' of unemployment, birth, separation, strikes and subsistence on the family are seen in the light of the political strategies of the time.  It also incorporates the death of the old music hall theatre and the rise of the age of mass communication.
  • Honouring those who continue to improve our gene pool by removing themselves in sublimely idiotic ways, such as: the woman caught in an American national park, smearing honey all over her small son's face so she could get a photo of a bear licking it off; the man who decided to add a plastic bag to his collection  of solo sex toys, and who was found with the plastic bag over his head, the vacuum cleaner still running and very very dead; and the two allegedly experienced twenty-something construction workers who fell to their deaths after cutting a circle in a thick concrete floor without realising they were standing in the middle of the circle. All this and much much more! Also includes sections on honorable mentions and debunks

  • Who is Kinky Friedman? He's an American singer, songwriter, novelist, humorist, politician, defender of stray animals and former satirical columnist. Friedman shifted his creative focus from music in the 70s to writing in the 80s - detective novels written in the style of Raymond Chandler and featuring a fictionalised version of himself, solving crimes in New York City and dispensing jokes, wisdom, recipes, charm and whiskey in equal measure.  Omnibus volume.  In  Armadilloes and Old Lace The Kinkster decides to take a break from big-city murder but scarcely does he arrive in Texas before his friend, Judge Knox, turns up wanting to talk about four little old ladies. No, they don't want the Kinkster to join a quilting bee - they're - er - dead... God Bless John Wayne sees the Kinkster back in his Lower Manhattan loft, having taken on the seemingly easy task of helping his friend Ratso find his true birth mother - an assignment which leads to untidy mayhem involving a couple of corpses and a plot to kill Ratso... The Love Song Of J. Edgar Hoover  finds the Kinkster hired by Polly Price to find her missing husband but he's let himself in for far more trouble than he bargained for - and when Village Irregular Mike McGovern disappears along with the lovely Polly, Kinky comes to the natural conclusion: The FBI is after him! Cover art by Mick Brownfield.
  • Edward is the creation of an inventor, whose sudden death leaves Edward with metal shears for hands.  He lives on alone in the darkness of the great Gothic house until he is found by a kind lady and taken home to live with her family - in the pastel paradise called Suburbia. An early role for Johnny Depp and one of Vincent Price's last films.  By Tim Burton.
  • Religious Tract Society.  Gilt edged pages.  A sewn book, quite rare.
  • Mrs Harris, cheerful cockney charlady, had her first adventure to Paris, to buy her Dior frock.  She returned to England not only with a Dior frock, but with a wealth of new friends. Now she is off to the United States, with her faithful and timid friend Mrs. Violet Butterfield. The generous ladies have committed themselves to finding the real father of a maltreated waif. They meet all sorts of people; their mission creates untold diplomatic complications; and they find themselves in serious trouble but with stout allies by their side.
  • Puzzles, riddles, lateral-and-double-thinks with a medieval theme.
  • Johnny is a small Samoan who is always in big trouble.  He never starts the trouble, but he always seems to be there for it.  He means well; even if his home brew lays his guests out all over the plantation. He is a pain in the head to his village chief.  So he is sent away to learn something useful.  So he learns very good English from a mad Australian pharmacist - a slightly disguised John O'Grady.  With illustrations by 'Wep'.