• Book I  of a super new series. There is a secret history of the world, in which an alien virus struck the earth in the aftermath of World War II. endowing a handful of survivors with superhuman powers.  Some were called Aces - gifted with extraordinary mental and physical abilities.  Others were Jokers - cursed with bizarre mental or physical deformities.  Some used their talents in  the service of mankind  - and others used them for evil.  Described as a mosaic novel, with contributions by Edward Bryant, Stephen Leigh, Roger Zelazny, Leanne C. Harper, George R.R. Martin, Victor Milan, John J. Miller, Lewis Shiner, Melinda M. Snodgrass. Howard Waldrop and Walter Jon Williams. Cover art by Stan Watts.
  • True stories of alien abductions.  Includes an appendix so you can see if you've been an abduction victim.
  • Dr. Fiore, a practising psychologist has found that many of her patients who suffer from psychological and health problems have actually been traumatised by past close encounters of the third kind - visitations and abductions by extraterrestrials, the memory of which has been buried in the victim's subconcious. Beginning with a short history of UFO sightings fro prehistoric times to the present, the author explores some of the more famous abduction cases, followed by ten of Dr. Fiore's actual case histories showing the various forms these encounters take. Finally there is a checklist for the reader in order to recognise possible signs and symptoms.

  • Becalmed forever in the spangled darkness of space, Sector General, the vast hospital comlex created to serve the known - and unknown - worlds, spreads its healing influence across half a galaxy. But for O'Mara the hospital chief and his dedicated crew, part human and part alien, that is not enough - so...Ambulance Ship, a craft in every way as extraordinary as the institution it serves, is designed to seek out and succour the physically or mentally distressed, wherever they are and whatever their species. The human doctor, Conway is the senior medical officer, the insect telepath Prilicla is on his staff, as are the glamorous Nurse Murchison and the Kelgian Naydrad.  Together they face ordeals literally out of this world.
  • Book I of The Amtrak Wars. Ten centuries ago the Old Time ended when Earth's cities melted in The War Of A Thousand Suns. Now the lethal high technology of the Amtrak Federation's underground stronghold is unleashed on Earth's other survivors - the surface-dwelling Mutes. But the primitive Mutes possess ancient powers  greater than any other machine.

  • Area 7: America's most secret Air Force installation, hidden deep in the Utah desert. The President has come to inspect Area 7, to examine its secrets for himself. But he's going to get more than he bargained for - hostile forces are waiting inside...Among the President's helicopter crew is a young Marine: quiet, enigmatic, hiding behind silver sunglasses.  His name is Schofield, code name Scarecrow. Rumour has it he's a good ma in a storm. And judging by what the President's just walked into, he'd better be...

  • Based on the screenplay by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke. A group of primates is singled out to receive information from a superior outside force which will speed up their development into mankind. Later, men excavate a huge monolith from the Moon's  surface - a monolith which emits a strange and, to  them, incomprehensible signal. Upon its discovery the monolith launches into deep space, its task of watching over Man, now that he has reached the level of sophistication necessary to find it, being over. This theme continues building into a  a massive climax.
  • The discovery of the Gizmo was seen by its inventor as the final solution for all of Man's ills.  A device that would duplicate - anything! What it did produce was the total breakdown of the democratic structure.  Within two generations, American society degenerated into two classes: The Masters who controlled the Gizmo's power - and the slaves. Dick Jones is the youthful heir to Buckhill, one of the oldest compounds to rise from the ashes of society's ruins.  His rite of passage sends him to the Eagles, the secret mountain fortress that is the last bastion of power on the continent.  It is here he will complete his training but he soon discovers that the line between Master and slave is a fine one.  If he cannot distinguish between honour and his heart, he is fated to die a horrible death.  Cover art by Luis Royo.
  • Pilgrim is again at the centre of strange and mysterious affairs.  When last heard from, the Flying Dutchman of Spacetime was busy robbing the Pyramids so that he could fuel his spaceship/time-machine.  His latest scheme is to reach back in time and save President Abraham Lincoln from assassination...After the fact! Cover art by David Mattingly.
  • Book I of Alien Nation. L.A., today: Rookie detective Matt Sykes begins his first murder investigation and stumbles onto a deadly conspiracy.  At the same time, on board a nightmarish starship hurtling towards the Earth's sun, Stangya Soren'tzahh - a brave Tenctonese slave destined to become Detective George Francisco - is swept into his peoples' last struggle for freedom against the ruthless and mysterious Overseers.  When the great ship lands on Earth, the future of the Tenctonese and Man depends on these two unlikely heroes - Matt and George - who must work together to prevent the destruction of both their races.
  • Millville, USA - a small town like countless others - until it is sealed by a mysterious, invisible dome. Brad Carter manages to slip through a time-phase into a wondrous parallel world where he meets aliens from another dimension.  Ostensibly simple purple flowers, they are really a complex data storage system with extraordinary knowledge that can turn Earth into a paradise - or a hell.  The aliens propose a partnership in a great cosmic scheme.  But what is their true nature? What are their actual intentions? And how will Earth react to its first encounter with an intelligence no other world has been able to understand - or stop? Cover art by Jim Warren.
  • Book III of The Amtrak Wars. It is 2990 A.D. The centuries-old conflict between the hi-tech underground world of the Trackers and the primitive, surface-dwelling Mutes continues with unabated ferocity.  Steve Brickman istorn between two cultures and is on his most dangerous mission:  The rescue of Cadillac and Clearwater, two gifted Mutes held captive by the mysterious Iron Masters. Cover art by Tony Roberts.
  • Book V of The Amtrak Wars. With Clearwater now safely in their hands, the Federation hatches a plan to capture Cadillac and Mr Snow and annihilate the Clan McCall.
  • Book VI of The Amtrak Wars. The Talisman Prophecy is on the verge of fulfilment.  The Federation rulers believe that Clearwater's unborn child is the Thrice-Gifted One and they hold both in their power.  Cadillac and Roz are determined to free her, but Steve, lured by the prospect of a dazzling career within the First Family, is no longer sure who to support or betray.

  • Book II of Amtrak Wars. Escaping from the Mutes who have held him as a captive guest, Steve returns to the Federation, where he is charged with desertion and put on trial.  He cannot defend himself by telling the truth because to do so would challenge the wisdom of the First Family, a Code One offence punishable by death.  Seizing the chance to redeem himself as an undercover agents, his first assignment is to capture the three gifted Mutes who saved his life: Cadillac, Clearwater and Mr. Snow.  Cover art by Steve Stone. Back cover art by Pierre-André Tilley.
  • Book IV of Amtrak Wars. On the snow swept overground, Steve, Cadillac and Clearwater meet with triumph and disaster as they try to evade the clutches of the Iron Masters and the First Family.The samurai of Ne-Issan are tenacious adversaries and the rulers of the Federation have no intention of releasing their grip on Steve Brickman. He and his friends are valuable pawns in a game which, if lost, cold mean the end of the First Family's dream on conquering the blue-sky world.
  • Orphans born in the depths of space, they were engineered to range the galaxy in search of fortune. Misfits and outlaws, they defied the huge interstellar cartels that ruled space.  Ubu Roy was the strong young bossrider of the starship Runaway, who held all of history in his remarkable memory.  Beautiful Maria was an ace star shooter and cybernetic witch, who could bend space time to find the perfect singularity.
  • Buck Rogers.  Book III of  The Martian Wars. A fierce war of revolution and imperial conquest has thrown the inner planets of the solar system into chaos. Fighters, Battlers and Transports scream across space, cutting swathes of destruction from Mercury to the Asteroid Belt. RAM's space fleet, intent on destroying the NEO freedom fighters - led by Buck Rogers - thunders Earthwards.  Meanwhile, Venusian warriors, race to Earth's aid unaware of treachery from an unexpected part of the solar system. Cover by Don Landwehrle.
  • A short story volume, including: The Lake Was Full of Artificial Things; The Poplar Street Study - a blackly comedic account of an alien invasion; Face Value; The Dragon's Head; The War of the Roses; Contention; Recalling Cinderella; Other Planes; The Bog People; Wild Boys (Variations on a Theme); The View From Venus; Praxis - a story about a theatre wherein  the real and the unreal collide. The Gate of Ghosts a child journeys to a strange and deadly world. Cover art by Tito Salomini.   
  • This volume contains: The Immortal, Olaf Ruhen; Siren Singers, Robyn Tracey; The Case of the Perjured Planet, Martin Loran; Space Poem, T.F. Kline; Robinson, David Rome; No Sale, John Williams; The Man of Slow Feeling, Michael Wilding; Vale, Pollini! George Johnston; From: Rutherford, Douglas Stewart;  Apple, John Baxter; A Happening, Frank Roberts; Dancing Gerontius, Lee Harding; Whatever Happened to Suderov? Steve Kaldor.  Cover art by Wes Stacy.
  • This volume contains: Burning Spear, Kit Denton; It Could Be You, Frank Roberts; The Evidence, Lee Harding; An Ounce of Dissension, Martin Loran; The Weather in the Underworld, Colin Free; All My Yesterdays, Damien Broderick; Final Flower, Stephen Cook; For Men Must Work, Frank Bryning; Beach, John Baxter; All Laced Up, Bertram Chandler; Strong Attraction, Ron Smith; There Is A Crooked Man, Jack Wodhams. Cover art by Ian Lines.
  • Book  IX. Ambassador to to the alien world of Minbar, former Babylon 5 commander Jeffrey Sinclair is one of the first to learn the truth about the Shadows, the ancient race pursuing the destruction of the galaxy.  Sinclair also discovers that he is the linchpin in the plan to stop them. Now he is asked to revive the legendary Minbari warrior group, the Rangers. Catherine Sakai, commercial pilot and planetary surveyor has lost her heart to Jeffrey: not even an attack by the Shadows can stop her getting to Minbar to join him and the Rangers. As she trains with other pilots, the time is coming where their skills will be tested on their first mission.  Led by Sinclair they will venture into deepest space, into a battle of stealth and might and a fate that none but the bravest can face, and none but the luckiest will survive. Cover art by Bob Larkin.
  • The sudden arrival of the K'Ronarin fleet saved Earth from enslavement to the insectoid biofabs and a new interstellar age has dawned on the planet.  John Harrison, hero of the Biofab war, can relax - or can he? Unknown to the Alliance, a few renegade biofabs escaped through a dimensional portal into an alternate universe and they are rebuilding their forces for a counter-strike against humanity - in both universes.  Harrison is catapulted into a strange world to discover the location of the biofab nests and burn it out before a new generation hatches.  It won't be easy - in this version of Earth, Harrison is  a revolutionary on the run from the secret police of the Fourth Reich! Cover art by Alan Gutierrez.

  • Book VIII of The Horus Heresy. News of Horus's treachery is in the open and a time of testing has come. As Horus deploys his forces, loyalist Astartes learn that the Wordbearers are sending a fleet to Ultramar, home of the Ultramarines. Unless they can intercept and destroy it, the Ultramarines may suffer a blow from which they will never recover. Cover art by Neil Roberts.

  • Truebirth - born in the laboratory, genetically engineered soldiers trained to be the ultimate warriors. They are the elite pilots of the Clan's fearsome Battletech war machines.  Freebirth - born of the natural union of parents, also soldiers, but pale imitations of their truebirth superiors.  They are despised for their imperfections and fight where and when their Clan commands. Aidan has failed his Trial of Position, the ranking test all Truebrith warriors of the Clan Jade Falcon must pass.  He is cast out, disgraced and his rightful Bloodname is denied him. With a Bloodname, all past failures are forgiven, there is respect and honour.  Aidan will do anything to gain that name - he will even masquerade as the thing he has been taught to despise - a Freebirth. Cover art by Bruce Jensen. Illustrations by Jeff Laubenftein and Steve Venters.
  • Edwin Amis, new commander of the Eridani Light Horse faces a tough decision: Should he openly defy the First Lord  of the Star League? Sun-Tzu Liao, First Lord, has sent Star League troops as 'peace-keepers' to the St. Ives Compact to prevent open rebellion by angry citizens - but the troops aren't seeking peace. Amis knows the mission is actually for reclaiming territory for the Capellan Confideration and he's ready to station counter-forces on Milos, close to the heart of the Capellan capital.  But on Milos, events are already escalating - Death Commando Chen Shao and his ruthless partner, Nessa Ament have secretly murdered a rebel's family in cold blood.  Full scale war is about to erupt. Cover art by Peter Peebles. Illustrations by  Duane Loose and FASA.
  • Sho-sa Yubari Takuda leads a Draconis Elite Strike Tea, one of the Combine's commando units.Well versed in techniques of conventional and unconventional warfare, even MechWarriors respect and fear the prowess of these deadly soldiers. Takuda, a follower of the ancient code of the samurai, believes in the superiority of the Combine warrior culture and believes it will produce a harmonious, prosperous society  - if the realm can be freed from the pressures of foreign aggressors.  But when a JumpShip malfunction catapults Takuda's team and a company of mercenary MechWarriors beyond known space, he finds his long-held beliefs challenged when they find themselves on a planet inhabited by a primitive race who are descendants of humans from the Draconis Combine. Cover art by Boris Vallejo. Illustrations by Rick Harris and Duane Loose.