• In 1945, Hitler unleashes the Blood Death on Britain as his final act of vengeance. Hoke, an American pilot and one of a tiny minority with a rare blood group unaffected by the deadly disease, has survived among the debris and dead of London for three years. Now, in '48, a slow-dying group of Fascist Blackshirts believe their  only hope is a complete blood transfusion from one of Hoke's kind. They  literally want his blood. Running for his life, Hoke is rescued by other survivors and they are pursued  through London's ravaged streets and historic landmarks, reaching a dramatic, explosive climax at the top of the Tower Bridge.
  • Many years ago, Hubert Marsten - wealthy eccentric of 'Salem's Lot - blasted his wife with a shotgun then hanged himself. For decades, local kids dared and double-dared each other to go into the abandoned house. But now the old Marsten house is coming alive again, in the most awful of ways.  Its infection begins to spread through the little town, to manifest in the most unspeakable of ways until practically no-one is human any longer.  Ben Mears, writer, and his eleven year old charge Mark, escape the horror, only to have to return and put a stop to it once and for all - if they can.

  • Jake Epping discovers that the storeroom in the local diner is a gateway to 1958.  No matter how long he spends in 1958, only a minute  passes in his own time. Leaving behind the world of iPods and mobile phones for the days of Elvis, big American cars and lindy-hopping, Jake - after making a few minor changes in the past for the welfare of his friends of today - sets out on an insane mission - to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. But does the past want to be changed?  And who are the mysterious and deranged Green Card men who always hang about the 1958 exit?
  • Here is a banquet of true ghost sightings and encounters from all over the world:  from a prehistoric horseman to the well-documented tales of Glamis Castle and the horror of Berkeley Square, London, experienced and vouched for by many.  Contributors include:  Michael and Mollie Hardwick, Frank Usher and Ronald Seth.
  • Conveniently divided into sections and featuring some serious scarcities...The Bells of Hell contains: The Hunted Beast, T.F. Powys; Lines, Oscar Wilde; Exercise, George Crabbe; Captain Murderer, Charles Dickens; Innocents-Song, Charles Causley;  Tailpiece, Harry Graham. In Seeds of Destruction: The Small Assassin, Ray Bradbury; Berenice, Edgar Allan Poe; Mr Loveday's Little Outing, Evelyn Waugh; Randolph's Party, John Lennon; The Tender Age, John Collier; More Spinned Against, John Wyndham. The section dealing with Love and Death...Lines, W.E. Henley and Oscar Wilde; Necessity, Harry Graham; The Abyss, Leonid Andreyev; Porphyria's Lover, Robert Browning; A Woman Seldom Found, William Sansom; The Monk, M.G. Lewis; At The Draper's, Thomas Hardy; An Actor Of Parts, P.S; O Amiable Lovely Death, William Shakespeare. A trip into Unquiet Minds: The Spectre-Smitten, Samuel Warren; Lines, Edgar Allan Poe; The Desire To Be A Man, Villiers de L'Isle-Adam; Bianca, Arthur Symons; The Yellow Wallpaper, Charlotte Perkins Gilman; Meeting With A Double, George D. Painter; Miss Cornelius, William Fryer Harvey; Drugged, Walter de la Mare; Mummy to the Rescue,  Angus Wilson; A Little Place Off The Edgeware Road, Grahame Green. Apparitions shows...Green Tea, J. Sheridan le Fanu; The Upper Berth, F. Marion Crawford; Skirmish, Clifford Simak.  And literally, the finale, The Dance of Death, Charles Baudelaire; Holy-Day For Ghosts, John  Dryden and Nathaniel Lee; A Tough Tussle, Ambrose Bierce; The Living Death, Oscar Wilde; Envoi, D.B. Wyndham Lewis.  With some truly horrific illustrations by Goya, Klee, Bellmore, Grünewald, Beardsley and an illustration by John Lennon for his story, Randolph's Party.
  • This volume contains: Metzengerstein; The Tell Tale Heart; The Black Cat; The Murders in the Rue Morgue; The Pit and the Pendulum; The Manuscript Found in A Bottle; The Fall of the House of Usher; Legeia; A Descent into the Maelstrom; Never Bet The Devil Your Head; The Red Masque of Death; The Premature Burial; The Purloined Letter; The Sphinx;  The Cask of Amontillado and the truly horrific Hopfrog (also known as The Eight Chained Orangutans).  Don't be fooled by the comical cover...
  • Something's going on in the sleepy little town of Hickory. A disturbing light shining down by the river...two nasty road accidents, one after the other...then Jack Sanders' mother is found dead on her living room floor, her face  a mask of unspeakable horror.  And no-one's seen young Ainslie McGregor since he went off on a dare to meet his best friend in the graveyard.  As communication with the outside world breaks down, Hickory becomes a place to fear.
  • Contains interpretations for the prophecies of Nostradamus, analyses of the Atlantis prophecies contained in the Great Pyramid, the long-secret details of the Fatima visions and much more.
  • Melanie Conway is a pale and lovely violinist who has strange visions of death. When she collapses during a concert her boyfriend Bodie is on hand to hear her fearful pronouncements of  disaster. Penelope Conway is even more stunning than her sister but her looks get her into trouble. Although she takes herself seriously as a writer, men seem only impressed by her beauty. The last thing she needs is a series of obscene phone calls. Captivated by the two alluring sisters, Bodie is drawn deep into a mystery that's fired by sex and haunted by blood.