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  • Young Robert Lomax, fed up with working on a rubber plantation in Malaya, takes a year off to live in Hong Kong and paint. He doesn't know if he's got what it takes, but he wants to try. He takes a room at the Nam Kok Hotel - it's cheap, clean and on the waterfront. And it's interesting. He's the only resident who rents his room by the month - the Nam Kok is host to a group of bar girls who ply their trade in rooms rented by the hour. The American sailors, their customers, are their 'boyfriends' who give them 'presents' of money.  Suzie's imagination is such that she is sometimes 'Mei-Ling' - a daughter of a very old, very wealthy Chinese family. To have such dreams makes her life tolerable. Robert begins dating an English nurse but finds himself comparing her reserve to Suzie's lively personality and intriguing mix of worldliness and naivety. Suzie, together with the other girls in the bar are his muses but it's Suzie that he loves. However, will love be enough to overcome the prejudice they will encounter in the English and Hong Kong society of the 1950s?  A classic modern novel. Cover art of this edition by Harry Toothill.
  • The sequel to The White Boar.  Were the Princes in the Tower murdered? Or did one survive to claim the throne of England? In the early years of Henry VII's reign, Perkin Warbeck announced his claim to the throne and his identity as the younger of the Tower princes. Young Simon, the secret son of Philip Lovell, finds himself caught up in the Pretender's desperate adventure which involves a hopeless invasion of England.
  • On the eve of his assassination - as if sensing his impending death - Caesar looks back over his early life up to his conquest of Gaul. He analyses and evaluates the worth of the great men he has known - Marius, Sulla, Pompey, Cicero, Cato - and the great military deeds and political upheavals of his time. Caesar is a shrewd psychologist and he brilliantly penetrates the underlying causes of events as well as the factions and manoeuvres perpetrated by the leaders of Rome. He is cynical yet kindly, patient, proud, watchful, a bitter defender of social justice.   A chronicle of the vital reflections of a major world figure at the height of his powers.
  • The fascinating yet desperate story of the life of a gallant nobleman, beginning with from the initial snub he received from Charles I, the monarch he is to devote his life to serving. A brilliant leader, a renowned strategist, a talented moderate in a bigoted age:  James Graham, the Marquis of Montrose, is a man of great charm and steadfast loyalty.  Reluctantly involved in in national affairs, his most hated enemy is Archibald Campbell, Marquis of Argyll.  It seems that nothing can stand in the way of Montrose's triumph.
  • Book II of  The Savage Saga. Johnny Savage, having narrowly survived a ride through Cuba with Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders, returns to America to become involved with the movie business - a business which poses a serious challenge to his fidelity. In Hong Kong, Johnny's half-sister Julie lives the high life with her Chinese husband Tim - until he pays a hefty price for undermining the Dowager Empress's power. But as the next generation of Savages grows, it provides more harrowing worries and embarrassments than Johnny, Rachel or Julie could have ever imagined. Johnny and Rachel's daughter is a heavy-drinking swinger of the '20s; Rachel's son by Franco is involved with bootlegging and the mob; his sister marries a prominent Fascist in Italy; Johnny and Rachel's son has a string of romantic dalliances that earn him the nickname "the Naked Savage"; and Julie's daughter, Jasmine, is getting dangerously close to the new dictator of China. Brought low by the Depression and their own weaknesses, will the Savages rise again?
  • In World War II, five men banded together in the Underground Resistance to make life miserable for the Germans in the south of France: The Tiger; The Elephant; The Leopard; The Wolf and The Fox. Naturally, they became known as the Zoo Gang. Thirty years after the war ended, the Zoo Gang re-emerges on the Riviera, this time to fight a different enemy: the criminal underworld that lurks just below the surface of the sunshine, pretty girls, holiday-makers and wealthy lotus-eaters of the Cote d'Azur.
  • Michael 'Butcher' Boone is an former 'really famous' painter - opinionated, furious, brilliant - and now reduced to living in the remote country house of his biggest collector and acting as caretaker for his younger brother, Hugh, a damaged man of imposing physicality and childlike emotional volatility. Alone together they’ve forged a delicate and shifting equilibrium, a balance instantly destroyed when a mysterious young woman named Marlene walks out of a rainstorm and into their lives on three-inch Manolo Blahnik heels. Beautiful, smart, and ambitious, she’s also the daughter-in-law of the late great artist Jacques Liebovitz, one of Butcher’s earliest influences. She’s sweet to Hugh and falls in love with Butcher, and they reciprocate in kind. And she sets in motion a chain of events that could be the making - or the ruin - of them all.
  • Book VIII of The Great South Land Saga.  Drifting helplessly on a vast and empty sea is a longboat carrying fourteen survivors from the  Sea Queen, which burnt and sank en route from Auckland to Sydney. For twelve days the castaways are at the mercy of the sea; and in that time of terror, exposure and starvation the veneer of their normal lives is shed to reveal lust, hate and fears of their inner selves.  When at last the survivors are cast up on the shore of the North Coast, they find a wild land of tall timber and dense scrub where the cedar getters toil, where the hardy settlers wrest a living from the rich soil and the first schooners glide up the vine-hung rivers.
  • This is a story of victory, not on the battlefield, but in the heart of a man who returns to England after three years of soldiering and finds that his once happy little world has been shattered. 'They Lived That Spring' is a story of husband and wife, of father and' child, of love turned to hatred, of unjustified suspicion and tragic misunderstanding. It tells also of courage and human sympathy; and how, by the friendship of a young woman and an old priest, Norman Howard fights his way back through the dark night of bitterness to dignity, happiness and peace.