• He was a monster spawned from a childhood of vile corruption, nurtured in the putrefying hell of Vietnam. Six foot seven and five hundred pounds of seething hate. But behind the soulless eyes lurked a burning intelligence - an animal cunning infinitely superior to anything on four legs. And he had come to Chicago...Homicide detective Jack Eichord had never known a psychopath like it. This was no run-of-the-mill killing machine; this was a butcher who believed in job satisfaction. A serial murderer so depraved that he devoured the hearts of his victims. There wasn't a killer on earth who took life so efficiently, so sadistically - or so often...and if he gets his way, there won't be enough lives left for anyone to try...Cover art by David O'Connor.
  • At last he had solved the mystery of Lemarchand's box; he stood on the threshold of a new world of heightened sensations. In moments the Cenobites - who had dedicated an eternity to the pursuit of sensuality - would be here. They would reveal dark secrets that would transform him forever. But with the exquisite pleasure would come unimaginable pain. To escape his hideous tormentors and return to this world he would the help of his brother's wife, Julia, the woman who loved him. But most of all - he would need blood...
  • From the first time Sarah Chenowith sees Madelaine loitering in the neighborhood, she is convinced the mysterious woman is evil. Then her next=door neighbor hires the darkly beautiful woman to give his wife art lessons. Soon Madelaine moves into the spare bedroom - and the 'accidental' deaths begin. Now Sarah is in danger - a danger that begins the day she discovers the magic paintings that foretell the next gruesome death. Only Sarah, who is part Hopi Indian, can stop the supernatural killer. But first she must learn to use the long-lost powers of her ancestors in a magical showdown with a very unexpected source of evil...Cover art by Rallé.
  • After a bizarre and disturbing incident at the funeral of matriarch Marian Savage, the McCray and Savage families look forward to a restful and relaxing summer at Beldame, on Alabama's Gulf Coast, where three Victorian houses loom over the shimmering beach. Two of the houses are habitable, while the third is slowly and mysteriously being buried beneath an enormous dune of blindingly white sand. But though long uninhabited, the third house is not empty. Inside, something deadly lies in wait. Something that has terrified Dauphin Savage and Luker McCray since they were boys and which still haunts their nightmares. Something horrific that may be responsible for several terrible and unexplained deaths years earlier - and is now ready to kill again... From the screenwriter of Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Tom Auden tries to remember what he saw in the village shrine, just before his world exploded in Vietnam in 1972.  The memory is so horrific and unspeakable that Auden buries it, deeper than nightmares can ever reach.  He forgets the gruesome scene - and loses six hours of his life.  In 1987, those missing hours become vitally important.  The horrors of Vietnam are being recreated outside his window; the terrible ceremony he interrupted fifteen years earlier moves towards its inevitable conclusion.  Unless he can remember the secret of the Harvest Bride...Cover art by Jill Bauman.
  • When William Halleck and his wife Heidi go on their second honeymoon, it's partly to take their minds off the worrying fact that Bill's losing weight quickly - and he isn't on a diet. It's also to forget the dreadful accident that killed a gypsy woman and landed Bill in court; to forget Heidi's excessive smoking and Bill's excessive eating have been a strain on the marriage; and for Billy to forget the frightfully disfigured face of the old gypsy man outside the court house.  But the second honeymoon is soon forgotten as the weight continues to fall away from Bill, no matter how much he eats. He goes through rigorous tests and terrible strain but no cause can be diagnosed.  But Bill knows - he knows that the gypsy with the rotting nose and the dead woman are at the bottom of it all.  He has been cursed - and there's precious little he can do about it. Until Richard Ginelli, his long time friend and New York gang leader comes to his aid bringing with him the force of another kind of curse: the curse of the white man from town...Cover art by Paul Davies.
  • A decade after the premiere of the 1968 film The Night of the Living Dead, George Romero returned with its sequel, Dawn of the Dead which became an instant zombie classic. Shortly thereafter, Romero, along with author Susanna Sparrow, wrote a novel based on the movie. In one of the landmark tales of the zombie apocalypse, a handful of survivors seek refuge at a local shopping mall, barricading themselves in. They soon realize that this is the perfect place to wait out the end of the world, and despite pending doom, they even start to enjoy themselves. But it doesn't take long for the undead to find a way into their world...
  • The Westphalen family fortune comes with a curse, but a very light-hearted one which no-one takes very seriously. The iron necklaces with two yellow stones like eyes, inscribed in Vedic but worth nothing as jewellery are also an inheritance - one that carries terrible and unknown powers.  Repairman Jack must discover the link between them and fight the two families locked in a revenge battle only half-understood, only half-sane. Ever since his mother was killed in a gratuitous act of violence, Jack has been impelled to fix the injustices around him - an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. He is strong, fit, ingenious, respected by his friends and clients and totally anonymous. But when his girlfriend Gia discovers his repair business is not for electrical appliances, she becomes frightened of him and sees him as a thug. Another injustice - and another reason for Jack to withdraw from the world. But a pressing request from an inscrutable Indian for Jack to recover an iron necklace stolen from his grandmother draws Jack into the most challenging and frightening battle of his life. For the Westphalen curse ties Gia and her young daughter Vicki to a deadly vow of vengeance taken over a century before...

  • A triple treat of terror: The Rats: The natural competition between the industrious and intelligent rodent and Man is inevitable when they share an environment - but what would happen if a new, more dangerous and deadly rat was bred and then unleashed on the world? Fluke: What could happen if identity and personality were interchangeable?  Not between humans - but between man and dog? The Dark: People are capable of acts of scarcely imaginable cruelty and appalling depravity.  What would happen if that individual power, that personal desire, became a tangible force? And instead of seeming to exude an aura of evil, instead those who have committed evil continue to propagate their deeds after they have phsysically ceased to exist?