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  • Kemen of pasTreyn is ruler of one of the  tiny kingdoms of Treyn that are strung like beads on the path at the bottom of the wyrldwall. He has no queen but he is haunted bu the memory of Noese, a magnificent woman who rose from the sea, taught him to love and disappeared again. She left behind two gifts: a son, Hayl, and a splendid sword named Wyrldmaker - a powerful weapon that blazes with the cold-hot fire of a magic blue stone. Soon Wyrldmaker will thrust Kemen into battle, forcing him to don his deathrobe and walk the path of no return. But far from dying, Kemen finds that he has been sent on a  special quest for life: an odyssey that will lead him towards the dawn of a fabulous new universe. Cover art by Julek Heller.

  • In this volume, published in 2010: Painlessness, Kirstyn McDermott;  for want of a jesusman, Jason Fischer; Hush, Deborah Biancotti; This Is Not My Story, Dirk Flinthart; Truth Window, Terry Dowling; Nightship, Kim Westwood; Fearless Flying Apartment People, Geoffrey Maloney; Wives, Paul Haines; The Census-Taker's Tale, Kaaron Warren; Getting Rid Of Mother, Robert Hood; The Last Deflowerer, Karen Maric; Bitter Dreams, Ian McHugh; The Goosle, Margo Lanagan; The Empire, Simon Brown; Ascension, Martin Livings. Cover art by Tomislav Tikulin.
  • Each summer, twin brothers in the eighteenth year are chosen to make a dangerous journey to the Summit of the Great Mountain.  If they survive the difficult and perilous Paths, they will be witness to Zenith - and the secrets of the Mountain and the powers they hold will be revealed.  Atreu and his brother Teyth are among the chosen.  As Atreu follows his tortuous Path he finds that other, unknown forces also crave the awseome Power of Zenith and wills top at nothing to make it their own - even if it means destroying the very thing that sustains all life...the Mountain itself. Cover art by Mike Worrall.