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  • They came from the darkness of the bowels of the earth...a new species of beetle which needed to destroy in order to survive...the first creature other than Man with the ability to create fire.  The beetles ate carbon - they lived on the charred remains of buildings and sometimes people. There is no insecticide or natural predator than can kill them and it seems a new species will inherit the earth.  But then Professor James Parmiter discovers a method of destruction but for reasons of his own, refuses to use it...
  • Summer, 1978.  School's out and nerdy Arnie Cunningham, the butt of the school bullies, buys a car.  No ordinary car - a huge red and white '58 Plymouth Fury with rusted chrome fenders, cracked, faded leatherwork and a shattered windscreen.  Arnie's mate Dennis reckons it's only fit for the scrap-yard.  But Arnie makes a deal with the wily owner of the car, Roland LeBay.  Arnie sets to work feverishly, determined to restore Christine to her former glory.  As the 'new' car emerges, Arnie begins to undergo an uncanny transformation.  Inexplicable accidents begin to occur and it seems that a dark and gruesome history is repeating itself...Cover art by Gerry Grace.
  • At an archeological dig in Israel, the restless spirit of the witch Tamar escapes the urn in which it has been imprisoned for 400 years - a practitioner of  Kabbalist black magic.  She has found the one vessel through which she can regain her malign powers - the virgin child-woman Leah who has accompanied her father on the dig.  But there is one force Tamar must destroy - a modern day warlock armed with the one weapon that can stop her.
  • A fearsome foursome: Moon: He had fled to the island to escape those chilling glimpses of grotesque, brutal murders, but the monster that lurked inside his mind followed, eager to seek him out... Shrine: Alice was a little girl - small, thin and a deaf-mute. Then came the vision. Suddenly, she could hear, speak and perform miracles. But with the wondrous change, she became an agent of evil; of corruption and hate that was centuries old. The Dark: It invaded men's minds, drove them to frenzies of destruction, orgies of murder and mutilation.  It was strong enough to take over an entire city, too powerful to be destroyed. It was The Dark... Fluke: He was a puppy; different from other dogs, different from other animals. The men called him Fluke and that was apt, for Fluke was a man, with a man's feelings and intelligence trapped inside the body of a dog.  Cover art by Kevin Jones.
  • Tales of horror from the original masters...Spinechillers in this volume include: The Furnished Room, O. Henry; The Canterville Ghost, Oscar Wilde; The Oval Portrait, Edgar Allan Poe; The Ghost Detective, Mark Lemon; The Horla and A Ghost, Guy de Maupassant; The Story of the Unknown Church, William Morris; The Old Nurse's Story, Elizabeth Gaskell; The Devil's Wager, W.M. Thackery; Teigue Of The Lee, T. Crofton Coker; The Captain Of The PoleStar, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; The Haunted Mill or The Ruined House, Jerome K. Jerome; The Goblins Who Stole A Sexton, No. 1 Branch Line: The Signalman and The Bagman's Story, Charles Dickens; The Spectre of Tappington, Thomas Ingoldsby; The Hollow Of The Three Hills, Nathaniel Hawthorne; The Lady of Rosemount, Sir Thomas Graham Jackson; Miss Jéromette and the Clergyman, Wilkie Collins; The Ghost Ship, Richard Middleton; The Body Snatcher, Robert Louis Stevenson; Man-size in Marble, Edith Nesbit; The Last of Squire Ennismore, Mrs. J.H. Riddell; The Withered Arm, Thomas Hardy; The Moonlit Road, Ambrose  Bierce; Ghosts That Have Haunted Me, John Kendrick Bangs; The Ghost of Charlotte Cray, Florence Marryat.
  • Early chillers from the man who became the Master of modern horror. Jerusalem's Lot (later the novel 'Salem's Lot); Graveyard Shift; Night Surf (the basis for The Stand); I Am The Doorway; The Mangler; The Boogeyman; Gray Matter; Battleground; Trucks (made as a film, Maximum Overdrive) ; Sometimes They Come Back (also a film of the same name); Strawberry Spring; The Ledge; The Lawnmower Man; Quitters, Inc; I Know What You Need; Children of the Corn (somehow extended into six films) ; The Last Rung On  The Ladder; The Man Who Loved Flowers; One for the Road; The Woman in the Room.
  • A selection of human madness chosen by the Master of Human Madness himself, Robert Bloch. In this volume: Snow Man, John Coyne; A Gentle Breeze Blowing, Robert E. Vardeman; For You To Judge, Ramsey Campbell; The Child Killer, Steve Rasnic Tem; The Lick Of Time, Jonathan Carroll; The Edge, Richard Christian Matheson; How Would You Like It? Lawrence Block; The Moment The Face Falls, Chet Williamson; Judgment, Ed Gorman; Reality Function, J.N. Williamson; Sacrifice, Kathleen Buckley; Name That Tune, Charles L. Grant;  Taking Care Of Georgie, Lisa W. Cantrell; Fish Are Jumpin' And The Cotton Is High, S.P. Somtow; It Takes One To Know One, Robert Bloch; The Lesson, Billie Sue Mosiman; Fie Fie Foe Fum, Ray Bradbury. Cover art by Barbara Walton.
  • Adriana had come to the remote island to recover from the shock of her parents' violent death. The other guests at Revillion Manor welcomed her with open arms, eager to make her feel at home - perhaps too eager. Adriana began to think. Overwhelmed by their solicitude, she sensed a mysterious purpose behind the ministrations of her incredibly attractive companions, all of whom seemed to have discovered the secret of eternal youth and beauty. And when Adriana found out the horrifying truth, there was nowhere to run, no one to turn to, no way to save her immortal soul....
  • The survivors of Drago...He had no doubt that there were survivors. Many times h had heard the howling in the night, calling him. Though his body yearned to answer their call, he fought against it - he was not ready.  All that remained of Drago was a burned out village deep in the forest and the ashes of things half human, and half something else. Then came a murder - two murders...and Malcolm the strange boy with feral green eyes - and the reawakening of an unearthly terror that no-one could forget. Cover art by Peter Elson.