• Book 1 of Time Odyssey. 1885...On the North-West frontier, Rudyard Kipling witnesses a bizarre encounter between the British Army and a mysteriously watchful, hovering sphere - and then, shockingly, a helicopter from 2037 comes over the hill. Meanwhile, elsewhere, scouts from the great horde of Genghis Khan find that familiar landmarks on the great steppe have vanished - as if they had never been. And elsewhere yet again -  the courtiers of Alexander the Great  wait anxiously for news of the Great King, who seems to have vanished. Nothing is as it was. The castaways in time must make an epic journey across a transformed world, a journey to a devastating truth. For if history is long, our future may be shorter than any of us dreamed...Mankind's odyssey in time has begin... Cover art by David Stevenson.
  • Jacques Vallee, scientist and astronomer, argues that the appearance of UFOs, their landings and the many first hand accounts of the characteristics and behaviour of their occupants can be likened to the myths and legends from all ages and from all over the world that feature supernatural beings: angels, devils, elves or giants according to local folklore or belief. He sets out to build a bridge between two clusters of rumours, observations and reports: on one hand, the claims of men and women who state they have observed such beings and on the other, the large amount of similar data that has come to us through tradition.
  • On a distant planet in the distant future...When all the galaxies are colonised... John Craig, a young space diplomat, is captured by interplanetary pirates and sold into slavery. On Kossr, where boredom and absolute power have driven the rulers to a special kind of madness, Craig is auctioned off to the exquisite Lady Morgan Sidney, a beautiful, sensual woman. He soon makes his way from the hellish slave mines into her bed in the tower of her castle. And it is here, under the strange castle, that he finds the secret that may bring about the end of man in the galaxy. Cover art by Larry Kresek. ADVISORY: The author was the father of the former U.S. Attorney General William Barr and was headmaster of Manhattan's Dalton School from 1964-74. It seemed he preferred to write rather than teach and just before his tenure ended, Jeffrey Epstein became a maths and science teacher there. The novel, first published in 1973,  references a strange mineral called Weinsteinite...draw your own conclusions, Dear Reader.
  • Few knew of the discoveries referred to in secret code words by the astronauts in their description of the moon; or the strange moving lights they reported. The author allegedly fought through the official veil of secrecy to study thousands of NASA photographs, interviewed dozens of officials and listened to hours of astronauts tapes to present this stunning conclusion: NASA and many of the world's top scientists have known for years that there is intelligent life on the moon.  Illustrated with black and white photographs.
  • The debate between religion and science; the Vatican's darkest secrets; the little-known historical mysteries of Rome; the symbolism of Bernini's architecture and sculpture...The authors have drawn together world-class historians , theologians, philosophers, scientist, occultists, technologists, symbologists and linguists to penetrate and explore the labyrinth of conspiracies, cover-ups, messages hidden in famous artworks, secret societies and mystical knowledge for those who want to separate fact from fiction in Dan Brown's best-seller.
  • Norman Winters was obsessed by the future. His dream was to see for himself how mankind would develop in the centuries to come. And so he conducted a dangerous experiment: to put himself to sleep for 5000 years at a time...and the experiment worked. 5,000 A.D. The age of the forest-dwellers, struggling to survive after the devastating Age of Waste...10,000 A.D. The world is governed by the Brain - an inexorable machine - and freedom is a forgotten word...15,000 A.D. Humans program their dreams and sleep their lives away, unable to face an appalling reality...20,000 A.D.The Age of Anarchy - and terror reigns unchecked...25,000. Humanity discovers the secret of eternity - but at what price? Cover art by Peter Jones.
  • In this volume: Marooned Off Vesta; Nightfall; C-Chute; The Martian Way; The Deep; The Fun They Had' The Last Question; The Dead Past; The Dying Night; Anniversary; The Billiard Ball; Mirror Image. Cover art by Patrick Woodroffe.  This is a very scarce volume.  The most recently sold copy, with a dust jacket rated as 'poor',  sold for approximately 1230.00 AUD.  Later issued in two paperback volumes.
  • In this volume, published in 2010: Painlessness, Kirstyn McDermott;  for want of a jesusman, Jason Fischer; Hush, Deborah Biancotti; This Is Not My Story, Dirk Flinthart; Truth Window, Terry Dowling; Nightship, Kim Westwood; Fearless Flying Apartment People, Geoffrey Maloney; Wives, Paul Haines; The Census-Taker's Tale, Kaaron Warren; Getting Rid Of Mother, Robert Hood; The Last Deflowerer, Karen Maric; Bitter Dreams, Ian McHugh; The Goosle, Margo Lanagan; The Empire, Simon Brown; Ascension, Martin Livings. Cover art by Tomislav Tikulin.
  • A selection of fabulous fun  shorts from Niven, who just refuses to take time travel seriously! “We don’t know where on Earth you’ll wind up,” Ra Chen told him. And the director of the institute for Temporal Research didn’t know precisely when, either. All he knew was that Hanville Svetz would be travelling back in time for almost 2000 years.  But when he returns, Hanville Svetz won’t be alone. If is mission is successful, he will be accompanied by a creature long extinct - a spectacular birthday present for the Secretary-General. His only help is a picture from a children’s book. A picture of a horse...And so begins the first incredible adventure in time of Hanville Svetz. In this volume:  The Flight of the Horse; Leviathan;  Bird in the Hand;  There is a Wolf in My Time Machine;  Death in a Cage;  Flash Crowd; What Good is a Glass Dagger? Cover art by Peter Jones.