• When Englishman Clive Bagnall arrives in Darwin in 1939 to begin a new life on the land of his inherited cattle station, he finds it to be a crocodile-infested, barren wasteland and not only that, he's not the sole owner.  It's shared with his Australian cousin Val, a red-head with a temper.  And then there is Doug, sometime oyster-opener and layabout who feels obliged to instruct him in the ways of the Territory.  And haunting all three is the spirit world of the Aborigine and their sacred Remembering Stones that seem to hold the key to events past and present. Cover art by Tony Pyrzakowski.
  • When Englishman Clive Bagnall arrives in Darwin in 1939 to begin a new life on the land, he encounters more than he bargained for.  The cattle station, Redlands, is a crocodile infested barren waste and he's not even the sole owner of the property, finding  it's been left jointly to him and his Australian cousin Val, a redhead with a temper to match. Doug Farrands, sometime oyster opener and mostly layabout befriends Clive and feels obliged to instruct him in the ways of the Territory.  But haunting Redlands is the spirit world of the Aborigines and their sacred remembering stones that seem to hold the key to people and events both past and present.
  • Meg Finn is in big trouble.  Unearthly trouble.  A botched attempt to rob a pensioner's flat ends with a fatal gas explosion and puts Meg in a  very sticky situation.  Her soul is up for grabs as Heaven and Hell try every sneaky trick imaginable to claim it. Her only chance is helping a lonely old man to complete the tasks on his wish list.  But even if she grabs this chance, will she have enough points to face up to St. Peter? Cover art by Keijiro Komine.
  • Who can forget Jack Nicholson's classic line from the classic film? "I'm just a horny little devil!" In the quiet little town of Eastwick, in 1970,  nothing ever changes...but three beautiful women are about to discover powers they never knew they had.  Now the man of their dreams is here to stay for a spell, ready to lure them into his mansion where they can do things they never dreamt of...
  • Summoned to attend Mrs Drablow's funeral in Crythin Gifford, Arthur Kipps - a young solicitor - journeys untroubled to her tall, lonely house situated on the bleached salt marsh beyond Nine Lives Causeway. He did not suspect that Eel Marsh House guarded a pitiful secret, nor did he understand - until it was too late - that the mysterious black-clad woman who inhabited its shuttered rooms would exact a terrible revenge.
  • The sudden mist seeped and coiled through the wood, cold as death. The naked, terrified girl floundered deeper into the undergrowth and black mud, desperate to escape her pursuer.  But there was a worse horror...for with the mist came the figures of the past - from many pasts - lurching through the blinding whiteness, reaching out to choke and smother....Cover art by Les Edwards.
  • Something hideous is about to happen in the village of Shillingham. Why does crazy Frank Warwick shoot at the workmen taking the old gibbet from the crossroads? Why should the villagers feel a sudden shiver of terror? Why are the local children draw, as if by a silent command, to play around the gibbet? The unearthly fog surrounding the village is thickening, killing the wildlife and cutting the villagers off from the outside world. Beneath the earth, something is stirring...and as the bulldozers roll on unchecked, a dark and terrible evil imprisoned below the gibbet for centuries slowly awakes 0 burning for revenge against mankind. Shillingham is about to become Hell on Earth.
  • For centuries, the name of Atlantis has haunted man's imagination. Now an incredible expedition is prepared. Its destination: the final resting place of the gold city - one mile beneath the ocean's surface.   For the lovely Camilla and her band of adventurers, the days to come are full of danger. Ahead lies the silence of the unknown deeps and a nightmare of terror and betrayal.

  • Gregory Sallust Adventure No. VII. It is 1943, World War II, and secret agent Gregory Sallust is parachuted into Nazi Germany. Together with ex-Bolshevik General Stefan Kuporovitch, they join forces with the widow of a German diplomat who is in contact with Allied Intelligence. It is through her that Gregory becomes unwillingly involved with a Black Magician and when, 16 months later, they meet again, each decides to use occult forces in an attempt to destroy Hitler once and for all...Illustrated by Hugh Marshall.