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  • In this volume: Worlds Of Tomorrow... With the Night Mail, Rudyard Kipling; Mr. Murphy Of New York, Thomas McMorrow; New Apples In The Garden, Kris Neville; Sanity, Fritz Leiber. Aliens, On Earth And Elsewhere...The Shapes, J.-H. Rosny aîné; The Other Celia, Theodore Sturgeon; Black Charlie, Gordon R. Dickson. Other Dimensions...A Subway Named Mobius, A.J. Deutsch; The Man Who Came Early, Poul Anderson; The Other Now, Murray Leinster.
  • Jake Epping, an English teacher from Lisbon Falls, discovers an extraordinary secret: the storeroom in a local diner is a portal to 1958. Leaving behind the world of iPods and mobile phones for a world of Elvis, big American cars and Lindy Hopping, Jake sets on an insane - and insanely possible - mission: to try and prevent the assassination  of John F. Kennedy.But all is not 'swell' in the world of 1958 - it's also the world of  troubled loner Lee Harvey Oswald, and a beautiful high school librarian named Sadie Dunhill, who will become the love of Jake's life...and does the past want to be changed? Will the past allow change?
  • It Is 1867: an unknown monster roams the sea and a U.S. Navy ship commanded by Captain Farragut is sent to investigate the strange and hazardous world of the ocean's depths. Here is Verne's classic tale of Captain Nemo and the  Nautilus with all the suspense and excitement of a modern sci-fi thriller. Complete and unabridged edition.
  • Three million years B.C., a mysterious black monolith of alien origin influences a group of prehistoric human ancestors to develop tools and establish dominance over other tribes. Fast-forward to 1999 - and a black monolith with magnetic properties is detected by scientists working on a moon base. When the rays of the sun activate it, the monolith sends a signal toward one of the moons of Saturn.  In 2001, the Discovery Mission to Saturn -  five men and an artificially intelligent computer named HAL 9000 - is launched. Three of the crew are in suspended animation; and all proceeds smoothly until communications with Earth break down...and HAL begins to act independently and take over...
  • Based on the screenplay by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke. A group of primates is singled out to receive information from a superior outside force which will speed up their development into mankind. Later, men excavate a huge monolith from the Moon's  surface - a monolith which emits a strange and, to  them, incomprehensible signal. Upon its discovery the monolith launches into deep space, its task of watching over Man, now that he has reached the level of sophistication necessary to find it, being over. This theme continues building into a  a massive climax.
  • Out among the moons of Jupiter, the empty spacecraft Discovery and the enigmatic alien monolith still float it the silence of space, mute witnesses to the mysterious disappearance of astronaut David Bowman through the 'Star Gate' nine years before. The Leonov is on its way, carrying a joint Soviet American scientific team on a mission of investigation and recovery, but the outcome will be beyond the wildest imaginings of any mere humans involved. Cover art by Michael Whelan.
  • This volume includes: Flatlander, Larry Niven; The Crime and Glory of Commander Suzdal; Cordwainer Smith; Overproof, Jonathon Blake Mackenzie; Poor Planet, J.T. McIntosh; Shamar's War, Kris Neville; The Tactful Saboteur, Frank Herbert; Ministry of Disturbance, H. Beam Piper.
  • Book III of The Quintara Marathon. Three galactic empires existed in uneasy proximity. Each was led by completely different life forms with only one thing in common - demons. Each had a legend of humanoid creatures with hooves and horns, representing supernatural power and unspeakable evil. The similarity of the legends across the galaxy had led some to theorise that they had some basis in fact. Unfortunately, they were right; an expedition exploring an uncharted planet discovered, sealed in transparent cells, two horned creatures, gigantic in stature, perfectly preserved and very much alive. The three empires sent rescue missions which arrived too late to help the expedition members, slaughtered by the demons - but not too late to pursue the demons through a gate into another space-time continuum. The three missions have fought each other all the way but now they must help each other against the menace of the re-awakened demons - not just for their survival, but the survival of the 90 trillion Fausts, 90 trillion beings in danger of losing their souls. Fortunately - although the demons have proven themselves invulnerable to any weapon known in the three empires - the beings of the mission are about to discover that they have very unusual allies. After all, if demons - why not angels? Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.
  • The four-man team investigating Lithia are about to make their report.  Two are in favour of exploiting the planet's enormous mineral wealth and if necessary, enslaving its gentle, industrious inhabitants in the process. One recommends non-interference. The fourth - Father Ruiz-Sanchez, Jesuit priest and biologist - regards Lithia as Paradise among the stars - a Paradise created by the Devil. Cover art by Chris Foss.