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  • Good evening...Don't be fooled by the vintage - those old psycho-thriller writers are the scariest of them all.   In this volume of stories Hitchcock was not allowed to do on TV: Being A Murderer Myself, Arthur Williams; Lukundoo, Edward Lucas White; A Woman Seldom Found, William Sansom; The Perfectionist, Margaret St. Clair; The Price Of The Head, John Russell; Love Comes To Miss Lucy, Q. Patrick; Sredni Vashtar, Saki (H.H. Munro); Love Lies Bleeding, Philip MacDonald; The Dancing Partner, Jerome K. Jerome; Casting The Runes, M.R. James; The Voice In The Night, William Hope Hodgson;  How Love Came to Professor Guildea, Robert S. Hichens; The Moment of Decision, Stanley Ellin; A Jungle Graduate, James Francis Dwyer; Recipe For Murder, C.P. Donnel; Nunc Dimittis, Roald Dahl; The Most Dangerous Game, Richard Connell; The Lady On The Grey, John Collier; The Waxwork, A.M. Burrage; The Dumb Wife, Thomas Burke; Couching At The Door, D.K. Broster; The October Game, Ray Bradbury; Water's Edge, Robert Bloch; The Jokester, Robert Arthur; The Abyss, Leonid Andreyev. Cover art by S.R. Boldero.
  • Something is happening to the children of Eastbury. Something that causes healthy babies to turn cold in their cribs - and strikes at the heart of every parent's darkest fears. Something is taking the children one by one. An entire town waits on the edge of panic.  There must be a reason for the terror...They all know it... But no-one ever suspected...
  • A century ago, Dracula joined forces with Sherlock Holmes in a pact of blood and honour.  Then he was faced with a merely human malice - this time there is evil enough to make a vampire shudder! Cover art by Robert Andragna.
  • Out of the darkest pages of history comes a black shadow to threaten the present. On a remote uninhabited island an ancient stone monument to evil is mysteriously rebuilding itself. Creatures from your worst nightmares attack the small team investigating the island. It is as if the gates of hell have been opened. It is - an outbreak of darkness. Cover art by Philip Cornell.

  • A woman is ravished - and unto her a child is born, unleashing an unspeakable evil upon the world.  He is named Baal and he will lead the reader through the uttermost depths of evil, into a nightmare world of bloodlust and violence that would freeze the heart.
  • As if horror-meister Stephen King is offering his Dear Readers bargains a la Needful Things, he has taken a stall in the Bazaar and offers the following selection of something-for-everyone...A man who keeps living exactly the same life, repeating his mistakes over and over again; a columnist who kills people by writing their obituaries; a tale about the end of the human race; and a firework competition between neighbours which literally reaches an explosive climax. In the volume: Mile 81; Premium Harmony; Batman And Robin Have An Altercation; The Dune; Bad Little Kid; A Death; The Bone Church; Morality; Afterlife; Ur; Herman Wouk Is Still Alive; Under The Weather; Blockade Billy; Mister Yummy; Tommy; The Little Green God Of Agony; That Bus Is Another World; Obits' Drunken Fireworks; Summer Thunder.
  • Ten year old William Bellman takes aim at a rook with his catapult and his friends watch in awe as the impossible shot kills the bird. This is the first time death enters Willima's life; and the incident is soon forgotten in the riot of growing up. Years later, William is successful; married to a beautiful woman; he has a lovely healthy family and a thriving business. Then, one by one, his distant relatives begin to die - and at each funeral, there is a mysterious man in black present, who smiles at William. The deaths come closer to home - and closer...until a drunk and despairing William stumbles into the graveyard, where the mysterious man in black has a proposition for him - a business proposition...
  • "They kept monsters." That's what Tom overheard in the bar one night,  Then he heard more things that could finally lead him to the truth about his son's death ten years earlier.  The army  said it was a training accident - but why had the coffin they sent home been sealed?  So on a dark night in a  deserted field, Tom begins to unearth the mass grave where he hopes - and fears - to find his son's remains.  Instead he finds madness - corpses in chains, dead bodies that still move and clutch and grasp.  And one little girl, dead and rotting, who promises to help Tom find what he's really looking for - if only he will free her...
  • Includes:  The Willows; Secret Worship; Ancient Sorceries; The Glamour of Snow; The Wendigo; The Other Wing; The Transfer; Ancient Lights; The Listener; The Empty House; Accessory Before the Fact; Keeping His Promise; Max Hensig.