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  • Book I of Lear's Daughters. Were the Sawls the friendly primitive people they seemed to the marooned Terran scientific and mining expedition? Or did their maze-like Cave cities house secrets not meant for humans? Would conventional Terran science explain the baffling extremes in the planet's weather - or should the humans pay more attention to the Sawl legends of rival Goddesses warring with fire and flood.  The Terrans were seeking both knowledge and minerals but on Fiix knowledge could be as deadly as the weather - and could force the humans to choose sides in a battle that would prove the salvation - or the end - of the Sawls. Cover art by Richard Courtney.
  • An American archeologist, Cassandra Rubicon, disappears while exploring the lost Mayan city of Xitaclan. X-File agents Fox Mulder and Dan Scully are sent to investigate. A mysterious jade artifact recovered from the ruins...ominous legends whispered by the natives...Mulder decides there's more to the case than a team of missing scientists - namely, ancient curses, blood sacrifices and deadly reptilian monsters lost in the jungles before history. But what the agents don't know is that Xitaclan is the scene of a three-way war between Central American drug lords, international smugglers of Mayan artifacts and a covert U.S. military team that has been sent to investigate and destroy a strange electronic signal received from beneath the ruins - a signal aimed upwards at the stars.
  • Koskinen has returned to earth with a strange new 'Shield' - a device which enclosed the wearer in a force screen that absorbed all energies below a certain level.  Light could come through the Shield but no weapon known to man could penetrate it. Koskinen had developed the shield in collaboration with the Martians.  From the moment of his return to earth he was in deadly danger.  His own country sent men to kill him to prevent the Shield from falling into other hands...and soon the whole civilised world was searching for the one man who was armed with the greatest potential military weapon mankind had ever seen.
  • Book II of  The Saga of Steeleye, in which Steeleye fights for Control of the Wideways, facing either death at the hands of the Sideways Man, or one thousand years as master of the Wideways,  a mind-blowing prismatic rainbow that opens the pathway to infinity.  Only Steeleye could hope to triumph over the relentless cunning of his dreaded arch-enemy, the Sideways Man. Cover art by Jim Burns.
  • A Star Trek novel.  Beyond the realm of the Federation, beyond the edge of the galaxy, a lost colony of humans drifts inexorably through space toward the galactic whirlpool. Captain Kirk blazes a trail to these strange people, who have been isolated for centuries. He must convince them that the crew of the Enterprise are not demons before they will be sucked into the one-way churning funnel of doom. Cover art by Paul Lehr
  • Volume II of Mission Earth. Jettero Heller is on a secret mission to introduce advanced technology which can prevent Earth from destroying itself with pollution.  When his partner betrays him, Heller becomes the target of every vested interest from drug smugglers to the CIA to the oil cartels - and they all want him dead.
  • To her fellow pilots, Gaelian is the Angel, the best of their elite fighting force. To the powerful ruling Board of Dinoreos, she is the Eldest of the Eldest of her household, scheming and plotting to claim her rightful place while she strives to overcome the handicap of a childhood spent on the primitive world of Cahaute. Gaelian is haunted by memories. Even in space she feels the Power Clans of Cahaute with her - though to surrender to the magic of her childhood would mean abandoning the privileges and honours she has worked so hard for on Dinoreos.  Before she can make her choice, Gaelian discovers a secret older than either of her worlds and suddenly she holds the future of both in her hands.
  • Book IV of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. Arthur Dent finds love in the last place he would have expected to find it - but which 3,976,000,000 people find very familiar...
  • Calder Circle, a circle of ancient standing stones, brooded over Calder Heights. Young Timothy Grenville found himself unaccountably drawn there. The place suited his dark moods, a place associated with death, violence and tragedy. And then...the timeslips began. Timothy Grenville was flung far into the past to witness terrible events whenever he stepped into that menacing Circle. Scenes of horrific slaughter took place before his eyes, when the face of the victim was chillingly like his own. Were these re-enactments of the past or flashes of his imagination? What power was at work in the Circle?  Cover art by Bruce Pennington.