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  • Book III of The Exorcist. A young boy is found dead by the side of a river, horribly crucified. Detective Bill Kinderman is baffled by the brutality but is more shaken by the mutilation that links this case to the 'Gemini' killings of the late 60s. Three days later, Kinderman is recording another death at Georgetown General Hospital - this one as bizarre as any he's ever encountered. He begins to piece together a solution to the new killings and the unsolved earlier deaths. The 'Gemini' killer is believed to be dead, shot down in a hail of bullets on the Golden Gate Bridge - or is he? Cover art by John Holmes.

  • With trembling fingers, he opened the trunk and stuffed the scrap of material back in. She must have seen the bit of skirt fluttering there as she jogged past. But she had kept running because what she saw meant nothing to her - the problem was that she might remember it later and put two and two together. Suddenly, he knew he was going to have to get rid of her...Originally published as  Dead Girls Can't Scream.
  • Julian Day adventure No. III.  The opening of the story is macabre: a Japanese father regarding the severed head of his son which had been sent to him in a box. But of that, the lovely half-English, half-Chinese Merri Sang knew nothing, neither did Julian Day nor Bill Urata, both of whom were in love with her; but the father's thirst for revenge brought all three of them into deadly peril. The story moves swiftly from Hong Kong in 1942 to Hong Kong in 1964,  but first, there are the terrible days when the beautiful island was invaded by the Japanese – who, in many cases, treated their prisoners with appalling barbarity...
  • At first, Ralph found it hard to drop off to sleep. Then he was waking up earlier and earlier.  Then the hallucinations start - colours, shapes and strange auras around his friends. Not to mention the bald doctors who always seem to materialise at the scene of a death.  Then Ralph begins to understand why his hitherto mild-mannered friend Ed is getting dangerously out of control and why his home town is about to become the new Armageddon. An evil of unimaginable proportions has found its way in - and Ralph has one chance to beat it - in a card game.  The stakes are high - they always are when you're playing for human souls. This was a new phase of writing for King:  his heroes in this outing are the elderly retired Ralph and his middle-aged girlfriend. Cover art by Steven Crisp.

  • This volume contains:  The Canterville Ghost, Oscar Wilde; Teeny-Tiny, Anonymous; The Signalman, The Strange Visitor, Anonymous; Madame Crowl's Ghost, J. Sheridan Le Fanu; A Ghostly Wife, Anonymous; Legend of Hamilton Tighe, Richard Bartram; The Phantom Ship, Captain Marryat; The Brown Hand, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; The Ghost-Brahman, Anonymous; The Ghost Ship, Richard Middleton; The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall, John Kendrick Bangs; The Inexperienced Ghost, H.G. Wells; The Buggane and the Tailor, Dora Broome; Laura, Saki; The Betrayal of Nance, R. Blakeborough; The Ghost Who Was Afraid of Being Bagged, Anonymous; The Beast With Five Fingers, W.F. Harvey; The Night The Ghost Got In, James Thurber; The Story of Glam, Andrew Lang. Cover art by Philip Gough.
  • Mickey Bellsong has a habit of making the wrong choices - she wants to change but can't find her way.  She is living with an aunt in a dusty trailer park on the edge of the Californian dream.  There she meets Leilani Maddoc, a precocious, dazzling nine-year old with one leg in a brace and a deformed hand.  Despite the child's bouyant spirit, Mickey sense a fear that the girl dare not express.  Then the Maddoc family vanishes.  And no-one seems to care.  Mickey sets off across America to find the Maddocs and discovers she has an enemy both fearsome and cunning.
  • Nicholas Urfe - young, English, conventionally brought up and educated - leaves London for a job as a schoolmaster on a lonely Greek island. He thinks this will be an escape from the confines of society and from Alison, his latest victim in a long line of callous and casual seductions. Despite an obscure warning, Nicholas is totally unprepared for the ordeal that awaits him. At one end of the island is a colonnaded villa, where he meets the urbane Maurice Conchis, a remote yet compelling figure; rich, cosmopolitan and a self-styled psychic. Between Maurice and Nicholas begins a cat-and-mouse game that Nicholas finds puzzling, then patronising -then a direct challenge. He is led through a series of elaborately staged tableaux  and although he senses an imposture, he is unwilling to withdraw from the promise of a momentous revelation. He is drawn on and on and into the Saturnalian labyrinth, where truth and illusion rest o the barest shift of perception...until Nicholas  perceives the maelstrom centre of Conchis's plot...
  • Good Evening... The Master of Spine-Chills presents another selection:  The Mugging,  Edward L. Perry; Finger! Finger! Margaret Ronan; A Cry From the Penthouse, Henry Slesar; The People Next Door, Pauline C. Smith; D-Day, Robert Trout; The Man Who Liked Dickens, Evelyn Waugh; and a full length novel...The Iron Gates, Margaret Millar.
  • The Vampire movie came first -the girl died in a welter of blood as the vampire bit clean through her jugular...The inquisition came next - the victim confessed as spiders crawled all over her naked body - then came the story of the Axeman...This was the horror movies eries to end them all.  Cinema buffs particularly admired the grainy, amateurish camera work -it suggested the action was the real thing.But it couldn't be - could it? This new edition of Out Are The Lights contains five rare short stories by Laymon: Mess Hall; Dinker's Pool; Madman Stan; Bad News; The Tub.