• What bizarre changes have overtaken the human colonists of the planet Aeran? They have forgotten their origins and their society has reverted to that of a Stone Age culture that flourished on Earth centuries ago. Is it a racial memory that has been awakened? Or is there a more alien reason for the change, embodied in the symbol of their oracle, the Earthwind? Elspeth Mueller and Peter Ashka have both come to the planet to seek the truth behind the Earthwind - but they have brought with them the seeds of their own slow destruction. Their quest is a race against time; for it is Time that holds the key to the mystery and Time will soon destroy them...Cover art by Michael Posen.
  • Hard times...That's what leads Manson Everard to answer an ad offering "high pay and foreign travel for men and women with military experience." But compared to where - and when - he's going, "hard times" in the 20th-century U.S.A. are easy! Springing from the future to protect the past, the machines of the the Time Patrol shuttle to and fro through millennia to police the high roads of history. In this volume are four assignments allotted to Manse Everard - one of the Guardians of Time. Time Patrol:  Manse Everard is recruited and trained by the Time Patrol. His first assignment - Victorian England to investigate a strange death. Brave To Be A King: A fellow Time Patrol agent’s wife   asks Manse to find her husband who disappeared in ancient Iran. When Manse tracks him down, he finds that he may not be able to bring him home - because to do so will disrupt history. The Only Game In Town: Time Patrol agents investigate the rumor that the Chinese had really discovered America first. Delenda Est: After a ski holiday in the Pleistocene period, Manse and his friend return to New York City in the 20th century to discover that everyone is speaking Irish and steam is the main power source...what's gone wrong with the time line? Cover at by Ian Miller.
  • Caliban III. Asimov's famous Three Laws, which provide far-future humanity with omni-compliant robots, ultimately led to a vision of hell - a human existence with all challenge and conflict removed.  Thus Asimov proposed the New Laws to Roger McBride Allen, laws which provide humanity with helping hands, but not slaves. On Inferno, the tensions between Spacer and Settler are as strong as ever; but now the majority of robots are working on terraforming rather than as personal servants. Caliban and Prospero, New Law robots, and their fellows have settled in Valhalla, a city in the northern Utopian region. Unbeknownst to them, the Governor is planning to bring down the Comet Grieg on Utopia in order to bring about changes essential for further terraforming. Valhalla and its inhabitants are...expendable... Cover art by Bruce Jensen.
  • There was no question of the green planet's ability to support life - rather, it was a question of it supporting too much life and too well. It was peaceful, arboreal and rich - if you knew how to stay alive. There were seven levels to the forest world, each teeming with botanical and zoological life that existed in a precarious balance. Mankind and the furcoats preferred the Third Level. The two Levels above reached to a sun-bleached green roof and the Upper Hell. Four lay below, the Seventh and deepest being the Lower and True Hell, a perpetually dark swamp in which mindless abominations crawled, swam and ate. Bjorn, the hunter, was of the rain-forest that covered Midworld, part of the primitive society that the peaceful jungle planet had sustained for hundreds of years. He was wise in the ways of his world; its lurking, unsuspected dangers and the natural balance that governed all things.   But when the giants came, they knew nothing of the Upper or Lower Hell - and they cared less. Born had risked his life to save them,went against his deepest instincts to guide them through the forest - until he realised his mistake... Cover art by Tony Roberts.
  • Book I of I.Q.: The Trilogy. In a future world,m where people can buy and sell I.Q.,two men set out on a quest to find out who they really are. This is the story of a 100, who never gambled; a 160 who has been reformatted and a I.Q. 1000 president who controls their world.
  • The classic nuclear war story first published in 1958 and made into a major film less than a year after publication.  Nuclear war erupts and lasts less than 30 days - and no-one even knows how it started.  The last operating U.S. submarine Scorpion makes its way to Australia ahead of the fall-out creeping down the globe from the Northern hemisphere.  The Australian Navy picks up Morse code signals coming from Seattle - could there be survivors?  The Scorpion with Australian officer Lieutenant-Commander Peter Holmes aboard is sent to investigate while Australians, the last people left on Earth wait, hope and prepare for the possible end of all life on earth. Cover art by George Sharp.
  • Out of their minds and the force of their imagination, men have created countless beings:  from demons and dragons and monsters of legend to story-book heroes and comic strip characters.  What if their world was real - if vampires, devils and Don Quixote hobnobbed with Dagwood Bumstead and Charlie Brown? It would be fascinating and perilous - if it existed.  Horton Smith found out that it did exist - and he was in the middle of it!  Cover art by Bruce Pennington.
  • Two time-travellers from the 27th century go missing in Ancient Egypt. Edward Davis, a promising rookie in the Time Service is sent back to find them...back much further than he has ever been before. Reeling from the time-jump, he arrives in Thebes only to find his survival training  is no protection against the intoxicating magic of Egypt: Pyramids and obelisks; snakes with legs; winking sphinxes; birds with the heads of women and women with the heads of birds; forests of huge stone columns; lapis lazuli and gold and a plump Pharaoh on his throne. Davis has thirty days in which to get a grip and find the missing time travellers. Instead, he's taken in by a temple priestess, befriended by a beautiful slave girl and tricked into crossing the Nile to to the City of the Dead. As the scheduled hour of his rendezvous with the time field approaches, Davis is faced with the truth behind the fate of his former colleagues and the prospect of sharing that fate. Cover art by Fred Gambino.
  • Edmund Hall, born a mutant with too many joints in his fingers and a double mind, tries to find a purpose in a crowded world of humans.  He is a dual-brained super-intellect with an IQ so far off the charts that normal human beings appear as Neanderthals next to him. And normal human beings cannot comprehend him or his unique mentality. While pondering whether he's a superman or the devil, he explores pleasure, power, and passion as he learns the differences between himself and other humans. Cover art by Patrick Woodroffe.
  • If there weren't so many of the world's new visitors, nobody would believe their outrageous claim. That they come from the future. But they arrive in their millions - a constant stream of people escaping into the past to flee an invasion of murderously savage aliens; people to whom the world now has a responsibility, for they are our children's children. The refugees' time tunnels, the one-way passages that conduct them to a temporary haven on earth, are supposedly secure and adequately guarded by contemporary weapons. But when the alien monsters breach their defences the world is in for an orgy of indiscriminate warfare and slaughter...
  • Doctor Who No. LXIV.  Time itself is in peril.  Doctors One, Two and Three are united against a ruthless, dangerous enemy - Omega. Once a Time Lord himself, now exiled to a black hole in space, Omega is seeking a bitter, deadly revenge against the whole Universe... Cover art by Jeff Cummins.
  • Book III of Bio Of A Space Tyrant. He awoke in a tiny lightless cell, groping for memory - memory that had been erased. Hope Hubris, Jupiter governor, progressive populist, warrior hero, and presidential candidate - was a 'mem-washed' tool of the enemy. And if his captors’ plan worked, Hope would destroy his own political career, leaving the fate of his planet in the hands of its corrupt presidential incumbent—Tocsin. But Hope Hubris had a destiny to fulfill. He had the cunning to discover code words that could reactivate his mind; the strength to resist addiction to their drugs; the power to win the support of his countrymen - and he had the courage to make an agonising sacrifice that would ensure his planet's future and his own destiny as the …Tyrant of Jupiter.  Cover art by Alan Craddock.
  • Fleeing a polluted, over-populated and violent Earth, the starship drifted silently through the galaxies with its strange cargo - travellers frozen in a state of suspended animation until the computer-controlled ship should find a new home where they could fulfill their mission. But in the icy silence of the Cold Sleep, their peace was troubled by dreams - nightmares of such terrible power that they became a hideous reality, from which death would be a welcome release...
  • Forgotten Realms Spelljammer; Book II of The Cloakmaster Cycle. Plunged into a sea of alien faces, Teldin Moore isn't sure who to trust. His gnomish sidewheeler is attacked by space pirates and Teldin is saved by a hideous mind flayer who offers to help the human use his magical cloak - but for whose gain? Teldin learns the basics of spelljamming and he seeks an ancient arcane - one who might tell him more. Cover art by Kelly Freas.
  • An aerospace tycoon who flies his personal C-130 gunship. An out-of-control Pentagon developing human robots. A renegade U.S. president. A lab at the bottom of the sea. Agent Colin Blake has one weapon: total recall. One quest: to rescue his lover Kate, a military expert, from a cartel that intends to turn her into a sub-human device. When Blake joins forces with Chuck Braden, the U.S. President's watchdog on the Pentagon, he uncovers a conspiracy that could devastate half the globe ...
  • Fertility rituals outside the White House...Temples dedicated to the pleasures of the flesh...After 800 years of exploring the stars, Space Commander Stagg had returned to Earth. But Earth had become a new world. Where science and technology had reigned, now there were agriculture and tribal warfare. Mankind worshiped the Goddess and was content. Stagg, chosen as 'Sunhero' by the priestesses, is equipped with a magnificent set of antlers and an ungovernably hyped-up basic male urge. He has certain duties to perform - duties that involve thousands of willing virgins all over DeeCee. Sun hero, King of the Earth! It was every man's dream come true...maybe. But for Stagg, it begins to turn into something like a nightmare - how long can he hold his throne?
  • Book I of The Windhover Tapes. Gerard Manley, a representative of the Fed is undertaking a series of new assignments after having had his memory wiped from the previous one. But despite his new missions - being stuck in the middle of a violent revolutionary war, brokering a treaty for a Federation base on Quadra, a planet populated entirely by ghosts - he is still haunted by dreams of a woman he calls Fairy Peg. Who was she?What was his relationship to her? And to what disastrous end did it come that warranted having his memory wiped by the Federation? Cover art by Tony Roberts.
  • ..And Other Pitfalls, Snares, Devices and Delusions as well as Two Sniggles and A Contrivance...In this volume of Sheckley shorts: The People Trap: On a future over-populated Earth, a race is held. The prize: an acre of land. How: get to the Land Registry Office through the minefield of criminality which is New York...The Victim from Space: Hadwell, a writer of romantic and romanticised travel narratives, encounters a society whose ultimate goal is to die via a spectacular and painful death. Naturally, he’s oblivious to the societal norms... Shall We Have a Little Talk? Jackson, who is paid indecent sums of money to travel from planet to planet establishing links with the locals in order to eventually steal their land, arrives at a deceptively primitive planet. Despite his broad linguistic capabilities, he can't fully get the alien language -  so what's different...? Restricted Area: An unusual planet is found - with a large metal pillar, a complete lack of bacteria, and odd animal life that have no internal organs...but when the world's light dims in the middle of the day and the animals cease their comical cavorting...The Odour of Thought: An interplanetary mail carrier crashes on a planet populated with eyeless and earless predatory animals. The mailman soon discovers that the animals are attracted or repelled by his thoughts. The only way for him to survive is to alternate mental images and keep it up until rescue comes...The Necessary Thing: Two hapless planet decontaminators take on board a device called a Configurator. It configures whatever it's asked to configure - but its size and the limited room on the space ship means a great many survival necessities must be left behind. The Configurator does have one or two human foibles - it will only create one object from each category of objects...decided by itself. One metal plate will not fix the ship's hull - and one chicken will not go far...Redfern's Labyrinth: Charles Angiers Redfern, who (it would seem) is the author of a work titled Labyrinth, receives two letters. One pans his work as boring; the second letter invites Charles to a real labyrinth...a deceptively simple invitation...Proof Of The Pudding: The Commander of the Western Hemisphere Defense who secreted himself aboard a fully-stocked spaceship and hid on the other side of the moon to wait out a nuclear war is apparently the sole survivor. Yet when he returns to Earth, he has gained 'God-like' powers - but noticeably less potent. Then a woman walks casually out of his spaceship - is she his creation? The Laxian Key : Those two planet decontaminators (again!) discover another tech-item: a Megden Free Producer, which takes energy from whatever source is nearby to produce a dust-like food product consumed only by Megdens. But only a few Megdens exist outside of their home planet...and no one seems to have the necessary key to turn the machine off…The Last Weapon:  Three profiteers are determined to find the weapon stash of a long-gone Martian civilisation - but each wants it all and they begin to conspire against each other.  Even when they discover the massive piles of arms, they just have to go looking for the Last Weapon...Fishing Season: People are mysteriously disappearing...even when police cordon off the area, the disappearances continue. And there's one old gent, who is seemingly obsessed with fishing and making fishing flies...Dreamworld: Lanigan has the same dream every night; and he begins to  believes the world of his dreams is slowly replacing the real world. Diplomatic Immunity: Government officials use increasingly extreme measures to try and stop an inexorable alien diplomat from forcing Earth to join an alliance.  Ghost V: A planet where the imaginary monsters and fears of childhood come to terrifying life...Cover art by Chris Foss.
  • In the long tide of history, the world-famous reticence of the British is a very recent development. Less than a hundred years old, in fact. The rakish Regency, the roistering Restoration and the downright rowdyism of Tudor times are older and more firmly rooted traditions among these tough island people than Victorian middle-class morality. It needed only a gadget – a mechanical marvel – to make the British dispense with polite folderol and come right out with the admission that SEX did exist. Thus admitted, the English Government (always fiercely partisan in its gloriously muddle-headed fashion) refused to permit anybody to be without sex. To ensure that no-one goes without, all citizens will wear and Emotional Register on their forehead - which glows pink when the wearer is feeling frisky...saucy...amorous... Anyone could have told them this would make trouble and the result makes the permissive society look like a vicarage tea-party - with plenty of hilarious, fantastic and sometimes dangerous consequences. Regarded as daring, original and funny; first published in 1961.
  • Star-Pilot Grainger I. In a galactic culture that extends from quasi-Utopian worlds like New Alexandria to vermin-infested slums like Old Earth, starship pilots have become the great romantic heroes of the day. When Star-Pilot Grainger is rescued from a shipwreck, he finds himself pressed into reluctant service to fly the Hooded Swan, the prototype of a new kind of interstellar ship. Grainger and the Swan are to be contestants in a lethal race through cosmic storms in the dark nebula of the Halcyon Drift to find a legendary treasure-laden wreck. With a makeshift crew and an alien mind-parasite that's determined to share his brain, it looked like a fashionable way to commit suicide...Cover art by Angus McKie.
  • Earth, 2850 AD - Louis Gridley Wu is celebrating his 200th birthday. He's in perfect physical health thanks to boosterspice. Nessus, a Pierson's puppeteer, offers him a mysterious job: to investigate the Ringworld, a gigantic artificial ring, 1.6 million kilometres wide and 940 million kilometres in circumference. Pierson's puppeteers are understandably wary of encountering the builders of such an immense structure and in addition to Louis - who they believe to be mad - assemble a team of another mad human, a mad puppeteer and a kzin, a huge war-hungry cat-like alien, to explore it. But their ship, The Lying Bastard, crash-lands on the vast edifice, communications are knocked out and the crew are forced to go on a desperate and dangerous trek across the Ringworld. Cover art by Eddie Jones.
  • Bursting right through the four-dimensional travel zone of subspace, Tellurian psionists make an amazing discovery on the other side. Beyond the bounds of subspace, a parallel universe is cruelly ruled by a violent, murderous empire, the Justiciate, where psionists are ruthlessly hunted down and fed to giant eagles. And within the Justiciate are lodged spies and traitors, dedicated to the overthrow - evil agents of the proud Garshan 'master race'. The arrival of the Tellurian psionists triggers off a truly spectacular space adventure.  This is E.E. 'Doc' Smith's last published book; he died in 1965 and Subspace Encounter, the sequel to Subspace Explorers, was not published until 1983. Cover art by Chris Foss.
  • The natives of Darkover were human but hostile to the Earth colonists who had come to their planet. Larry Montray, however, was able to become friendly with the Altons, an important clan, and was one of the few Terrans ever to observe Darkovan life and customs at first hand. But Larry would get much more than he bargained for - he found himself in the middle of a feud older than memory; a feud fought by unknown beings, deadly beasts and alien intelligences - and his actions would determine the fate of every Terran on the planet of the blood-red sun. Cover art by Michael Whelan.
  • First came the news that a flying saucer had landed in Iowa. Then came the announcement that the whole thing was a hoax. End of story. Case closed. Except that two agents of the most secret intelligence agency in the U.S. government were on the scene and disappeared without reporting back. Then four more follow up agents also disappeared. So the head of the agency and his two top agents went in and managed to get out with their discovery: an invasion is underway by slug-like aliens who can touch a human and completely control his or her mind. What the humans know, they know. What the slugs want, no matter what, the human will do. And most of Iowa is already under their control...Cover art by Gino D'Achille.
  • Doctor Who: Virgin New Adventures No. 56.  "If you step into history," said the Doctor, "I won't be able to protect you." "This isn't history," said Roz. "This is family." The Earth Empire -  the Imperium Humanum, upon which a thousand suns never set -  is dying. The Great Houses of the Empire manoeuvre and scheme for advantage; alliances are made; and knives flash in the shadows. Out among the moons of Jupiter, another battle is just beginning, as an ancient brotherhood seeks limitless power and long-overdue revenge. The Doctor returns to the thirtieth century, searching for the source of a terrifying weapon. He fears a nightmare from his own past may be about to destroy the future. Nothing must be allowed to get in his way. But the Doctor has reckoned without the power of history - which has its own plans for the wayward daughter of the House of Forrester. Cover art  by Jon Sullivan.
  • Time Odyssey II; the sequel to Time's Eye.  2037. The sun flares. Thousands die. Suddenly, our high-tech civilisation seems terribly vulnerable. We recover. We rebuild. But this is just the precursor. In April 2042 - in just five years - the sun will flare out again.  But this time, the sun will hurl out in one day the energy it would normally spend in a year. This time, nothing on Earth will  survive. As plans are drawn up to save Mankind, as all Earth's resources are mobilised for one unimaginable engineering effort, one question remains unanswered: why now?  
  • A selection of shorts from the author of the epic Dune series. Old Rambling House: Ted and Martha Graham are proud of their mobile home but feel they'd like something more permanent. Ted, an accountant, can work anywhere...Then their advertisement is answered - very rapidly - with an offer that seems a little too good to be true... Murder Will In: William Bailey is dying...except he's not William Bailey. For the last 200 years Tegas,  a psychic, personality-hijacking parasite has been running William's consciousness and body. Because Tegas loves the emotions experienced by a murderer. He's been hopping from murdered to murderer. But what happens when there's no murderer to hop to?  The Priests Of Psi: Lewis Orne, operator for the Investigation and Adjustment Agency, is a hard, logical man who has prevented countless wars from happening. So why does the religious Priest Planet, Amel, recruit him to be one of their disciples? Try to Remember! Earth must interpret a message from an alien visit - or be eradicated. Mindfield: Priests and priestesses run a future world populated exclusively by adults. Using a  psi-machine that cleanses adults of 'adultness' and which effectively returns them as children, things begin to go awry when a couple rebel and an elderly man returns remembering with far too much. Cover art by Tim White.