• The Ring: It begins as another urban  legend - the whispered tale of a nightmarish videotape that causes anyone to watch it to die seven days later. But when four teenagers all meet with mysterious deaths exactly one week after watching just such a tape, investigative reporter Rachel Keller tracks down the video and watches it. Now, the legend is coming true...the clock is ticking...and Rachel has seven days to unravel the mystery of The Ring. Also stars David Dorfman, Jane Alexander, Brian Cox and Daveigh Chase. The Ring 2: To escape their haunting memories, Rachel and her son start a new life in a  small Oregon town. But when evidence at a crime scene reveals a mysterious unmarked videotape, Rachel realises the relentless cycle of horror is going to continue  and only a life-or-death battle can decide things once and for all. Also stars David Dorfman, Elizabeth Perkins, Gary Cole and Sissy Spacek.
  • Danny Valddesechi is an intelligent, handsome, charming boy who happens to be blind. Not that he's letting that hold him back - for the most part, Danny refuses to let his blindness get in the way of anything. He's one of the most popular guys in town. Which is why Danny's girl-crazy brother Larry is astounded to discover that Danny's not only shy and nervous when it comes to the opposite sex - he's still a virgin. Determined to help, Larry sets Danny up with a series of hysterically disastrous blind dates with shallow girls none of whom can get past his blindness.  Danny's about ready to give up on love, until he meets pretty young East Indian nurse Leeza. They seem to be made for each other - but Leeza's been promised to another man in an arranged marriage. Also starring Jane Seymour and Jayma Mays.
  • Based on George R.R. Martin's best-selling series,  A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • Kings from across the continent of Westeros vie for the Iron Throne. As winter approaches, the cruel young Joffrey sits upon the throne in King's Landing, counselled by his conniving mother Cersei and his uncle Tyrion, who has been appointed the new Hand of the King. But the Lannister hold on power is under assault on too many fronts, with two Baratheons donning crowns and Rob Stark fighting as the King in the North. A new leader is rising among the wildlings north of the Wall, adding new perils for Jon Snow and the Night's Watch, while Daenerys Tagaryen looks to shore up her depleted power in the East with her three new-born dragons.
  • The Godfather: chronicles the Corleone family under patriarch Vito Corleone, highlighting the transformation of his son Michael from reluctant family outsider  into a  ruthless Mafia boss. Stars Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Diane Keaton. The Godfather II: the film is both sequel and prequel to The Godfather, presenting parallel dramas: one picks up the 1958 story of Michael Corleone, the new Don of the Corleone family, protecting the family business in the aftermath of an attempt on his life; the prequel covers the journey of his father, Vito Corleone from his Sicilian childhood to the founding of his family enterprise in New York City. Stars Al Pacino, Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro. The Godfather III: The final chapter of the story of Michael Corleone, the patriarch of the Corleone family and his attempts to legitimise his criminal empire.  Stars Al Pacino, Diane Keaton,  Eli Wallach, Andy Garcia and Bridget Fonda.
  • One man is dead, two are accused of murder and the entire Marine Corp is on trial.  A powerhouse drama about the dangerous difference between following orders and following one's conscience.
  • Adapted from the 1985 non-fiction book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi, who co-wrote the screenplay with Scorsese. The story is the rise and fall of mob associate Henry Hill, his friends and family from 1955 to 1980. In 1955, a young Henry becomes enamored of the criminal life and Mafia presence in working class Italian-American Brooklyn. He begins working for local caporegime Paul "Paulie" Cicero and his associates: James "Jimmy" Conway, an Irish truck hijacker and gangster, and Tommy DeVito, a fellow juvenile delinquent. Henry begins as a fence for Jimmy, gradually working his way up to more serious crimes and into the quasi-glamorous life of the mobster.  Also by Nicholas Pileggi:  https://cosmiccauldronbooks.com.au/wp-admin/post.php?post=18143&action=edit
  • A tough cop, a clever bank robber and a power broker play a dangerous game of cat and mouse full of hidden agendas and explosive surprises.  A perfectly co-ordinated gang, led by Russell, commit a heist on a bank and take the staff hostage.  Police surround the bank and chairman of the board of directors and founder, Arthur Case, hires  power broker Madelaine White to try and protect the contents of his mysterious safe deposit box which may contain evidence that the bank was founded on money received from the Nazis in World War II, possibly causing the deaths of thousands of Jewish people. Madelaine tells Russell that Case will pay a very substantial sum if he destroys the box. But will either man keep his word?  Also starring Christopher Plummer.
  • 1429 - France is in political and religious uproar as members of the royal family battle for the throne. Then a peasant girl from a remote village gave her country the miracle it had been seeking = Joan of Arc would inspire and lead her countryman until her execution at the age of nineteen. Raised in a  religious family, Joan witnessed her sister's rape and murder at the hands of an invading army.  Years later, as the same war raged on, Joan stood before her king with a message she swore had come from God:  Give her an army and she would, in God's name, reclaim his diminished kingdom. But is the message real - or a delusion of a girl who life had been shattered?  Also stars Faye Dunaway and Dustin Hoffman.