• In Hamburg, the new Baader Meinhof operation exploded a government nuclear waste processing plant. In Hong Kong, gold hit a new high of $35,000 per ounce. In America, the war of black secession was in its second year. Throughout Europe, drinkers and smokers are barred from state medical aid.  In this future world, the problems are so dangerous that the solutions are targets for anyone with the necessary quantities of high explosive. Don Savage is a security ma in this world.  It's a job no-one would want, this side of sanity....  Cover art by Geoff Hunt.

  • When all hope is lost - for the terminally ill, for the condemned criminal, for the victim who cannot be saved - there is one final choice.  You can choose life - as as cyborg soldier in the Legion. Both more and less than human, thee steel warriors with determined human minds are the most elite fighting force in the Empire.  They are fearsome and expendable. They are the Legion of the Damned.

  • The colony worlds of Adirondack and Silvern fell to the Troft forces almost without a struggle. Outnumbered and on the defensive, Earth made a desperate decision - it would attack the aliens not from space, but on the ground - with forces the Trofts would never suspect...And so the cobras were created - a guerilla force whose weapons were surgically implanted, invisible to the unsuspecting eye yet undeniably deadly.  But power brings temptation - not all the Cobras could be trusted to fight for Earth alone...

  • In this science fiction classic, the reader is transported millions of years from now. The sun is going nova and in the boughs of a colossal banyan tree that covers one face of the globe, the last pitiful remnants of humanity are fighting for survival, terrorised by the carnivorous plants and the grotesque insect life.
  • We'd all like to save the world but there seems to be a lot of it and the individual seems so puny. Surely it's sensible to make other arrangements.  Hence the appeal of the very marketable Claustrosphere, invented by despotic media mogul Plastic Tolstoy: a domestic, self contained, stunningly tough eco-shelter for the average bloke.  It is also the most irresponsible idea ever: the death of the Earth becomes survivable. When Nathan, a self-absorbed British script writer gets access to Tolstoy to pitch his end-of-the-world movie, he feels his time has come.  But why is Nathan's script so dangerous?  It's the perfect vehicle for Max, the ex-jeans model and multi media superstar.  And should Max be falling for  beautiful and utterly stroppy eco-terrorist Rosalie?  And what is it about the Claustrosphere marketing campaing that requires the loss of innocence and the slaughter of the innocent?

  • Book II of Amtrak Wars. Escaping from the Mutes who have held him as a captive guest, Steve returns to the Federation, where he is charged with desertion and put on trial.  He cannot defend himself by telling the truth because to do so would challenge the wisdom of the First Family, a Code One offence punishable by death.  Seizing the chance to redeem himself as an undercover agents, his first assignment is to capture the three gifted Mutes who saved his life: Cadillac, Clearwater and Mr. Snow.  Cover art by Steve Stone.
  • It's 1942, the Titanic is still cruising and the world is at peace.  Suddenly, there's a distress call from Counter-Earth, our twin planet on the other side of the sun.  A ship is launched with Albert Einstein and the first woman pro baseball player - Babe  Didriksen - on the crew. But at the same time, Juan Peron and his lovely Evita launch a faster ship from Argentina, armed for war in space. Who will reach Counter-Earth first? A brains-and-baseball alliance of American heroes?  Or an Argentinian temptress and her fascist husband? Reviewed as  'audaciously inventive...a wild romp through a very strange universe.'
  • The first six adventures in the chronicle of the expansion of Earthmen into the inhabited galaxy, from the Earth Book kept in the Stormgate archive of the great winged race of the Ythri.