• Authors include:  Simon Brown, Jason Fischer, Kirstyn McDermott, Deborah Biancotti, Robert Hood, Paul Haines and more.
  • Tales of far away and other when - this collection includes:  The Daughter of the Tree; The Superior Sex; The Ajeri Diary; Quick to Haste; The Smiling Future; Gathi; The Children; Throwback; One-Way Journey; The Season of the Babies; Featherbed on Chlyntha; The Transit of Venus; All in Good Time; The Absolutely Perfect Murder; Operation Cassandra; The Last Generation?
  • A particularly puzzling serial killer - there's no pattern to the mutilated bodies showing up in Phoenix: both sexes, all races, all ages, all ethnic groups.  No evidence of rape or ritual.  Only one thing connects the victims - they were victims of a natural disaster.  One of the most unnatural natural disasters imaginable, leading to a horrible painful death...and the Bureau wants it handed quietly and quickly.
  • Mulder and Scully, FBI - the maverick and the lady agent assigned to keep him in line.  They investigate the eeriest, weird and unsolved cases: from pyro-psychics to death row demonics, rampaging Sasquatches to alien invasions.  All the cases the Bureau wants handled quickly - and quietly - before the public finds out what's really out there.
  • The Alastor Cluster is made up of thirty thousand inhabited planets whose sole protector of law is the mysterious Connatic. On the planet Wyst, Number 1716 of the Alastor Cluster, can be found a Utopia - or so it claims. There, in one great city live millions of people, sharing alike, working in  absolute equality for just a few hours a week.  But there is something decidedly strange about it all which finally forces the Connatic to send a trusted investigator to bring back the facts - even at the cost of his life.

  • This volume contains: Tyson's Turn, Michael D. Miller; A Step Into Darkness, Nina Hoffman; Tiger Hunt, Jor Jennings; In The Garden, A.J. Mayhew; Arcadus Arcane, Dennis J. Pimple; Recalling Cinderella, Karen Joy Fowler; The Ebbing, Leonard Carpenter; In The Land of the Leaves, Norma Hutman; Anthony's Wives, Randell Crump; The Thing from the Old Seaman's Mouth, Victor L. Rosemund; Without Wings, L.E. Carroll; Shanidar, David Zindell; One Last Dance, Dean Wesley Smith; Measuring the Light, Michael Green; A Way Out, Mary Frances Zambreno.  Includes commentaries by Theodore Sturgeon, Robert Silverberg, Jack Williamson and Roger Zelazny. Includes photographs from the 1984 Writers Of The Future Awards.
  • Features:  Robert Silverberg; Theodore Sturgeon: Roger Zelazny: Jack Williamson and others.
  • Stories in this volume include: Home Grown, William Brown; Like Iron Unicorns, Paul D. Batteiger; Atlantis, Ohio, Mark Siegel; Search for Research, L. Ron Hubbard; A Conversation with Schliegelman, Dan Barlow; In Orbite Medievali, Toby Buckell; Guildmaster, Dan Dysan; An Essay on Art, Judith Holman; Skin Song, Melissa J. Yuan-Innes; As the Crow Flies, Leslie Claire Walker; Mud and Salt, Michael J, Jasper; The Basic Basics of Writing, Algis Budrys; The Quality of Wetness, Ilsa J. Bick; Your Own Hope, Paul E. Martens;  Pulling Up Roots, Gary Murphy; Fame? Fortune? Chocolate? Michael H. Payne; Daimon! Daimon! Jeff Rutherford. With thirteen illustrations.
  • The Ship held ten thousand plus, the voyage was one way and the duration, human life span plus. Just the circumstances in which, however, hand-picked human can become bored, fretful, suicidal, homicidal, rebellious or deranged. And hand-picked there were, for this was not some routine near-space commute.  With Earth and the asteroid colonies self-destructing behind them, Newhome was carrying humanity;s seed corn and Marianne O'Hara was tending the last hope of survival for the species.