• Dr Lauren Wagner was involved in the most exciting adventure humanity had ever undertaken.  She had the admiration and respect of the whole world.  But inside her, voices were entreating her to love them.  Then there was the mystery of the missing group that had gone before her.  The DEAD group.  But were they dead?
  • 1936 - As Mussolini's troops invade Abyssinia the international situation deteriorates and the armaments kings look forward to even fatter profits. No-one, it seems, can halt the carnage. Except - perhaps - the Millers of God, a group of wealthy individuals dedicated to the systematic execution of all those who feed off human suffering. Sir Anthony Lovelace doesn't approve of their methods. But when Christopher Penn and his fiancee call on his friendship, he too finds himself in the desperate gamble for the cause of peace.

  • To his mother, Joey seemed to be just an ordinary 6 year old boy - special to her, but no-one else. To the Servants of Twilight he is an Anti-Christ, an evil presence that must be destroyed. The terrifying ordeal for Joey and his mother begins in a supermarket car park when an old woman accosts them and pursues them with her terrible threats. Christine's world is turned upside down into a nightmare of terror.  Only her love for her child and the support of the one man who believes in her will give her a chance to survive the Servants of Twilight.

  • In Kilgallan - a small quiet place on Ireland's west coast - things get a little rowdy in Donovan's Bar, sometimes, and the people carry their share of Ireland's tragic history but generally the fights are happy, the songs are sad and the days are as rich as slow poured, peaty beer. Then things start happening - first to the children...Mikey Boyle's auntie takes off all her clothes, takes his off as well and persuades him into the river...Then sixteen year old Marie Lally has a cord tied around her neck and her night gown raised by Mike O'Hara...Village tragedies.  A short eruption of horror - but at the heart of a nearby hill, something turns in its sleep, breathes...and awakes.
  • In Kilgallan on Ireland's coast, the fights in Donovan's Bar are happy, the songs are sad and the days are as rich as slow-poured peaty beer.  But then things happen - first to the children...Mikey Boyle's auntie strips off all her clothes, removes his and persuades him into the river.  Then Mike O'Hara ties a cord around sixteen year old Marie Lally's neck and raises her nightgown...Isolated village tragedies. Short eruptions of horror.  But in the heart of nearby hill, something turns in its sleep.  It breathes and it wakes...
  • In the remote West Country the farms around a small town are suddenly haunted by ghostly presences - and not all in human form.  But when a ghost hunter is called in to deal with the hauntings, a greater terror is unleashed.  Below the dark woods, the deserted tunnels of an ancient mine have become the focus of primeval supernatural forces - summoned by Arachne and growing in strength...
  • During the 1930s Depression years, the Virginia Writers project sent authors, editors and reporters out into the coves and hollows of the Appalachian Mountains and record the beliefs, traditions and superstitions of the mountain folk. Although the stories were duly collected, transcribed and sent to Richmond with the idea of publishing a book on American folklore the ultimate goal was never accomplished and the stories were archived in the University of Virginia. The stories in this volume have drawn heavily on the Virginia Project and goes beyond that - proceeding  from the assumption that the tales of the mountain folk were heavily influenced by the experiences of their ancestors,  many of whom were of Scottish, Irish or German origin and who settled in Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas. As a result, tales about Cajuns, Indians and Spaniards are incorporated. Through the 75 + stories in this volume, there emerges a comprehensive overview of the beliefs and practices of a segment of the population to whom witches and witchcraft were a part of daily life.
  • A fabulously terrifying trip into beauty and terror with thirteen of Bradbury's best: a baby born with the urge to kill...the couple who leave for a honeymoon - in a cemetery.... a husband and wife who experience rather a lot of unpleasantness with some Mexican mummified corpses...and the tombstone in the bedroom.
  • The Reverend David James discovers that a coven of witches have been using his church for worshipping Satan and calling up the dead.  Meanwhile, alone in his mansion, Harry Royce is employing electronic devices to reach the outer limits of the universe.  But when the invasion began it was not known whether the invaders were aliens from a contaminated star, or lost souls erupting out of Limbo.  Two things are clear:  It cannot be stopped and once it ends, there will be no one sane left on earth. Cover art by Jack Faragasso.