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  • Martie Rhodes, happily married, successful video game designer, is a compassionate friend to agoraphobic Susan, who she accompanies to therapy each week. The experience, though grim, has been a bond between the two women. Then Martie experiences an irrational fear of her own. She feels a brief, disquieting fear of - her shadow. There is something twisted in it, something not right. Other anxiety attacks ensure until Martie finds she is the victim of the rarest of all phobias known: autophobia, fear of oneself. Martie's life changes radically and her future looks dark.  Her husband Dusty loves her and is desperate to understand the nature and cause of her autophobia. But as Dusty comes closer to the terrible truth, he begins to exhibit symptoms of a psychological disorder, even more unusual and terrible than that which afflicts Martie.

  • Professor Constable's only daughter was dead of leukaemia at the age of ten. Constable, a world famous scientist, was convinced that she was in communication with him beyond the grave. Were the 'spirit manifestations' of Mary Constable a depraved and cunning confidence game? Or were they as they appeared to be - genuine? AS Constable was a key Government scientist working on a project of world-shaking importance, Washington sent Alexander Hero, chief investigator for the British Society for Psychical Research. Working against time, Hero sees the evidence that had convinced the Professor - a translucent, hollow, seamless wax hand, complete with identifiable finger prints - the hand of Mary Constable. With each passing hour, the spirit of Mary seemed to be literally sapping her father's will, driving him to abandon work on Operation Foxglove, vital to the defence of the West. Alone in New York, surrounded by officials who regarded him with suspicion, Hero had to expose the spirit-daughter as a diabolical hoax. Suddenly he found an ally - a beautiful girl as well-versed  in professional magic as Hero was in psychic phenomena. Hero had only seconds to decide - and the wrong decision would cost him his life.
  • Late last night and the night before...Tommyknockers, tommyknockers, knocking at the door...Something's happening in the idylllic little town of Haven, Maine.  Something that comes from a metal object, buried for millennia, that Bobbi literally accidentally stumbles across. Now there's something strange about Bobbi, too. Jim Gardner, poet, drunk and potential suicide decides to visit Bobbi, his only real friend - and he finds she's lost an alarming amount of weight...and she's dismantling kitchen appliances and making weirdly brilliant inventions out of them...and then there's the thing she's discovered buried in her garden.  And as she digs, the metamorphosis of Haven's citizens becomes stranger and more murderous to outsiders. Jim realises he isn't in another drunken nightmare, he's in a waking one of terrifying significance. Bobbi and the other good folks of Haven didn't sell their souls to reap the rewards of the most deadly evil this side of hell. It was more like a diabolical takeover...an invasion of body, soul - and mind...
  • Book III of The Omen. His coming was foretold in a prophecy of ultimate evil from beyond the dawn of time. A prophecy which spelled destruction for those who ignored the warning until it was too late, and which is about to be fulfilled...From a crumbling monastery in the depths of Northern Italy, Father DeCarlo has watched the relentless progress of the Anti-Christ. Now he knows the world is on the edge of a nightmare that it will not survive. Around the globe, drought, famine and flood strike down helpless millions. There is trouble everywhere. Damien Thorn, the handsome, thirty-two year old head of one of the world's most powerful corporations... and certain to be president of the United States by the time he is forty. Damien, believed to be the son of Satan, reaching out to claim the Earth for the forces of darkness... Now is the time of prophecy, and Mankind's only hope lies with twelve men and one woman who must fight a desperate battle that will carry them across the very frontiers of darkness in the final showdown between good and evil. From the screenplay by Andrew Birkin and based on characters created by David Seltzer.
  • Books V and VI of The Last Vampire.  Evil Thirst: Alisa has a heartbreaking dilemma - her daughter Kalika has disappeared, and poses a great danger to the human world. But can Alisa bring herself to destroy her own flesh and blood? Creatures Of Forever: SOmeone means to destroy Alisa and her only hope lies in reliving the evil of her monstrous past. Then she can eliminate it - forever...
  • In South Carolina a young black man faces the death penalty for the rape and murder of Marianne Larousse, daughter of one of the richest men in the state.  No-one wants to touch this case.  Its roots are in old evil, and old evil is private detective's  Charlie Parker's specialty. Parker is about to enter a living nightmare, a dreamscape haunted by the murderous spectre of a hooded woman, a black car waiting for a passenger that never comes and by the complicity of friends and enemies in the events surrounding the Larousse  investigation. It will be  a confrontation with dark forces that threaten all he holds dear: his lover, his unborn child and even his soul. In a prison cell far to the north, fanatic preacher Faulkner is about to take his revenge on Charlie, using the very men Parker is hunting and a strange hunched creature that keeps it own secrets buried by a riverbank: the undiscovered killer Cyrus Nairn. All of these characters will come to a showdown in southern swamps and northern forests, in distant locations linked by a single thread, the place where the paths of the living and the dead converge... A place known as the White Road. Cover art by Mark Harrison after a detail from an engraving by Veneziano, Allegory of Death and Fame.
  • Bob Harlow is an academic; Vern Cugnet is an auto mechanic.  Beside this difference, Bob has another distinction - his once-pleasant life in North Dakota is going to hell. Terrible things are befalling Bob, his family and friends:  strange infections, nasty infestations, thefts and accidents - one of which is fatal. And Bob realises that the jinx is the result of a side trip he took into Tibet after a year-long sabbatical in China. There, in the Place of the Dead, Bob committed thoughtless sacrilege when he pocketed two mani stones - engraved funeral markers - as souvenirs. No matter what the obstacles, he must return the sacred objects. Vern - naive, crude and indomitable - volunteers to go along and the unlikely companions set out to undo the curse. The trek will take them through China, India and Nepal and involve them in border frays, encounters with holy hermits and bloodthirsty demons and finally, an audience with the Dalai Lama himself.

  • One dark and rainy night, Sir James Monmouth returns to London after years spent travelling alone. Intent on uncovering the secrets of his childhood hero, the mysterious Conrad Vane, he begins to investigate Vane’s life, but he finds himself warned off at every turn. Before long he realises he is being followed. A pale, thin boy is haunting his every step but every time he tries to confront the boy he disappears. And what of the chilling scream and desperate sobbing only he can hear? His quest leads him eventually to the old lady of Kittiscar Hall, where he discovers something far more terrible at work than he could ever have imagined. From the author of  The Woman in Black and Mrs. De Winter (sequel to Rebecca)
  • David Ash, psychic investigator is invited to Edbrook,  a remote country house where there is an alleged haunting. He meets the Mariell family: brothers Robert and Simon, sister Christina and their aunt, Nanny Tess. Ash is renowned for his dismissal of all thing supernatural, having exposed fake mediums and finding natural causes for so-called psychic phenomena. He has his reasons  for refuting such unearthly occurrences. But over three hideous nights of terror, Ash is forced to re-evaluate his beliefs and confront the enigma of hisown past.  There are games to be played here; nightmarish pastimes of a deadly, maleficent nature and only when they are done will Edbrook's dreadful secret be revealed.