• The authors have taken Paterson's beloved ballad and traced the footsteps of  The Man From Snowy River through the Snowy Mountains country  and the strange, treeless plains of the Monaro. Here is the history of the real men and women in the background of Paterson's legend - half-mad shepherds, ticket-of-leave men, the squatters, the settlers and their inheritors. Plenty of awesome photographs in colour and black and white, together with the little snippets of  history that make up the entire colourful tapestry of the pioneers.

  • Well, perhaps not quite 1001 - but it certainly a fascinating, hand-picked cross-section of classic conversation from Andrew Denton's Enough Rope. Many feature previously unreleased material and are guaranteed to please and inspire; this is an eminently browsable and instantly addictive book. Among the guests are Cate Blanchett, Bono, Steve Irwin,Alan Bond, Elton John, Mel Brooks, Jane Goodall, Matt Lucas and David Williams, Tim Winton and Michael 'Parky' Parkinson. With black and white photographs.
  • Never before had royal authority been so fundamentally challenged.  Eight centuries later, 63 clauses of the original Magna Carta are still in use.  But this is not a dry treatise of this well-covered historical event:  it is also what it was like to live in that momentous year. Fashion, food, religion, sex, education and medicine...Spectacles were invented...windmills were erected...Oxford became the first university and cathedrals of Lincoln and Salisbury were built. Full of rich detail, from great matters of state to everyday domestic life.
  • When American Helen spies an advert for an English bookshop that has the books she wants, she goes shopping via airmail. A lifelong correspondence springs up as she buys more books and learns about the lives of the proprietor, Frank Doel, his employees and England, while they learn about life in America.  The book the reproduction of their correspondence in which Helen also learns about England's problems with rationing and starts saving frantically to take a trip to 84 Charing Cross Road. The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street  is the diary of that trip upon publication of 84 Charing Cross Road.  This was made into an iconic film starring Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins.  A very memorable book.
  • Seventeen accounts of archaeological discoveries, taken from the writings of those who have uncovered the remains, ruins and relics.  Chapters: The World of Meket-Re; Tut.ankh.amen: The Wealth of An Egyptian King; Jericho: The Earliest Portraits; The Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls; The Treasure Ship of Sutton Woo; Stonehenge; Maiden Castle: The First British War Cemetery; Archaeology From The Air. Archaeology From The Sea: The Mahdia Wreck;  A Royal Tomb At Ur; The Winged Lions Of Nimrud; Behistun: A Key to Hisotry; Lascaux: A Painted Cave; The Frozen Mammoth; The Mystery Of Tollund Man; The Boy From The Lead Moutain; Pompeii: A City Buried Alive. With black and white photos.

  • Jack Hyett (11 July 1915 – 21 July 2001) was an Australian teacher, broadcaster, author, naturalist and amateur ornithologist. Born in Ballarat, Victoria, he was Foundation President of the Victorian Ornithological Research Group and the Ringwood Field Naturalists Club. He served as editor of the Emu, the journal of the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union 1965–1968. In 1985 he was awarded the Australian Natural History Medallion. As well as numerous journal and magazine articles, Hyett wrote  A Bushman's Year published in 1959 to which this book is a good companion.  Hyett loved and respected the plants and creatures of our unique bush and took such pleasure in his observations that he wanted to share all the wonders that he could see. Yet he dreaded the thought that one day his grandchildren and their grandchildren may no longer have the wonderland of the bush to wander in and love.  Illustrated with colour and black and white photographs.
  • Translations from Celtic literature - an invaluable book for those interested in the Celtic history as it is all here, as told in their own words. This book contains legends, literatire, letters, observations and diary excerpts from the Celtic nation.
  • There are two kinds of cat owners:  those who put the cat out at night and those who let the cat push them out of the warmest and most comfortable chair. John Merrett is one of the latter.  Strangely, for a cat lover, he acquired only one cat deliberately - the rest of them staged a home invasion and captivated him.   Five of these cats - William, Henry, Barney, Joe Bulldozer and Jimpsie McCowdrey - became radio personalities and William became a star on on the Woman's Hour Request Week.  A book for sincere cat-worshippers with delightful photos.