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  • In Husaquahr, the world of magic beyond the Sea of Dreams, the battle had been won. All seemed peaceful. But Throckmorton P. Ruddygore, master sorcerer, knew better. Far to the south, on the River of Dancing Gods, the Dark Baron plotted with the Demon Prince to wage the final war that would bring about Armageddon. Someone had to make the dangerous journey into the unknown to spy on the conspirators. And so Ruddygore called again on the services of his erstwhile human helpers - Joe, who had become a superbarbarian hero with an enchanted sword, and Marge, now changed into a flying fairy woman. But could two fragile people from Earth Prime - even with some magic ingredients - survive in this new bitter struggled of good versus evil?
  • Book V of Castaways in Time. The Land of the Gods according to American Indian legend was a place of plenty, peopled by strange and deadly creatures. And as Bass Foster's fellow castaways struggled to save the Indian tribes from Spanish invaders and the perils of their depleted land, it was only natural that they use the air cars and matter projectors that had been left by travelers from a future beyond their own to explore the forbidden lands. But what awaited them was a horror that even modem weapons of war might not be able to defeat, a menace which must never be freed to wreak destruction on mortal lands.  And back in Ireland Bass found himself hailed by the warring clans as a kingmaker, but as his reputation grew his danger did too, for the High King would let no man or legend come between him and his plans for conquest...
  • Terman is shipwrecked on  gentle seashore, and believes he has found a land of myth, but instead finds a people beset by the most basic of problems, problems it seems that he is uniquely equipped to solve. The peasants of Albion are in thrall to the ruling House of Ellon, against whose repression they have no redress. They have no long term memory and rely on instinct to get them through each day.Until Mina brings Terman home from the beach. He finds that naming the villagers gives them the ability to remember each day as it happens, to recall the position of their fields and what crops grow there, to recognise their friends and remember the dead. He hates the raids of the Ellonia and their taking of food and women, yet he is only one man against many. But Lian, child of Terman and Mina has inherited his father's gift of memory and uses it to begin  freeing his people from Ellonian rule, beginning with half a dozen ill-equipped warriors.  But as he travels to the Ellonian stronghold, more are drawn to him until the Despot is forced to respond. Cover art by Lee Gibbons.
  • Book IV of Incarnations of Immortality. This was a world where both science and magic worked and where magic carpets competed in the market with shiny new cars. The Incarnations of Death, Fate, Time, War, and Nature were real beings caught up in a continuing effort to defeat the wiles of Satan. Mym was prince of a province in still-divided India - a dutiful son, but when the Rajah interfered in his love life for the third time, it was just too much. Rather than give in to the Rajah's wedding plans, he agreed to assume the office of War and wield the Red Sword. For a time he was quite happy, believing that his efforts in the constant petty Earth wars could ameliorate some of the injustice and suffering.  But he soon became aware that behind all his involvement were the traps of Satan, designed to lead him astray. Working in secret, he organised a great rebellion among the Damned, and Satan seemed to capitulate. But he soon learned that the episode was just another snare of Satan...Cover art by Michael Whelan.
  • Tamson House, in modern, urban Ottawa, is a rambling, eccentric curiosity of a house - and a place of hidden Power. Built at a point where the leylines meet, upon land that was once a sacred site, it is the gateway to a spirit-world where Celtic and Native American magicks mingle and leak into our own. In the overgrown garden of Tamson House, a Coyote Man waits, green children walk, and music rises to greet the moon. From the garden, a vast and primal wood is just one spirit-step away...and in that wood is something that threatens the very existence of Tamson House, and all who dwell within. Cover art by David Bergen.
  • Omnibus edition of Books 1 - 3 of The War of Powers series. In this volume: The Sundered RealmFost Longstrider's mission seemed ordinary. He'd been hired to deliver a jug to a wizard on the far side of the forest. Unfortunately the jug contained a sex-starved genie, the wizard was dead by foul means, and Fost was probably next to die. Then the genie was stolen and spirited away to the City in the Sky. It was up to Fost to steal it back from two beautiful sisters fighting to become Queen and - using dark powers - had called forth a demon. Now Fost's foray was suddenly a terrible war. The City In The Glacier: Fost and Princess Moriana - along with their ghostly companion, Erimenes - have fled from the Sky City under threat of death - and worse - from her sister Synalon who has murdered their mother and accomplished a coup by taking the throne. Moriana's only hope to save her people is to find the Amulet of the Living Flame and use its power to take back her city. Fost, on the other hand, wants the amulet simply for the fact that it will grant the wearer immortality. As the two draw closer to their goal, they know that soon they will have to set aside their feelings and only one will achieve their destiny. The Destiny Stone: The displaced heir to the City in the Sky must find a way to throw down her evil older sibling and restore peace. Her magic is not strong enough. She has no army to take back what is hers. But - as luck may have it, for good or for ill - hope is delivered to her and the battle to take back her kingdom and her people begins. Meanwhile, that which was thought lost is new again and true evil may find its way back into the world. Here is sword, sorcery and heroics with a difference: realistic, adult and funny.  Cover art by Chris Achilleos.
  • Book II of Greyhawk Adventures. Mika has transformed his wolf companion into a hideous troll to save his life.  The beautiful Julia has been turned into a wolf and Mika - to his terror - has grown the scaled talon of a demon for disobedience to the immortal Maelfesh. On Greyhawk, Mika's mission to uphold the Wolf Nomad's code of honour is threatened by a variety of evil adversaries - harpies, rust monsters and sinister forces of darkness.  Yet Mika will learn there is a price to pay for any power he can hope to attain. Cover art by Clyde Caldwell; interior art by John and Laura Lakey.
  • A small pastoral village is invaded, without warning, of the armies of a distant empire sweeping across the world. Facing mortal danger for the first time in their  history, the villagers must forge a pact with the strange and fearsome race of  flying people dwelling high above in the mountains. Cover art by Thomas Canty.

  • In the not so distant future the world hasn't changed that much - men and women still laugh, fall in love and sip wine - but some will live forever as retreads, old souls surgically implanted into the empty bodies of the young. Voss Geraghty is a retread, a retiring government researcher rewarded with a new body. In this new life he wants fun, sex and adventure - what he finds is disappointment.  His 'shell' was donated by a young man who was not eager to die - the shell is damaged, Voss is impotent so he must settle for adventure this time out. In his unusual choice, Voss becomes a troubleshooter for the Space Service and an inadvertent hero. When he returns, the government, controlled by retreads, capitalises on his fame to support the immortality programme against an underground rebellion determined to overthrow the regime of death for the young so that the old may live eternally. The rebellion movement has the technology to cure Voss of his impotence in return for his help in destroying the retread centres.  Still he hesitates - until he meets Alicia and falls in love. He will die in the destruction of the retread centres - but he wants to experience love as well. Cover art by Norm Walker.