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  • Contains prize certificate dated 1934. Age spotting on front end papers.
  • An A-Z of eccentrics and eccentricities for teenagers. Featuring: the artist who exhibited an exploding bull; the Russian admiral who invented the circular battleship; the Duchess who rode through London in a boat on wheels; the Marquis who erected a tombstone to his leg and many more.
  • A retro magazine style story of the type sold at railway stations at the time.
  • Audrey fforbes-Hamilton enjoys all the luxuries a woman of her position and ancestry might expect - a manor in the country, a modest staff, the respect of the local village and a few pounds in the bank. But it all changes with the death of her husband and she finds she's broke and the estate has been running at a loss for years. Moving to the coach house with her loyal but decrepit butler Brabinger, she has to face the real world: public transport, supermarkets, launderettes and possibly even having to find a job. And yet worse is to follow, when the new Lord of the manor arrives - a nouveau riche owner of a supermarket chain. Audrey must do battle on behalf of her reputation, class and the hallowed name of fforbes-Hamilton.

  • Told from George Eliot's The Mill on the Floss.  Features beautiful colour plates.
  • Tony makes an impression wherever he goes - he knows all the right people, wears all the right clothes, is seen in all the right places and is always in the society columns.  Yet there are some odd stories also circulating...a messy divorce case...blackmail and Mob involvement...a very peculiar wedding...He's a rogue, a rascal and a reprobate.  Patrick Dennis tells a good story and has a sly dig at society pretensions and the cult of so-called celebrity at the same time.
  • Tony simply must be a very important person - he wears the right clothes, knows the right people and is seen in all the right places.  It says so in the society columns and they're always right.  Although there are some strange stories about Tony.  Tall tales...something about all the money he brought home from t he war...a peculiar wedding... a rather messy divorce case...And wasn't there a story about blackmail and The Mob?  Here is Tony - a rascal, rogue and reprobate from the cult of celebrity before there was a cult of celebrity.  Dennis, the creator of Auntie Mame and other memorable characters, has a sly dig at society pretensions while telling a good story as well.
  • An English family moves to the New World of Australia.