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  • The ultimate and intimate bio of Elizabeth Taylor. Child star in National Velvet, youthful object of desire controlled by her mother and MGM, Oscar-winning actress in Butterfield 8 and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, eight-time wife and champion of funding for AIDS research and intimate of celebrities and tycoons for six decades. The volume contains never-before published studio documentation, interviews with stars, directors, friends and family, her battle with weight issues, alcohol and drug addiction, affairs, lovers and husbands, her own million-dollar perfume and jewellery lines - it's all here and more. Lavishly illustrated with black and white photos.
  • Leonard Nimoy's memoir of a fascinating career - and the strange, wonderful, complicated relationship he had with his alter-ego, Spock and the phenomenon that is Star Trek. From the earliest days in the creation of the Star Trek Universe, when NBC executives told Gene Roddenberry to 'drop the Martian', through to his performance as Mr. Spock on a two part episode of  The Next Generation this book tells the full inside story of Leonard Nimoy's long and intense association with Star Trek, in front of and behind the camera.
  • We are the only nation to make heroes of our outlaws and here they are: Michael Howe, the self-styled 'Governor of the Ranges'; Matthew Brady, the first of the 'gentlemen' bushrangers; the notorious Martin Cash with Kavanagh and Jones; the original 'Wild Colonial Boy', Jack Donohoe; and so many more. Illustrated.
  • Features wild tales of Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Janis Joplin, Frank Zappa, The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, Jimi Hendrix and more.
  • Have you ever seen something that wasn't really there or heard someone call your name in an empty house - or perhaps sensed someone was following you and turned around to find - nothing? Hallucinations are not the exclusive province of the insane.  They are often linked to illness, sensory deprivation, injury or intoxication - or can even manifest with the simple act of falling asleep or waking up. Dr Sacks, as a young doctor in California in the 1960s, had a personal and professional interest in psychedelics and these, together with his early migraine experiences, launched a life long investigation into varieties of hallucinatory experiences. Here he recounts stories of his patients and his own mind-altering experiences in order to illuminate what hallucination can tell us about the organisation and structure of our brains, their influence on every culture's folklore and art and why hallucination is a vital part of the human condition.

  • With his usual skill, Frank Clune weaves history and contemporary fact into an exciting and significant pattern that will delight armchair travellers who accompany him on this unusual tour through Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Austria and Greece, by plane, train and jeep. With black and white photographs.
  • Take a trip through the Sixties:  written by a journalist who was there to see it all.  Sara Davidson, together with her friends Susie and Tasha, became caught up in the tumultuous changes of the Sixties and the narrative follows them from their fist meeting in 1962 through the events that changed the world - and their views and beliefs of the world. Susie navigates through the Free Speech Movement and the early women's movement in Berkeley; Tasha enters the trendy New York art and society scene; and Sara, a journalist, travels the country reporting on the stories of the sixties. Figures such as Timothy Leary, Mario Savio, Tom Hayden, and Joan Baez are here, as are the many young people who sought alternatives to "the establishment" through whatever means seemed worth exploring: radical politics, meditation, drugs, group sex, or dropping out. Davidson's honest and detailed chronicle reveals the hopes, confusion, and disillusionment of a generation whose rites of passage defined one of the most contentious decades of this century.
  • Whether buddy to Clark Gable or lover to Katherine Hepburn, whether playing engaging rogues or bewildered fathers, Spencer Tracy conveyed a rugged warmth and believability not every actor could match or even approach. This book covers Tracy's personal life and film career, examining the eithy-plu films that kept him a major star over four decades.  With black and white photographs.

  • Frank Clune, Australia's answer to H.V. Morton, makes a flying trip from Australia to Europe with some 'Quixotical' peregrinations in the Iberian Peninsula in quest of facts. And so he does - accompanied by his wife now that the boys are more than old enbough to be left on their own. No trip to Spain in 1952 would have been complete without a bull fight, but the Clunes also look into many out-of- way and off-the-tourist-track places. With black and white photographs.