• In five short centuries, the mighty Empire of the Mèxica, descendants of the ancient Aztecs, spread out to conquer the Earth. Now they have left their homeworld and set their sights on the stars. But the Universe it finds is a dangerous place filled with hidden powers. Humanity is only a minor space-faring species on the fringe of ferociously political arena where ancient and enormous alien empires are engaged in millennia-old battles for supremacy. Now, on a desolate barren world far from the heart of civilisation, Gretchen Anderson, a young human xeno-archaeologist, is about to discover an awesome long-buried secret that could alter the galactic balance of power forever. Cover art by Chris Moore.
  • Freedom was an isolated planet, off the spaceways track and rarely visited by commercial spacers.  The trouble was, tourists and traders claimed the streets were crowded with mysterious sorts in blue robes and members of an alien species.  The native born humans claim it isn't so.  Such was the belief of Herrin the artist and Waden the autocrat - until a crisis of planetary identity forced a life and depth confrontation between the question of reality and the reality of the question.
  • He was 'The Visitor'  - in a society revolutionised and troubled by a transportation device that let you walk through a door and be anywhere in the world - instantly. He was 'The Visitor'- at a time when unauthorised travel had caused the violent deaths of countless millions and the survivors were quaking in fear. He was 'The Visitor' - in a world where the invasion of privacy was the ultimate crime and where his obsession with visiting places where he had no right to be led him on a perilous adventure towards his own destruction. Cover art by Tony Masero.
  • After eleven years in space, the Argo landed... West of the Sun ...on the dangerous, unknown planet Lucifer. The crew faced an untamed world of huge, carnivorous birds with wolverine heads and flashing black teeth; furred, ten-foot-tall men; & red-skinned, man-eating pygmies. They fought for mere survival, but - heir duty was to colonise and populate the planet - with four men and only two women.  And what effect will Man have on their unconsenting hosts? Cover art by Colin Hay.
  • A rising tide of panic swept the city -  everything just stopped. Something about a nuclear reactor and the unions. For Nick and his sister Binkie, alone in their high rise flat, it was the start of a terrifying nightmare. What had happened to their mother? Who can they find to help them get away?
  • Book III of Posleen War. After five years of battling invaders, human civilization prepares a strike to drive the aliens from the Earth. But the Clan-Lord of the Sten has learned from the defeats humans have dealt him, and has his own plan. When he squares off against Major O'Neal, the only winner will be Satan himself. Cover art by Patrick Turner.
  • The X-Files. Mulder the maverick and Scully, his keeper, are on the job again.  Serial killers come in all shapes and sizes. But this one is a real puzzle. There's no pattern to the mutilated bodies that are showing up in Phoenix: both sexes, all races, ages, ethnic evidence of rape or ritual, either. Only one thing connects the victims. They were victims of a natural disaster; one of the most unnatural disasters imaginable, leading to a most painful, most certain and most hideous death...
  • The Galaxy delivers an ultimatum: "Earthmen, Go Back!"  Earth faces a choice between eventual colonisation at the hands of a ruthless aggressor or immediate action against the whole Galaxy.  Stephen Brady, Commander of the Terran Forces, is the man to make this decision of cosmic importance. The odds are deadly, but Brady knows if he does not speak now for conquest, all Earth might remain silent in defeat for eternity. Cover art credited to Norman Adams.

  • Book I  of a super new series. There is a secret history of the world, in which an alien virus struck the earth in the aftermath of World War II. endowing a handful of survivors with superhuman powers.  Some were called Aces - gifted with extraordinary mental and physical abilities.  Others were Jokers - cursed with bizarre mental or physical deformities.  Some used their talents in  the service of mankind  - and others used them for evil.  Described as a mosaic novel, with contributions by Edward Bryant, Stephen Leigh, Roger Zelazny, Leanne C. Harper, George R.R. Martin, Victor Milan, John J. Miller, Lewis Shiner, Melinda M. Snodgrass. Howard Waldrop and Walter Jon Williams. Cover art by Stan Watts.