• In 1945, Hitler unleashes the Blood Death on Britain as his final act of vengeance. Hoke, an American pilot and one of a tiny minority with a rare blood group unaffected by the deadly disease, has survived among the debris and dead of London for three years. Now, in '48, a slow-dying group of Fascist Blackshirts believe their  only hope is a complete blood transfusion from one of Hoke's kind. They  literally want his blood. Running for his life, Hoke is rescued by other survivors and they are pursued  through London's ravaged streets and historic landmarks, reaching a dramatic, explosive climax at the top of the Tower Bridge.
  • The title is a bit of a misnomer since these are not ghostly tales, but documented ghost sightings: some, like Borley Rectory, 50 Berkeley Square, the Amherst Mystery and Glamis Castle are very well-known; others are a little more obscure. In this volume...Ghosts Of Ancient Egypt, Frank Usher; Chased By A Prehistoric Horseman, J. Wentworth Day; Hauntings Royal and The Phantoms of Littlecote, Frank Usher;  Phantom Lovers, Vida Derry; The White Lady of Berlin, Michael and Mollie Hardwick; School For Ghosts and Vengeful Ghosts, Vida Derry; Pearlin Jean, Michael and Mollie Hardwick; Child Ghosts, Vida Derry; The Club Of Dead Men, J. Wentworth Day; A Piece Of Black Velvet, Michael and Mollie Hardwick; The Ghost In Two Halves, The Ghost Of  Nance and The Haunting Of Itchells Manor, Ronald Seth; The Brown Lady of Raynham, Frank Usher; The Return Of Richard Tarwell, Ronald Seth; Ghosts of Old France, Frank Usher; The Spirit of Sergeant Davies, Michael and Mollie Hardwick; The Haunting at Hinton Ampner, Frank Usher; The Drunk Who Lost His Way, Radiant Boys and Alarm At Wellington Barracks, Ronald Seth; The Ghost of Garpsdal and The Whiskered Sailor of Portsmouth, Michael and Mollie Hardwick; The Reverend John Jones And The Ghostly Horseman and Steer Nor'west, Ronald Seth; The Haunted House at Hydesville, Michael and Mollie Hardwick; The Guardian Ghost, Ronald Seth; Charles Kean's Ghost Story: Nurse Black, Ghosts of the Mutiny and The Artist's Ghost Story, Michael and Mollie Hardwick; Phantoms of the East, Vida Derry; The Fur-Trader's Corpse and The Gold-Miners' Vengeance, Frank Usher; The Coach Calls For George Mace, Ronald Seth; Shades of Murder, Frank Usher; Black Shuck - The Dog of Death, J. Wentworth Day; The Strange Haunting at Ballechin, Frank Usher; The Amherst Mystery, Michael and Mollie Hardwick; Glamis The Haunted Castle, Tony Parker; The Horror at No. 50 Berkeley Square, Ronald Seth; The Bird Of Lincoln's Inn, Tony Parker; The Ghosts Of Versailles and A Bargain With A Ghost, Frank Usher;  The Ghostly Cavalry Charge and The Spectres of Crécy, J. Wentworth Day; The Mystery Of Borley, Frank Usher; The Ghostly Trapper of Labrador, J.Wentworth Day; The Sceptic's Tale, Robin Miller; Brighton Ghosts, Frank Usher.
  • A huge helping of horror and quirkiness from Poe, one of the original Masters of Chills and Thrills. While it contains many of his well-known tales, it also includes many that are now difficult to find in more modern anthologies and compendiums. In this volume:  The Pit And The Pendulum; William Wilson; The Fall Of The House Of Usher; A Tale Of The Ragged Mountains; The Murders In The Rue Morgue; The Domain Of Arnheim; The Cask Of Amontillado; Landor's Cottage; The Gold Bug; The Island Of The Fay; Ligeia; Eleonora Berenice; Morella; The Facts In The Case of M. Valdemar ; The Man Of The Crowd; MS. Found In A Bottle; Shadow - A Parable; Silence - A Fable; The Black Cat; The Tell-Tale Heart; The Colloquy Of Monos And Una; The Conversation Of Eiros And Charmion; The Oblong Box; The Assignation; King Pest; The Oval Portrait; A Descent into the Maelström; The Purloined Letter; Metzengerstein; Hop-Frog; The Duc de L'Omlette; The Premature Burial; The Adventure Of One Hans Pfaall; Mellonta Tauta; The Balloon-Hoax; The Thousand-and-Second Tale; The Imp Of The Perverse; The Spectacles; The Man That Was Used Up; X-ing A Paragrab; The Mystery Of Marie Roget; Some Words With A Mummy; 'Thou Art The Man' ; Doctor Tarr And Professor Fether; Loss Of Breath; Mystification; The Devil In The Belfry; Mesmeric Revelation; Lionising; Three Sundays In A Week; The Angel Of The Odd; A Tale Of Jerusalem; Diddling; The Literary Life Of Thingum Bob, Esq.; Von Kempelen And His Discovery; How To Write a Blackwood Article; The Business Man; Astoria; Maelzel's Chess-Player; The Power Of Words; Magazine-Writing - Peter Snook; Philosophy Of Furniture; The Sphinx; Never Bet The Devil Your Head; Bon-Bon; Four Beasts In One; The Little Frenchman; The Masque Of The Red Death.
  • This volume contains: Metzengerstein; The Tell Tale Heart; The Black Cat; The Murders in the Rue Morgue; The Pit and the Pendulum; The Manuscript Found in A Bottle; The Fall of the House of Usher; Legeia; A Descent into the Maelstrom; Never Bet The Devil Your Head; The Red Masque of Death; The Premature Burial; The Purloined Letter; The Sphinx;  The Cask of Amontillado and the truly horrific Hopfrog (also known as The Eight Chained Orangutans).  Don't be fooled by the comical cover...Cover art by Paul Jennis.
  • According to statistics, only 10% of the world's population has seen a ghost or experienced something supernatural. What lends substance to this small number is that it is 10% of each generation. Thus, over the millennia, many millions of people have encountered  haunts of one sort or another, and it is this rather formidable number that makes the phenomenon believable. What makes them unbelievable is the sceptical 90% and it is between these two disparate hordes - living and dead - that the debate has raged for thousands of years. In this volume there are well known cases - Borley Rectory, the most haunted house in England, the Phantom Battle of Edgehill, the Drummer of Tedworth - but also lesser known occurrences, such as the late Nelly Butler and the Dark Lady of Bognor Regis.  There are also chapters on poltergeists, non-human apparitions, spirit voices and demons.
  • A witnessing of an age-old murder, a trip to the Other Side, a mysterious friendship and a preview of the Life Beyond are just some of the happenings in this spine-chilling collection of thirteen short stories. In this volume: Christmas Cheer, Withershins; Sleep Well! Who Is Emma? A Mistake Has Been Made; Boy On The Beach; The Other World; Invisible; The Disco; The Disappearance Of Samantha; The Everlasting Day; The Ghost Of Harry; The Door In The Wall.
  • The Reverend Mason, an elderly English priest on his last trip to Egypt, uncovers the tomb of Dalukah - she who had been put to death with her lover, Aba-aner,a commoner. Mason brings back the two mummies, but he also brings back the amulet of Set which had been left to imprison them. As the mummies began to decompose in the damp English atmosphere, he reburies them with due reverence. Years later, in the heat of a blistering summer, George Brownlow decides to build a shelter. He finds the amulet of Set and it possesses him to follow its purposes - to re-enact the saga of Dalukah and Aba-aner.
  • Contains interpretations for the prophecies of Nostradamus, analyses of the Atlantis prophecies contained in the Great Pyramid, the long-secret details of the Fatima visions and much more.
  • Melanie Conway is a pale and lovely violinist who has strange visions of death. When she collapses during a concert her boyfriend Bodie is on hand to hear her fearful pronouncements of  disaster. Penelope Conway is even more stunning than her sister but her looks get her into trouble. Although she takes herself seriously as a writer, men seem only impressed by her beauty. The last thing she needs is a series of obscene phone calls. Captivated by the two alluring sisters, Bodie is drawn deep into a mystery that's fired by sex and haunted by blood. Cover art by Steve Crisp.