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  • At the time of Edward III, marriageable daughters were welcome currency in the plans of ambitious men.  In the village of Mayfield, young beautiful Oriel de Sharndene has been forced into marriage with the Archbishop of Canterbury's brother, though she loves a young Gascon squire.  But all is not as it seems - for these three people who have not only met in another life are fated to meet again and again.
  • Audrey fforbes-Hamilton enjoys all the little luxuries that a woman with her ancestry might expect - a country manor, a modest staff, the awed respect of the local village and a few thousand tucked away in the bank. But this all changes with the death of her husband, necessitating the sale of the fforbes-Hamilton ancestral home and a move to the coach-house with her ancient Rolls and equally ancient butler Brabinger - not to mention facing the horrors of the real world: supermarkets, laundromats, public transport and worst of all, possibly having to find a job! If all that isn't bad enough, the new Lord of the Manor is nouveau riche, owns a chain of supermarkets and isn't even English!  From the iconic television series starring Peter Bowles and Penelope Keith.
  • Tony makes an impression wherever he goes - he knows all the right people, wears all the right clothes, is seen in all the right places and is always in the society columns.  Yet there are some odd stories also circulating...a messy divorce case...blackmail and Mob involvement...a very peculiar wedding...He's a rogue, a rascal and a reprobate.  Patrick Dennis tells a good story and has a sly dig at society pretensions and the cult of so-called celebrity at the same time.
  • Two Japanese ships were less than a mile away on the port bow.  The Canberra altered course to bring her after guns on the bearing.  Before they could get on a storm of shells swept her from end to end. The whole ship shuddered under the vicious upthrust of steel.  Worse was to come during the invasion of Guadalcanal...
  • For Harry Dysan, maverick director of the National Security Agency, the news is really bad. A satellite has a hole punched through it by a weapon that makes all others obsolete - the Torus beam can focus and project the energy of an atom bomb into outer space. Determined to unlock the secrets of this ultimate space weapon, Dysan finds the one person who can trace its source.  But Lisa Wessex, a brilliant data scanner and refugee from Vietnam, has her own reasons for helping him. An as their joint hunt for the Torus leads them to a remote island in the Pacific, it becomes clear the satellite was only target practice...
  • After the death of her father,  Bryony Ashley returned from abroad to find that his estate would become the responsibility of her cousin Emory - Ashley Court and its load of debt was  no longer her problem. But she believed there had been something odd about her father's death. Bryony had inherited the Ashley 'Sight' and so, she knew, had one of the male Ashleys. Since childhood, the two had communicated through thought patterns, though Bryony had no idea of his identity. Now she was determined to find him. But danger waited for her in the old moated house, with its curious garden maze and memories.

  • Frank Barry: terrorist of the highest order.  His ideology is money and his track record is flawless. When the Russians want review copies of the latest NATO missile system, Barry is the man to deliver them. Martin Brosnan: poet, scholar and killer. Trained in Vietnam, polished in the ranks of the IRA, currently in the French prison fortress of Belle Isle. Liam Devlin - Brosnan's oldest and best friend.  Devlin wants Brosnan out of jail and on Barry's trail - and he'll use everything in his power to do so.

  • Frank Berry is a terrorist with a capital T. His idealogy is money - and he can deliver whatever is wanted. When the Russians want copies of the latest NATO missile system, Berry's the man to deliver them. The only man who can stop Berry is Martin Brosnan, poet and scholar, Vietnam-trained killer and IRA ranker, currently in the French prison of Belle Isle. His oldest and best friend, Liam Devlin is the man to get him out and working for British Intelligence.

  • A Gregory Sallust mystery.  Hungary was little affected by the war in 1942 and while on a secret mission to Budapest, Sallust lived for a time in an atmosphere of love and laughter.  But the mission involved him with Ribbentrop's beautiful Hungarian mistress and the laughter was stilled as he struggled to save her and himself from the result of their affair.  The backbone of the story is the brilliant misleading of the enemy by the Allies of their intentions before the North African landings.