•  Uptown - the depressed Victorian slum area of Monkhampton long overdue for development - is dying: its shopping precinct boarded up, its church abandoned, its people moved away - into thin air, it seems. At the heart of Uptown, in Salvation, an affectionate white Newfoundland recovers slowly from the vicious maltreatment of his previous owner. And as Leader regains his strength, his coats begins to change colour and he grows - and he grows...Detective Inspector Ben Wilson, investigating a strange case of arson in Uptown, is attacked by a pack of dogs turned feral - a pack that behaves like a disciplined army. The there are the murders...and Wilson begins to see a hideous connection; a link that shatters all the comfortable preconception about domestic pets. If he and the eccentric Professor Harker are correct, man's best friend is now man's most dangerous enemy, and beyond human control.
  • In Victorian London, a thick blanket of fog covers the city. As the sickly vapours enshroud the night, Felicia Lamb seeks the world beyond life - willingly accepting the embrace of the Undead to find it. Her fiance, Reginald Callender, stalks the dark streets,  pursuing his bride-to-be and the immortal creature who stole her away. And blood-drinker Don Sebastian de Villaneuva searches for sanctuary amongst the hansom cabs and gaslights.  But in a society where spirituality masks morbidity and respectability conceals rapacious cruelty, can even a vampire's kiss ensure eternal love?
  • In the near future, a desperate and ever-more controlling UK government attempts to restore a sense of national pride with a New Festival of Britain. But construction work on the site of an old church in south London releases a centuries-old plague that turns its victims into flesh-hungry ghouls whose bite or scratch passes the contagion - a supernatural virus which has the power to revive the dead - on to others. 'The Death' soon sweeps across London and the whole country descends into chaos. When a drastic attempt to eradicate the outbreak at source fails, the plague spreads quickly to mainland Europe and then across the rest of the world. Told through a series of interconnected eyewitness narratives - text messages, e-mails, blogs, letters, diaries and transcripts - this is an epic story of a world plunged into chaos as the dead battle the living for total domination. Cover art by Joe Roberts. Contributors: Peter Atkins; Peter Crowther; Paul Finch; Tim Lebbon; Paul McAuley; Kim Newman; John Llewellyn Probert; Marks Samuels; Pat Cadigan; Scott Edelman; Jo Fletcher; Robert Hood; Tanith Lee; Lisa Morton; Sarah Pinborough; Jay Russell; Mandy Slater.