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  • Beneath the Opera House in Paris, somewhere in the dark labyrinths hidden from public view, the Phantom lurks, watching and waiting.  In his crazed obsession to further the career of a beautiful young singer, he will stop at nothing - not even murder. This 75th anniversary edition contains a foreword by Peter Haining, which introduces the larger-than-life character of author Gaston Leroux and traces the history of the Phantom - its basis in fact, the novel's poor reception yet its astonishing success in the cinema and theatre.  There is also a special appendix in which a speculation links the Phantom to Sherlock Holmes.   Cover art by Mark Teague.

  • Frank Pollard awakens in an alley knowing nothing but his name - and that he is in great danger.  Over the next few days he develops a fear of going to sleep because he awakens with blood on his hands and bizarre and terrifying objects in his pockets.  Distraught and despairing, he begs husband and wife detective team, Bobby and Julie Dakota, to get to the bottom of the amnesiac fugues but they are drawn into ever-darkening realms where they encounter the nightmare, hate-filled figure that's stalking Frank. Their lives are threatened, as is that of Julie's gentle, Down's Syndrome brother Thomas. To Thomas, death is the bad place from which there is no return, but as each of them ultimately learns there are equally bad places in the world of the living, places so steeped in evil that death seems almost to be a relief...Cover art by Graham Potts.

  • In Oxford and Paris psychic investigators are attempting to probe forbidden areas of the mind. In New York, writer David Blake is studying the methods of miracle healer Jonathon Mathias. Driven by their own desperate motives, these researchers are about to unlock Pandora's Box, and unleash the horrifying forces of destruction hidden deep within every man...
  • It started out as an ordinary Los Angeles smog. But when it refused to go away and the ozone level climbed to the highest level ever, scientist Walter Peters knew something was wrong. The sky turned yellow. Then brown. The smog-thick sky was a living, breathing monster, capable of destroying cars, planes, buildings...starting fores...and killing people. In Doug Shreiber's mansion, an elite group of meteorologists, pollution control experts, computer programmers and occultists gathered to deal with the emergency. Their research took them into a world of magic. And they soon discovered that the only way to destroy the smog monster was to create another, even deadlier monster.   Cover art by Don Brautigam
  • Here be monsters - and some of the greatest creators of monsters from the past and present day. In this volume: The Colossus of Ylourgne, Clark Ashton Smith: A beast wreaks havoc on the surrounding countryside.  The Last of the Daubeny FitzAlans, Arnold Harvey: An interesting twist on the traditional Frankenstein story. The Dancing Partner, Jerome K. Jerome: A charming mechanoid dancing partner turns out not to be 'the perfect man' after all... Moxon's Master, Ambrose Bierce: An exploration of the complexities of the man-machine relationship. Herbert West, Reanimator, H. P. Lovecraft: A medical student develops an obsession for raising the dead. Pithecanthropus Rejectus, Manly Wade Wellman: A tragic tale...no spoilers. Dr Karnstein's Creation, Donald F. Glut: A blend of vampire and Frankenstein mythology. Almost Human, Robert Bloch: A humanoid robot runs afoul of the law. Count Szolnok's Robots, D. Scott-Moncrieff: An eccentric, wealthy nobleman has robotic slaves to do all those bothersome, day-to-day tasks. The Dead Man, Fritz Leiber: Similar to The Facts In The Case Of M. Valdemar but with a much creepier ending... Iron Man, Eando Binder: A theme of human-robot relationships.
  • An ex-beat cop, a war-weary mercenary and a greedy businessman down on his luck are offered $3,000,000 if they will spend a month in an isolated Pennsylvania mansion - The Pines.  They will confront murder, madness and the ultimate evil so that the billionaire host, David Neville can find the key to life beyond the grave.  The Pines is the dwelling of dead souls from all time - but not all souls. Only the psychotic, vengeful, violent ones....Cover art by Jim Warren.
  • Rosie Daniels, trapped in a fourteen year nightmare marriage suddenly realises her husband, a corrupt cop, will kill her - or maybe, worse still, he won't.  She steals his credit card and flees, finding herself alone in a strange city but determined to build a new life.  Then in an odd junk shop, she finds a painting, perfect for her apartment.  It'll change her life in more ways than she can imagine.
  • When journalist Joe Oakes visits a secretive religious community on a remote Scottish island, everything  he thought he'd learned as in expert in exposing supernatural hoaxes is overturned.  Why has the community been accused of Satanism? What has happened to their leader, Pastor Malachi Dove? And why will no-one discuss the strange apparition seen wandering the lonely beaches of the island?  The confrontation and bloody aftermath is so catastrophic that it forces Oakes to question the nature of evil and whether he might not be responsible for the terrible crime about to unfold.
  • In Kilgallan on Ireland's coast, the fights in Donovan's Bar are happy, the songs are sad and the days are as rich as slow-poured peaty beer.  But then things happen - first to the children...Mikey Boyle's auntie strips off all her clothes, removes his and persuades him into the river.  Then Mike O'Hara ties a cord around sixteen year old Marie Lally's neck and raises her nightgown...Isolated village tragedies. Short eruptions of horror.  But in the heart of nearby hill, something turns in its sleep.  It breathes and it wakes...