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  • Book IV in The Vampire Chronicles. Vampire hero, rock star and seducer of millions, Lestat is an immortal extraordinaire.  But he yearns to be reborn as a mortal.  Tormented, he wanders aimlessly across the world until he meets the one being who can grant him his wish - the Body Thief, more sinister and evil than any demon.  But when Lestat surrenders his vampire body he discovers he forgot so long ago - the awkwardness and anguish of being human.
  • On a brisk autumn day, a thirteen-year-old boy stands on the shores of the gray Atlantic, near a silent amusement park and a fading ocean resort called the Alhambra. The past has driven Jack Sawyer here: his father is gone, his mother is dying, and the world no longer makes sense. But for Jack everything is about to change. For he has been chosen to make a journey back across America - and into another realm. Jack, on a desperate quest to save his mother’s life, must search for a prize across an epic landscape of innocents and monsters, of incredible dangers and even more incredible truths. The prize is essential, but the journey means even more.
  • Tim Underhill (Koko) has been summoned by John, a childhood friend, to his home town of Millhaven.  After decades of silence it seems that the Blue Rose Killer has struck again - murdering John's wife.  Assisted by amateur detective Tom Pasmore, Underhill is drawn into a morass of lies, deceit and shocking revelations that lead to the terrors of his own past - the mysterious events in the Vietnamese jungles; the killing of his young sister and the murders that rocked the city. Cover art by Rob Wood.
  • Many residents of The Tides Nursing Home see the past more clearly than the present.  So when Marshall, an elderly patient with Alzheimer's disease begins to see a mystery woman called Faye, no one pays much attention, including his daughter, Rebecca.  But when she delves into her father's past, she finds that he was once married to a disturbed and dangerous woman - and he believes that she's returned.  As sinister and fatal accidents begin to plague The Tides, Rebecca fights desperately to survive the dream of a dead madwoman.
  • The Westphalen family fortune comes with a curse, but a very light-hearted one which no-one takes very seriously. The iron necklaces with two yellow stones like eyes, inscribed in Vedic but worth nothing as jewellery are also an inheritance - one that carries terrible and unknown powers.  Repairman Jack must discover the link between them and fight the two families locked in a revenge battle only half-understood, only half-sane. Ever since his mother was killed in a gratuitous act of violence, Jack has been impelled to fix the injustices around him - an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. He is strong, fit, ingenious, respected by his friends and clients and totally anonymous. But when his girlfriend Gia discovers his repair business is not for electrical appliances, she becomes frightened of him and sees him as a thug. Another injustice - and another reason for Jack to withdraw from the world. But a pressing request from an inscrutable Indian for Jack to recover an iron necklace stolen from his grandmother draws Jack into the most challenging and frightening battle of his life. For the Westphalen curse ties Gia and her young daughter Vicki to a deadly vow of vengeance taken over a century before...

  • Late last night and the night before...Tommyknockers, tommyknockers, knocking at the door...Something's happening in the idylllic little town of Haven, Maine.  Something that comes from a metal object, buried for millennia, that Bobbi literally accidentally stumbles across. Now there's something strange about Bobbi, too. Jim Gardner, poet, drunk and potential suicide decides to visit Bobbi, his only real friend - and he finds she's lost an alarming amount of weight...and she's dismantling kitchen appliances and making weirdly brilliant inventions out of them...and then there's the thing she's discovered buried in her garden.  And as she digs, the metamorphosis of Haven's citizens becomes stranger and more murderous to outsiders. Jim realises he isn't in another drunken nightmare, he's in a waking one of terrifying significance. Bobbi and the other good folks of Haven didn't sell their souls to reap the rewards of the most deadly evil this side of hell. It was more like a diabolical takeover...an invasion of body, soul - and mind...
  • Life is good in Silver, the small town high in the Canadian Rockies. Sam Hunt is a lucky man with everything he wants - a loving family and an honest income. But beneath the rugged mountains a vile, demonic energy is gathering strength, soon to unleash its freezing terror on the small town. In the eye of the storm, Sam with the private terrors of his childhood.  He knows nothing yet seems to know everything.  All that he loves may be destroyed by an unimaginable evil from the buried, hated past.  The evil is called - The Trickster.
  • On a beautiful tranquil island off the South Carolina coast, Margaret Devereaux, fifty and childless, has abandoned her dreams in order to care for her aged, demanding mother.  This was the house Kevin Devereaux had not set foot in for twenty years but he and his wife and children have come, summoned to visit Mother, whom they hate and fear.  Then Mother, suddenly and horribly, dies inside the locked nursery.  All the secrets of the past will emerge to shed their evil. Cover art by Lisa Falkenstern.
  • Eternally young and angelic in looks, the Vampire Armand returns to New Orleans where the Vampire Lestat sleeps. Armand tells his tale and recalls the brutality, magnificent decadence and devil worship of his past, from a half forgotten childhood in Russia to slavery in Constantinople: from Renaissance Venice where he is saved from death by the dark gift of Marius, the greatest Vampire of them all, to nineteenth century Paris, where he is the leader of the Theatre des Vampires.  Now, in New Orleans, Armand is forced to make a decision - he must choose between the existence of twilight immortality and the salvation of his immortal soul.