• She said she killed them because they were monsters...Mary Blanc walked into the party with a loaded shotgun. In the blink of an eye she blew two people away. She wanted to kill more, but was stopped by her best friend, Angela Warner, and the police. The next day, when Angela visits Mary at the jail, she asks why she did it. Mary responds, "Because they were no longer human..." Angela thinks she's crazy. At first. Until... she probes deeper into Mary's claims and discovers a horror so unimaginable that she thinks she is going crazy. She even gets to the point where she wonders if she should have let Mary keep on killing. While there was still time to stop the thing from spreading. The very old thing. The hungry thing...Cover art by Paul Davies.
  • In 1945, Hitler unleashes the Blood Death on Britain as his final act of vengeance. Hoke, an American pilot and one of a tiny minority with a rare blood group unaffected by the deadly disease, has survived among the debris and dead of London for three years. Now, in '48, a slow-dying group of Fascist Blackshirts believe their  only hope is a complete blood transfusion from one of Hoke's kind. They  literally want his blood. Running for his life, Hoke is rescued by other survivors and they are pursued  through London's ravaged streets and historic landmarks, reaching a dramatic, explosive climax at the top of the Tower Bridge.
  • Contains: The Langoliers: A handful of passengers on a packed red-eye flight awake to find all the other passengers vanished, the plane still in the air - and they land at a dead, silent terminal. All that would be bad enough - but one of the survivors has brought his demons with him...   Secret Window, Secret GardenRecently divorced writer Mort Rainey is alone at Tashmore Lake - that is, until a figure named John Shooter arrives, pointing an accusing finger. The Library Policeman: In Junction City, Iowa, middle-aged businessman Sam Peebles happens to have some overdue books. It seems a minor offence - but not to Junction City's malevolent monster of a librarian. The Sun Dog:  A simple Polaroid camera owned by a 15-year-old boy in the small town of Castle Rock, Maine, always produces a photograph of an enormous, ugly, vicious looking dog, no matter where Kevin Delevan aims the lens. In each successive picture, the menacing creature draws nearer to the flat surface of the Polaroid film as if it intends to break through. When old Pop Merrill, the town's sharpest trader, gets wind of this phenomenon, he envisions a way to profit from it but the Sun Dog, a beast that shouldn't exist at all, turns out to be a very dangerous investment. Cover art by Rob Wood.
  • The Westphalen family fortune comes with a curse, but a very light-hearted one which no-one takes very seriously. The iron necklaces with two yellow stones like eyes, inscribed in Vedic but worth nothing as jewellery are also an inheritance - one that carries terrible and unknown powers.  Repairman Jack must discover the link between them and fight the two families locked in a revenge battle only half-understood, only half-sane. Ever since his mother was killed in a gratuitous act of violence, Jack has been impelled to fix the injustices around him - an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. He is strong, fit, ingenious, respected by his friends and clients and totally anonymous. But when his girlfriend Gia discovers his repair business is not for electrical appliances, she becomes frightened of him and sees him as a thug. Another injustice - and another reason for Jack to withdraw from the world. But a pressing request from an inscrutable Indian for Jack to recover an iron necklace stolen from his grandmother draws Jack into the most challenging and frightening battle of his life. For the Westphalen curse ties Gia and her young daughter Vicki to a deadly vow of vengeance taken over a century before...

  • Bobby loves his dog King, a playful German Shepherd - until the day King turns and attacks him, snarling and vicious. The dog is put to sleep but Bobby still sees him everywhere - in the garden, on the stairs...crouching...waiting...Then the horrific deaths begin - brutal savage maulings.  Terror grips the sleepy town of Fallsburg and doors are locked at night. For through the woods runs a dark shadow with dripping jaws, eluding pursuit with uncanny skill.  Now, more than ever, the scientists down the road most guard the deadly secret of the monster they've let loose.
  • Duke de Richleau IX. When the bombs fall on London, the elderly Duke de Richleau is forced to consider a problem of the utmost urgency. What methods are the Germans using to discover - with sinister effect - the secret routes of the Atlantic convoys? His answer is bizarre and fantastic. Could it really be that the enemy are in touch with supernatural powers? Can these powers only be overcome by those who have the knowledge and courage to join battle with them on the Astral Plane? The Duke and his supporters face the terrifying challenge from the Powers of Darkness.
  • On a beautiful tranquil island off the South Carolina coast, Margaret Devereaux, fifty and childless, has abandoned her dreams in order to care for her aged, demanding mother.  This was the house Kevin Devereaux had not set foot in for twenty years but he and his wife and children have come, summoned to visit Mother, whom they hate and fear.  Then Mother, suddenly and horribly, dies inside the locked nursery.  All the secrets of the past will emerge to shed their evil. Cover art by Lisa Falkenstern.
  • A chilling collection of tales: A Russian composer makes a Faustian pact at his friend's expense; a lecherous old man exacts a very hideous revenge on his nubile young wife and her lover; a sinister musical time machine reveals a ghastly atrocity from the dark abyss of time...just a few of the horrors that await the reader.
  • Ten tales, all with twists worthy of The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected. The author was involved in creating, writing and starring in ground-breaking children's shows The Magic Circle Club and Adventure Island and for ten years was the roving world entertainment reporter and celebrity interviewer for The Mike Walsh Show. A fan of Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King, he turns his attention to terror in this volume of the ordinary turned into the bizarre. In this unique volume: The Great Pretender; Dancing Queen; Mac The Knife; I Love You So, Sonny Boy; With A Song In My Heart; If I Had A Talking Picture Of You; There's No Place Like Home; Some Day My Prince Will Come; Windmills Of Your Mind; Baby Face.  And yes, they are all song titles...