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  • The U.S. Government, bankrupt and desperate, has auctioned off its agencies to private enterprise. NASA is now a Disney subsidiary; The Nixon Orbital Space Station is a family theme park. Space still hides some secrets and one of them is about to be launched on an unsuspecting public: the Mars ship,  Mary Poppins, built before the market crash and secreted in high orbit. Movie mogul Markson uses fast talk, creative accounting and out-and-out blackmail to persuade two of the Mars team to pilot the spacecraft on her maiden voyage to Mars. With two bona fide certified Hollywood Stars and a brilliant - if eccentric - midget cinematographer, Markson plans to shoot The Movie Of All Time...

  • Out of space they came. Two men from earth plunging through the cloud belt of Venus. One was a man possessed, an emissary of all that is evil - the other a man burdened with a terrible yet inspiring mission. On the surface of the mysterious planet Dr. Ransom and his enemy were to meet in a titanic struggle to decide the destiny of a young and joyous world.
  • Star Trek Adventures No. 11. Due to violent ion storms, the Neutral Zone is shifting and the planet Arachnae will move from Federation territory to Romulan space.  The Enterprise is ordered to seek out intelligent life there and, if it exists, offer full Federation protection. Dr.  Katalya Tremain, the Federation's foremost expert on the exobiology of this region is assigned to the Enterprise and Kirk finds that she has a fanatical hatred of any and all things Vulcan...  including Spock. Why was a woman guaranteed to be a problem sent for such a delicate situation? Is the mission being sabotaged?  Cover art by Alister Pearson.
  • A double helping of Heinlein. Waldo: North Power-Air was in trouble. Their aircraft had begun to crash at an alarming rate and no one could figure out what was going wrong. Desperate for an answer, they turned to Waldo, the crippled genius who lived in a zero-g home in orbit around Earth. But Waldo had little reason to want to help the rest of humanity - until he learned that the solution to their problems also held the key to his own... Magic, Inc: Under the guise of an agency for magicians, Magic, Inc. was systematically squeezing out the small independent magicians. Then one businessman stood firm. With the help of an Oxford-educated African shaman and a little old lady adept at black magic, he went straight to the demons of Hell to resolve the problem - once and for all! Cover art by Patrick Woodroffe.
  • One day the tough, dangerous, dirty jobs will be done by robots...invulnerable soldiers with superhuman strength and killer instinct; miners and sandhogs who can work on distant planets too deadly for humans; incorruptible judges, fearing neither political pressure or criminal vengeance; librarians with total knowledge instantly available...a chilling, yet piercingly prophetic picture of the Robot Age -when Man's 'slave' machines have learned their own strength - and the weaknesses of their masters.

  • Warhammer 40,000. Book I of Deathwatch. The world of Herodian IV is doomed when the nightmarish tyranid hive fleets descend from the depths of space intent on devouring every living thing there. In the vital hours before the planet is lost, Inquisitor Kalypsia and a team of Deathwatch Space Marines are sent on a mission to investigate  a mysterious research outpost. The terrible secret they uncover could affect the fate of all humanity but can they escape to safety before they are torn apart by the ravenous alien hordes? Cover art by Phil Sibbering.
  • Book I of The Warrior trilogy. Stripped of his rank, exiled Justin Allard is given one last chance to save his honour - by risking his life in the gladiatorial arenas of Solaris VII. But his newest Game World opponent - more skilled at Mech-to-Mech combat than any other rival - raises the stakes even higher. It's Justin's own half brother Daniel, lance commander in the dread Kell Hounds mercenary battalion. But Daniel has more serious worries than dealing with his embittered half brother. Princess Melissa Steiner, heir apparent of the Lyran Commonwealth, has been hijacked and the future of the Inner Sphere depends on her fate. Both Daniel and Justin face fierce battles, but in the Inner Sphere, where nobles have schemed for centuries to win the ultimate power, those who interfere with the Successor Lords are sometimes called heroes - and sometimes called victims.

  • In five short centuries, the mighty Empire of the Mèxica, descendants of the ancient Aztecs, spread out to conquer the Earth. Now they have left their homeworld and set their sights on the stars. But the Universe it finds is a dangerous place filled with hidden powers. Humanity is only a minor space-faring species on the fringe of ferociously political arena where ancient and enormous alien empires are engaged in millennia-old battles for supremacy. Now, on a desolate barren world far from the heart of civilisation, Gretchen Anderson, a young human xeno-archaeologist, is about to discover an awesome long-buried secret that could alter the galactic balance of power forever. Cover art by Chris Moore.
  • Freedom was an isolated planet, off the spaceways track and rarely visited by commercial spacers.  The trouble was, tourists and traders claimed the streets were crowded with mysterious sorts in blue robes and members of an alien species.  The native born humans claim it isn't so.  Such was the belief of Herrin the artist and Waden the autocrat - until a crisis of planetary identity forced a life and depth confrontation between the question of reality and the reality of the question.