Antiquities & Oddities

//Antiquities & Oddities
  • A selection of the best of the uncanny from the master of the occult.  This volume contains:  Carmilla, Sheridan le Fanu; The Dream Woman, Wilkie Collins; The Tapestried Chamber, Sir Walter Scott; The Open Door, Mrs Oliphant; The Spectre Bridegroom, Washington Irving; Ligeia, Edgar Allen Poe; Clarimonde, Theophile Gautier.
  • Published in 1966, a collection of short stories, poems, illustrations and photographs of how the Australian 'beat generation' saw the world and it was intended also as a vehicle to help get young writers published. The selection staff of three - also under twenty-five - were Anne O'Donovan, Jayne Sanderson and our own well-loved Shane Porteous. There's several early efforts from those who are household names today: Peter Carey, Murray Bail and Allan Baillie, to name a few.
  • Adventures as the yacht, Wanderer, sailing around the South Seas looking for treasure. wanders into an atomic testing area of the Pacific.  Illustrated by S. Fezzard. The author, Percy Francis Westerman (1876 - 1959) was a prolific author of children's literature, many of his books adventures with military themes. His writing career allegedly began with a sixpence bet made with his wife that he could write a better story than the one he was reading to his son, who was at the time ill with chickenpox. His first book for boys, 'A Lad of Grit', was published in 1908. During the 1930s Westerman was voted the most popular author of stories for boys, having published over 170 books.
  • Over the modern world lies the shadow of mysteries that neither reason nor science can explain. In this volume, investigative author the late John Pinkney covers: The Corpse, The Duke and the Nazi Spy: Was Edward, Duke of Windsor in deep with the Nazis? Don't Disturb the Dead: the discovery of a mummified hunter in 1990, 53 centuries frozen in the Otzal Mountains, seemed to unleash a curse on those who disturbed him. The Man Who Vanished From The Sky - Inexplicable Disappearances: In 1928 the world's third-richest man, Alfred Loewenstein, vanished from a plane in mid-flight; The Book That Foretold Diana's Doom - Premonitions in Books and Films : 'David Lancaster's book, Caroline R, was published in 1980 - which foretold Diana's life from the moment of her marriage to Prince Charles; Nightmare In The Garden - Reports From Reality's Edge: In 1999, a roadhouse cook was awoken at 1.30 a.m. by her dogs barking. When she went out to quiet them, she saw something she would never forget, and which would rob her of sleep for months to come; The Secret Agent And The Uncanny Cloud -  Wartime Mysteries: An elite British secret agent is dropped in the wrong place for her mission, yet an inexplicable force guided her to the right place..and she wasn't the only one to have this experience. Seashells In The Trees and Other Strange Skyfalls: In  1985,  a mass of exotic seashells usually found in the warm waters of the Philippines, cascaded onto a village in England; Insane Egotist - The Mass Murderer Who Adored Publicity: The FBI's finest couldn't crack the Zodiac Killer's code - but a high school history teacher could. The Dead Sailor Who Invaded a Photo - Ghost Mysteries; Did Amelia Die? Or Did the Government Lie? Courageous aviatrix Amelia Earhart allegedly vanished with her navigator in July 1937 while circumnavigating the world. Eighteen months later, the US Government declared them both officially dead. But in the 70 years since, scores of people have come forward with very good reasons to believe that her disappearance may be the biggest cover-up in American history; Triangular Evidence - The Geometric Markings on UFO Abductees' Skins; The Woman Who Slept For 32 Years: Carolina Olssen lived a quiet life, with one claim to fame; she slept uninterrupted from 1876 to 1908 then woke apparently healthy and unaffected by this extraordinary event; Hell From Within: Spontaneous human combustion has been documented for thousands of years, yet still, science does not know what causes it. Did James Leininger Live Before? The Riddle of the Reborns: Six year old James not only claimed to be a naval fighter pilot who had died in World War II, he knew details that only the US Navy and the dead man's family could know. Jewels From Jupiter: In 1851, John Evans, part of a team of geologists and engineers, stumbled on a massive, gem-studded meteorite deep in Oregon territory. He casually took a few samples and left again, neglecting to chart its location. Treasure hunters have been looking for it ever since. The Strange Case of the Separated Sisters - Astonishing Coincidences: British siblings  Evelyn and Edna were separated at birth. Yet 58 years later, Evelyn found out that her long-lost sister had moved in next door. The Dream That Proved A Dead Man Was Alive - Sleep and the Seventh Sense: In 1944, the Australian  Army broke the news to Eddie Hooker's family that their son was missing in action, believed dead. The family were shattered, but Eddie's brother Harold was unable to mourn. He dreamed for weeks that Eddie would come home, healthy and happy. Harold's dream came true in every detail after the end of the Pacific War.
  • Aussie  humour, in the best of traditions - Cook takes his place with O'Grady, Wep and Lumsden with this book of caricatures. He sees humanity as somewhat like Basil Fawlty - surrounded by social and technical enigmas that one can only survive through a display of style and therapeutic outbursts of temporary madness.  Laughter IS good for the soul!
  • The cream of classic literati in Vogue articles and shorts.  In this volume: Conversational Kleptomania and Patchwork, G.B. Stern; Rather Late For Christmas, Here We Stand and There Was No More Sea, Mary Ellen Chase; A Prologue To America, Thomas Wolfe; My Life Is An Open Book, Clifton Fadiman; Home To Truro, Robert Nathan; The Clark's Fork Valley, Wyoming, Ernest Hemingway; The World Within Us and I Remember Christmas In France, André Maurois; The Weather Of Our Soul and Red Mountain, Irwin Edman; Four Painters, Henrik Willem Van Loon; You're On The Air Now, What This Country Needs, My Friends, Is More Love and Decor and the Morons, Ilka Chase; Souvenir, Splendide Apartment, I Love You - I Love You - I Love You, Chile Con Amore and No Trouble At All, Ludwig Bemelmans; Brooklyn Is My Neighbourhood, Carson McCullers; Happy Land and Now At Last A House of My Own, Katherine Anne Porter; The China You Don't Know, Helena Kuo; The Old Home Town and Five Pretty Little Fables, William Saroyan; Churchill's Favourite Aunt, Oliver St. John Gogarty; Dinner With Turbot, Ford  Madox Ford; Landscape - With Figures, Frederic Prokosch; Nehru of India, Krishnalal Shridharani; I Remember Christmas In Holland, Pierre Van Paassen; I Remember Christmas In Belgium,Robert Goffin; Humour - The Bomb-Proof Kind, Virginia Cowles;  They're Human After All, Katharine Brush; Chungking's Broadway, Clare Boothe; Ten Answers on Japan, Wilfred Fleisher; They Never Got Into My Column, Major George Fielding Eliot; But Where Is Picasso? André Géry;  Something To Remember You By, Sylvia Thompson; I Like The Circus, Paul Gallico; The Impossible Glory, Rebecca West; The Scars of London, Cecil Beaton; Gertrude Stein In France, Thérèse Bonney; Me And The French, Margaret Case Harriman; Murder In The Music Room, Samuel Chotzinoff; Art and Camouflage, Elliot Paul; Off-Stage Noises, Aline Bernstein; Sarah Bernhardt Left Them Kneeling, Laurette Taylor; File No. 113, Robert Simon;  Do Men Like Witty Women? Stephen Leacock; In A Velvet Glove, Allene Talmey; Dry Tortugas, Archibald MacLeish; Southern Exposure, Ralph McGill; Waiter, Bring Me Anything; Edward Bosley Jnr; A Wit With A Whim of Iron, The House of Vanderbilt, The Mrs. Astor I Remember, We Have With Us This Evening and Fashions in Painting, Frank Crowninshield; Fanny - You Fool! and I Sing While I Cook, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings; The Lady is An Engineer, Patricia Strauss; I Saw The Moscow Blitz, Margaret Bourke-White; The Wine-Diver, V. Shishkov; Now...Twenty Centuries Later, James Hilton; The Voice Of Africa, Stuart Cloete; Bucks County Auction, Josephine Herbst; Perennial Immortality and My Favourite Cooks, Lee Simonson; No Bed Of Roses, Isabel Paterson; Orson, The Wizard, Welles, J.P. McEvoy; Anything For A Laugh, Max Eastman;  Thanks To Casey Jones, John Mason Brown; American Women...So Pretty, Jules Romains; Renaissance Profiles, Leo Lerman; The Infant Gourmet, Sheila Hibben; The Position of Women in Music, Sir Thomas Beecham; These Grapes Need Sugar, Rex Stout;  Forty - When The Baby Was Born, Maddy Vegtel; Women of Fashion In Tehuantepec, Miguel Covarrubias; Raphaels Without Hands, The Passing of The Blops and Woman's Place In The Dark Room, M.F. Agha; Winston Churchill's American Mother, Millicent Fenwick; I Wanted To Draw and Embroidery, Ivy Low; Chautauqua Week, Vincent Sheean; I Remember Billy Mitchell, Major Alexander P. De Seversky; War On Our Road, Jan Spiess; What Makes An Orator? and I Remember Christmas In Austria, Leo Lania;  Who's Loony Now, Alexander King.
  • Stories include: Pandora the Prig, Peggy Carr; Out Of Bounds, A.E. Seymour; The Girl Who Had Too Many Friends, Mary Gervaise; Christmas At The Towers,  M.C. Field; A Mixed Scent, Bessie Marchant; The Spies, Grace Golden; Out On Ben Corrig, Nancy Firle. With colour and black and white illustrations.
  • Abridged and adapted school edition.  Angus and Roberson,1962. Photo illustrations.