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  • In this volume: Worlds Of Tomorrow... With the Night Mail, Rudyard Kipling; Mr. Murphy Of New York, Thomas McMorrow; New Apples In The Garden, Kris Neville; Sanity, Fritz Leiber. Aliens, On Earth And Elsewhere...The Shapes, J.-H. Rosny aîné; The Other Celia, Theodore Sturgeon; Black Charlie, Gordon R. Dickson. Other Dimensions...A Subway Named Mobius, A.J. Deutsch; The Man Who Came Early, Poul Anderson; The Other Now, Murray Leinster.
  • Jake Epping, an English teacher from Lisbon Falls, discovers an extraordinary secret: the storeroom in a local diner is a portal to 1958. Leaving behind the world of iPods and mobile phones for a world of Elvis, big American cars and Lindy Hopping, Jake sets on an insane - and insanely possible - mission: to try and prevent the assassination  of John F. Kennedy.But all is not 'swell' in the world of 1958 - it's also the world of  troubled loner Lee Harvey Oswald, and a beautiful high school librarian named Sadie Dunhill, who will become the love of Jake's life...and does the past want to be changed? Will the past allow change?
  • It Is 1867: an unknown monster roams the sea and a U.S. Navy ship commanded by Captain Farragut is sent to investigate the strange and hazardous world of the ocean's depths. Here is Verne's classic tale of Captain Nemo and the  Nautilus with all the suspense and excitement of a modern sci-fi thriller. Complete and unabridged edition.
  • Three million years B.C., a mysterious black monolith of alien origin influences a group of prehistoric human ancestors to develop tools and establish dominance over other tribes. Fast-forward to 1999 - and a black monolith with magnetic properties is detected by scientists working on a moon base. When the rays of the sun activate it, the monolith sends a signal toward one of the moons of Saturn.  In 2001, the Discovery Mission to Saturn -  five men and an artificially intelligent computer named HAL 9000 - is launched. Three of the crew are in suspended animation; and all proceeds smoothly until communications with Earth break down...and HAL begins to act independently and take over...
  • Based on the screenplay by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke. A group of primates is singled out to receive information from a superior outside force which will speed up their development into mankind. Later, men excavate a huge monolith from the Moon's  surface - a monolith which emits a strange and, to  them, incomprehensible signal. Upon its discovery the monolith launches into deep space, its task of watching over Man, now that he has reached the level of sophistication necessary to find it, being over. This theme continues building into a  a massive climax.
  • Out among the moons of Jupiter, the empty spacecraft Discovery and the enigmatic alien monolith still float it the silence of space, mute witnesses to the mysterious disappearance of astronaut David Bowman through the 'Star Gate' nine years before. The Leonov is on its way, carrying a joint Soviet American scientific team on a mission of investigation and recovery, but the outcome will be beyond the wildest imaginings of any mere humans involved. Cover art by Michael Whelan.
  • This volume includes: Flatlander, Larry Niven; The Crime and Glory of Commander Suzdal; Cordwainer Smith; Overproof, Jonathon Blake Mackenzie; Poor Planet, J.T. McIntosh; Shamar's War, Kris Neville; The Tactful Saboteur, Frank Herbert; Ministry of Disturbance, H. Beam Piper.
  • Book III of The Quintara Marathon. Three galactic empires existed in uneasy proximity. Each was led by completely different life forms with only one thing in common - demons. Each had a legend of humanoid creatures with hooves and horns, representing supernatural power and unspeakable evil. The similarity of the legends across the galaxy had led some to theorise that they had some basis in fact. Unfortunately, they were right; an expedition exploring an uncharted planet discovered, sealed in transparent cells, two horned creatures, gigantic in stature, perfectly preserved and very much alive. The three empires sent rescue missions which arrived too late to help the expedition members, slaughtered by the demons - but not too late to pursue the demons through a gate into another space-time continuum. The three missions have fought each other all the way but now they must help each other against the menace of the re-awakened demons - not just for their survival, but the survival of the 90 trillion Fausts, 90 trillion beings in danger of losing their souls. Fortunately - although the demons have proven themselves invulnerable to any weapon known in the three empires - the beings of the mission are about to discover that they have very unusual allies. After all, if demons - why not angels? Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.
  • The four-man team investigating Lithia are about to make their report.  Two are in favour of exploiting the planet's enormous mineral wealth and if necessary, enslaving its gentle, industrious inhabitants in the process. One recommends non-interference. The fourth - Father Ruiz-Sanchez, Jesuit priest and biologist - regards Lithia as Paradise among the stars - a Paradise created by the Devil. Cover art by Chris Foss.
  • Religion, no less than science, is a large part of our era.  This is the story of a dedicated man - a priest and scientist - whose twin vocations confront him with a  moral problem which prove him, in the end, to be a courageous man.
  • Book IV of After Such Knowledge. The four-man team of scientists investigating Lithia are about to make their report.  Two are in favour of exploiting the planet's enormous mineral wealth - if necessary, enslaving its gentle industrious inhabitants in the process.  One recommends non-interference.  The fourth is Father Ruiz-Sanchez, biologist and Jesuit priest.  For him, Lithia is a Paradise among the stars - a Paradise created by the Devil.  Cover art by Chris Foss.
  • A banquet for the serious sci-fi buff. In this volume:  A selection from The Ideal, Stanley G. Weinbaum; Moxon's Master, Ambrose Bierce; Reason, Isaac Asimov; But Who Can Replace A Man? Brian Aldiss; A selection from The Time Machine, H.G. Wells; Of Time and Third Avenue, Alfred Bester;  Sail On! Sail On! Philip José Farmer; A selection from Worlds Of The Imperium, Keith Laumer;  The Business, As Usual; Mack Reynolds; What's It Like Out There? Edmond Hamilton; Sky Life, Robert A. Heinlein; The Star, Arthur C. Clarke; The Crystal Egg, H.G. Wells; The Wind People, Marion Zimmer Bradley; Unhuman Sacrifice, Katherine Maclean; What Was It? Fitz-James O'Brien; The First Days Of May, Claude Veillot; Day of Succession, Theodore L. Thomas; Angel's Egg, Edgar Pangborn; Another World, J.H. Rosny AînéA selection from Odd John, Olaf Stapledon; Call Me Joe, Poul Anderson; A selection from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, Jules Verne; You Are With It! Will Stanton; Cease Fire, Frank Herbert...and Mark Twain speaks from the London Times of 1904.  
  • Book IV of Cities In Flight. Earth is finished as a galactic power. From the heart of the Milky Way come the first tentative strands of the Web of Hercules: the strange culture that is destined to be the next great civilisation of the galaxy. All of this was of little concern to the contented citizens of New Earth, secure in their corner of the Great Magellanic Cloud. Only Amalfi dreams restlessly of the old nomadic days. But then an old friend returns, bringing some unimaginably bad news...Cover art by Chris Foss.
  • Two books in one - Valor's Choice and The Better Part Of Valor. Valor's Choice. Book I of Confederation: Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr was a battle-hardened professional. So when she and those in her platoon who'd survived the last deadly encounter with the Others were yanked from a well-deserved leave for what was supposed to be "easy" duty as the honor guard for a diplomatic mission to the non-Confederation world of the Silsviss, she was ready for anything. Sure, there'd been rumors of the Others - the sworn enemies of the Confederation - being spotted in this sector of space. But there were always rumors. The key thing was to recruit the Silsviss into the Confederation before the Others either attacked or claimed this lizard-like race of warriors for their own side. And everything seemed to be going perfectly. Maybe too perfectly... The Better Part Of Valor: Book II of Confederation: Never tell a two-star general what you really think of him - that was the mistake Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr had made with General Morris. And her reward - or punishment -  was to be separated from her platoon and sent off on what may prove to be a perilous assignment: protection of a scientific expedition to a newly discovered derelict spaceship of truly epic proportions. Only time would tell if the ship was what it appeared to be - or a trap created by the Others - or the work of an unknown alien  race with an agenda that could prove all too hostile to other life forms...Cover art by Paul Youll.
  • Book II of Jerry Cornelius. Jerry inhabits a world at war with itself and, armed only with an occasional vibragun, fights against history for the freedom of randomness against the straitlaced conventions exemplified by his brother Frank.  He is set loose from his Ladbroke Grove H.Q. into a London Chamber of Horrors - who are Bishop Beesley and Karen Von Krupp, the erotic ghosts of Vietnam and the ex-bank clerk slave girl? Cover art by Bill Sanderson.

  • Book III of The Gap Cycle. After a terrifying encounter with the Amnonian aliens, Nick Succorso makes for the safety of Thanatos Minor, the infamous bootleg shipyard where galaxial illegals come for ship repair and exotic indulgence.  But the Amnonians are waiting for Nick, Morn Hyland and her force-grown son Davies, making the haven into a hell. Cover art by Fred Gambino.
  • Book III - The Gap Into Power. After a terrifying encounter with the Amnion aliens, Nick Succorso made for the safety of  Thanatos Minor, the infamous bootleg shipyard where illegals from all over the galaxy come to repair their ships and indulge in exotic entertainment.  But the Amnion were waiting and for Nick, Morn Hyland and her son Davies, the safe haven became hell. They would not be alone.  Angus Thermopyle had been captured by the UMCP and turned into a  deadly cyborg.  Now as Angus' controllers looked on, he was heading for Thanatos Minor, programmed to carry out a deadly mission with nightmarish consequences for them all.
  • A lunar cruise ends in disaster after a moonquake sinks the cruiser Selene beneath a sea of liquid-fine lunar dust on the Moon's Sea of Thirst. Facing enormous environmental barriers, the rescue team finds their courage, ingenuity, and resources tested to the breaking point - as trapped passengers and crew slowly run out of time...
  • The discovery of the Gizmo was seen by its inventor as the final solution for all of Man's ills.  A device that would duplicate - anything! What it did produce was the total breakdown of the democratic structure.  Within two generations, American society degenerated into two classes: The Masters who controlled the Gizmo's power - and the slaves. Dick Jones is the youthful heir to Buckhill, one of the oldest compounds to rise from the ashes of society's ruins.  His rite of passage sends him to the Eagles, the secret mountain fortress that is the last bastion of power on the continent.  It is here he will complete his training but he soon discovers that the line between Master and slave is a fine one.  If he cannot distinguish between honour and his heart, he is fated to die a horrible death.  Cover art by Luis Royo.
  • Mount LookItThat was the only habitable place on We Made It, a narrow plateau less than half the size of California, surrounded by a black oven hot enough to melt lead with an atmosphere sixty times as thick as that of Earth. For this reason the population has to remain stable - and as far as the descendants of the Crew were concerned this meant they had to stay alive, using living parts supplied by the Colonists to keep them going.
  • Book I of Starcats.  Pranda and Khreng eat from the same bowl, couple, then preen - then travel across Time, down through Space, to the most bizarre and dangerous worlds in the Galactic Federation.  Even to Solthree, where they are met with some alarm.  A Starcat and rabbi tale, with dragons. Cover art by Tom Kidd.
  • Book II of Cities In Flight. The natural resources of the Earth have long been exhausted and city after city goes 'Okie' - lifts itself off the face of the planet to earn its living as a migrant worker among the stars. Now the 'spindizzies' that will take Scranton, Pennsylvania up into outer space are warming up. A last patrol makes sure the city perimeter is clear. He didn't know it yet, but for the redneck boy watching cautiously from the bushes, this was t be the first day of a new and very different life...Cover art by Chris Foss.
  • Luke Skywalker worked on his uncle's farm on the remote planet of Tatooine - and he was bored beyond belief.  He yearned for adventures out among the stars, adventures that would take him to distant worlds and the farthest galaxies.  Then Luke intercepted a cryptic message from a beautiful princess held captive by a dark and powerful warlord.  He didn't know who she was but he knew he had to save her - and soon.  Armed with only courage and his father's lightsabre, Luke was catapulted into the middle of the most savage space war ever and headed straight for a desperate encounter on the enemy battle station known as the Death Star.
  • A fine collection of sci-fi from the Fifties and Sixties. In this volume: Windsong, Kate Wilhelm; The Intruder, Ted Thomas; An Honourable Death, Gordon R. Dickson; The Burning, Theodore R. Cogswell; Harry The Tailor, Sonya Dorman; Fifteen Miles, Ben Bova;  I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, Harlan Ellison; The Winter Flies, Fritz Leiber; Sun, Burt Filer; The Horars Of War, Gene Wolfe; Hop-Friend, Terry Carr; A Few Last Words, James Sallis; This Night, At My Fire, Joanna Russ; Look, You Think You've Got Troubles, Carol Carr; Unclear Call For Lee, Richard McKenna; The Last Command, Keith Laumer; Pelt, Carol Emshwiller; Masks, Damon Knight; The Sources Of The Nile, Avram Davidson. Cover art by Eddie Jones.
  • Book III of Worlds of Tiers. It was a world of tiers and layers - the Amerind level, the Garden of Eden level, the Talanac, the Atlantean - a universe of green skies and fabled beasts.  It was the playground cosmos of Lord Jadawin, with trans-gravitational gates to the other worlds and levels. But now those gates are being sabotaged to permit the entry of an invading force of 'Bellers' - human bodies housing the transferred minds of rebel Lords and their minions, who were seeking two things - total domination of every Lord's private cosmos, now that they had achieved immortality, and the life of Kickaha the Trickster, who knew too much.
  • Book III of A World Of Tiers.  A world of tiers and layers - the Amerind level, the Garden of Eden level, the Talanac, the Atlantean...A universe of green skies and fabled beasts. It was the playground-cosmos of the Lord Jadawin, with transgravitational gates to the other levels and the other worlds. But now those gates were being sabotaged to permit the entry of an invading force of 'Bellers' - human bodies housing the transferred minds of rebel Lords and their minions, who sought two things: total domination of every Lo9rd's private Cosmos - now that they had achieved immortality; and the life of Kickaha the Trickster, who knew too much...Cover art by Melvyn Grant.
  • Features:  The Blue Bottle, Ray Bradbury;  The Wind Blows Free, Chad Oliver; Society For the Prevention, Ron Goulart; One Night Stand, Herbert A. Simmons; Elegy, Charles Beaumont; Lap of the Primitive, William Nolan; The Old College Try, Robert Bloch; I am Returning, Ray Russell; The Undiscovered Country, William F. Temple; Restricted Area, Robert Sheckley; One Love Have I, Robert F. Young; Worship Night, Kris Neville; In Space With Runyon Jones, Norman Corwin; The Ties That Bind, Walter M. Miller