• The creator of Lincoln Rhyme offers a selection of  sixteen very twisted tales: Without Jonathon; The Weekender; For Services Rendered;  Beautiful; The Fall Guy; Eye To Eye; Triangle; All The World's A Stage; Gone Fishing; Nocturne; Lesser-Included Offence; The Blank Card; The Christmas Present; Together; The Widow of Pine Creek; The Kneeling Soldier. A great sampler of Deaver's writing.
  • Lost World adventure No. II. In the face of an Atlantic hurricane, two girls and a boatload of men from various nations pit their strength against the appalling rigours of the open sea. Tension mounts. The desirable Synolda is forced into the arms of a man who knows her past and uses that knowledge. A man with hatred in his eyes – a hatred that can only be satisfied with blood. There is mutiny and murder before the unrelenting Sargasso weed entombs them all. But suddenly land is sighted – land unmarked on the chart, concealing unimaginable horrors. Illustrated by John Roberts.
  • Father John Rafferty is plunged into scandal when a young women he has been counselling is brutally murdered in his Greenwich Village church. This is no isolated act of violence, but a manifestation of a spiritual plague so deep and subtle it will tests all his faith and courage.  Beset by public scorn and private doubt, Father John is vulnerable.  His reputation is besmirched, his parish besieged by outside forces and betrayed from within by an evil as ancient as creation itself.  When he finally recognises the truth, he must overcome his horror and tap the ageless power of the priesthood if he is to fulfil his role as bulwark against the shadows that seek endlessly to engulf him.  The Devil walks among us every day and his face is far more familiar than we can bear to believe.
  • Adriana had come to the remote island to recover from the shock of her parents' violent death. The other guests at Revillion Manor welcomed her with open arms, eager to make her feel at home - perhaps too eager. Adriana began to think. Overwhelmed by their solicitude, she sensed a mysterious purpose behind the ministrations of her incredibly attractive companions, all of whom seemed to have discovered the secret of eternal youth and beauty. And when Adriana found out the horrifying truth, there was nowhere to run, no one to turn to, no way to save her immortal soul....
  • This volume contains: The Old Nurse's Story, Elizabeth Gaskell; An Account of Some Strange Disturbances in Aungier Street,  J.S. Le Fanu; The Miniature, J.Y. Akerman; The Last House In C___Street, Mrs. Craik; To Be Taken With A Grain of Salt, Charles Dickens; The Botathen Ghost, R.S. Hawker; The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth, Rhoda Broughton; The Romance of Certain Old Clothes, Henry James; Pichon and Sons of the Croix Rousse, Anon; Reality or Delusion? Mrs. Henry Wood; Uncle Cornelius, His Story, George MacDonald; The Shadow of a Shade, Tom Hood; At Crighton Abbey, Mary Elizabeth Braddon; No Living Voice, Thomas Street Millington; Miss Jeromette and the Clergyman, Wilkie Collins; The Story of Clifford House, Anon; Was It An Illusion, Amelia B. Edwards; The Open Door, Charlotte Riddell; The Captain of The 'PoleStar,' Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; The Body-Snatcher, R.L. Stevenson; The Story of the Rippling Train, Mary Lousia Molesworth; At The End of the Passage, Rudyard Kipling; 'To Let', B.M. Croker; John Charrington's Wedding, E. Nesbit; The Haunted Organist of Hurly Burly, Rosa Mulholland; The Man of Science, Jerome K. Jerome; Canon Alberic's Scrap-Book, M.R. James; Jerry Bundler, W.W. Jacobs; An Eddy on the Floor, Bernard Capes; The Tomb of Sarah, F.G. Loring; The Case of Vincent Pyrwhit, Barry Pain; The Shadows on the Wall, Mary E. Wilkins; Father Macclesfield's Tale, R.H. Benson; Thurnley Abbey, Percival Landon; The Kit-bag, Algernon Blackwood. Cover art by Atkinson Grimshaw,  A Glimpse of the Lake Thro' The Copse 1872.
  • A deranged Gallipoli veteren locked in a padded cell...The grisly deaths of two beautiful young women...An ancient charm in a old metal tin...When journalist Brendan Craft discovers the mysterious Egyptian charm, a series of terrifying events is unleashed. Confronted with evil beyond imagining, Brendan becomes locked in a battle for his sanity. Where does a dream end and reality begin? Cover art by Gregory Bridges.
  • Research scientist David Foe was described by his girlfriend as 'the walking dead'. Sent to a less than tropical paradise where the Prime Minister is a despot and his mother a witch, David is forced to wake up a little.  Before long, he's mixing criminals, outdoing the voodoo cults and masterminding a slave result - all in the name of science, of course.
  • Andreas's disappearance is a mystery to all, including his inseparable friend Zipp.  But Zipp finds it hard to tell the police the details of when he last saw his friend - they had been shadowing an old woman, an easy target for some quick cash and Andreas, brandishing his knife, had boldly followed her into her house.  And then he was gone.   Inspector Sejer and his colleagues are baffled, but while the confusion in the outside world continues, a chilling, heart-stopping drama is unfolding inside the old woman's home. Appearances aren't always to be believed, and people are not always what they seem.
  • The children were waiting. Waiting for centuries.  Waiting for someone to hear their cries. Now  nine-year-old Christine Lyons has come to live in the  house on the hill -- the house where no children  have lived for fifty years. Now little Christie will  sleep in the old-fashioned nursery on the third  floor. Now Christie's terror will begin...Cover art by John Melo.