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  • Book II of Earth's Children. Ayla has been cast from the Clan who raised her and she sets out on her own journey across a hostile, prehistoric land.  In the Valley of the Horses she finds refuge and contentment yet she is till alone.  Then fate brings Jondalar to her valley.
  • Book IV of The Great South Land Saga. The beautiful valley was lonely and remote and lovely Tilly Martin longed to leave it. Only the presence of Everitt Oliver, his flattering words and dark good looks, eased her restless heart. And she intended to have him - on her own terms. But another woman, as wild and untamed as the land, passionately longed for him too. Before their destinies were decided, the valley would know murder, madness, and disgrace...a young girl born to ill-repute would get a new chance at life...and a proud settler would be humbled by the man he despised.
  • Set in the 1890s during the time of the British Raj in the fictional kingdom of Deori, the prince-heir has returned home from his education in England.  As a sign of his Anglicisation he plans to build a dam and a cricket pitch on disused land in Konpara, a backward and neglected part of his realm. But when work begins, a fragment of an ancient statue is recovered. Such is its beauty and sensuousness that it is nicknamed the "Venus of Konpara" and the prince is determined to find the rest of the statue.  Coincidentally, the prince has been seduced by a Dravidian dancing girl, who has become his live-in lover and who seems to have a mysterious control over the local people...and what is behind the disruptive sabotaging of the dig and sudden incidents that threaten the lives of all concerned with the effort to complete the Venus of Konpara?
  • A collection of five short tales: The Veteran: On a grimy sidewalk in a defeated neighborhood, an old man is beaten to death. When a cop investigates, he finds two killers and a startling legacy of honor. The Art Of The Matter:  In a prestigious London art gallery an impoverished actor is swindled out of a fortune - until an eccentric appraiser hatches a delicious scheme for revenge. The Miracle: On his way to the violent spectacle of the race for the Palio, a traveller listens enthralled to a stranger's tale of a ghostly nun and a quiet miracle amidst the horrors of World War II.   The Citizen: A secret department of HM Customs and Excise learns of a massive consignment of drugs on its way into Heathrow. Whispering Wind: The sole survivor of a famous massacre returns to claim the love of his live and old triumphs over new in a savage manhunt in the American wilderness.
  • Einar is the handsome son of Ragnar Lodbrok but when his good looks are scarred by ex-slave Ogier Gyrfalcon's bird of prey, he swears a harsh vengeance. Ogier sets out to find his destiny and frees a Welsh princess, taken captive en route to her marriage to King Aella. When Ragnar is captured during an invasion and put to death by Aella, the Norsemen launch into bloody slaughter - and after Aelaa's death, leaving the throne of Northumbria vacant, the battle is on between Einar and Ogier as to who will succeed. This book was the basis for the 1958 film The Viking starring Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis. Ernest Bourgnine and Janet Leigh.
  • Known for his writing of epic sauciness, The Virgin and the Gyspy is the revolt of a young girl against her family's dreary, respectable life and her refuge with a virile, free gypsy. St Mawr is a stallion, full of 'a dark, passionate blaze of power' and symbolises the unconscious powers of the human characters.
  • In the autumn of 1558, church bells across England ring out the news - Elizabeth is Queen. One woman hears them with dread - Amy Dudley, wife of Sir Robert, knows that with Elizabeth on the throne he will return to the glamorous Tudor court. Amy's hopes that the ambitions of the Dudley family had died when Robert's father was beheaded are ended. Her husband is summoned to power and to the side of a passionate young queen. Elizabeth has inherited a bankrupt and rebellious country. Her advisor William Cecil warns she will only survive if she marries a strong prince, but the only man Elizabeth desires is her childhood friend Robert.  He is sure he can reclaim his destiny at Elizabeth's side and he begins to contemplate the impossible  -the setting aside of his loving wife to marry the young Elizabeth.

  • Miranda Hallma was found dead in her bed and Bluegates School at 7.00 a.m. on October 18, 1984. It was the first death on the premises... Jessie Hurst's marriage was over, even if she didn't realise it yet. Fortunately her secret research work with Ben Pitman in the pathology laboratory of Minster Hospital occupied her intensely. So did Dr. Pitman - a man she could respect, admire, and even love...For some time now, Ben Pitman had been engaged in trying to develop a breakthrough anti-viral agent. But in his private, crusading research, it was possible that he may have unleashed a terrible epidemic...
  • Published in 1984, this is a brilliant miscellany of articles and writing gathered from over 60 years. Many major writers made their debut in Vogue magazine - which has always been a talent spotter for the avant-garde as well as an elegant display case for the established writers.  Included is the work of some of the most distinguished illustrators and photographers of the 20th century. It is a treasure trove ranging from light literature, glittering wit, absorbing criticism, interviews and sharply argued opinion. - whether it is Lee Miller  reporting on the Normandy landings. J.G. Ballard's speculation on space or Nancy Mitford discussing debutantes, each inclusion is a treasure.  Sections: Modes and Manners; Short Stories; Reflections; Vogue At War; Places; Poetry; People; Books And Writers; Humour.