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  • Originally published as two books, Worlds of the Golden Queen is a stellar tale of love, adventure, sacrifice, and war set in a fantastic future.  The Golden Queen: The insectoid Dronons have slain the human queen Semarritte, throwing the ten thousand worlds over which she reigned into chaos. Desperate to save mankind, Lord Veriasse, her near-immortal consort, has created a new queen: Everynne, cloned from the dead original. Hotly pursued, Everynne falls in with cocky bodyguard Gallen O'Day; the pious Orick, an intelligent black bear; and the beautiful orphan Maggie Flynn. With Gallen and the others newly sworn to her service, the young queen begins the great struggle against the aliens. Leaping from world to world via an ancient system of instantaneous transport gates, the heroes face terrible dangers and great wonders as they seek the heart of the dronon worlds, carrying the battle straight to the enemy. Beyond the Gate: Maggie Flynn has become, by test of combat, the new Golden Queen. Gallen, Maggie, and Orick face an attack by Dronons on a planet where humans have achieved the pinnacle of genetic engineering. They must stop them while guarding the secret of Maggie's whereabouts, for she is only the Golden Queen until her champion, Gallen, is defeated by a Dronon challenger. Originally published as by Dave Wolverton. Cover art by Matthew Stawicki.
  • Stories in this volume include: Home Grown, William Brown; Like Iron Unicorns, Paul D. Batteiger; Atlantis, Ohio, Mark Siegel; Search for Research, L. Ron Hubbard; A Conversation with Schliegelman, Dan Barlow; In Orbite Medievali, Toby Buckell; Guildmaster, Dan Dysan; An Essay on Art, Judith Holman; Skin Song, Melissa J. Yuan-Innes; As the Crow Flies, Leslie Claire Walker; Mud and Salt, Michael J, Jasper; The Basic Basics of Writing, Algis Budrys; The Quality of Wetness, Ilsa J. Bick; Your Own Hope, Paul E. Martens;  Pulling Up Roots, Gary Murphy; Fame? Fortune? Chocolate? Michael H. Payne; Daimon! Daimon! Jeff Rutherford. With thirteen illustrations.
  • This volume contains: Tyson's Turn, Michael D. Miller; A Step Into Darkness, Nina Hoffman; Tiger Hunt, Jor Jennings; In The Garden, A.J. Mayhew; Arcadus Arcane, Dennis J. Pimple; Recalling Cinderella, Karen Joy Fowler; The Ebbing, Leonard Carpenter; In The Land of the Leaves, Norma Hutman; Anthony's Wives, Randell Crump; The Thing from the Old Seaman's Mouth, Victor L. Rosemund; Without Wings, L.E. Carroll; Shanidar, David Zindell; One Last Dance, Dean Wesley Smith; Measuring the Light, Michael Green; A Way Out, Mary Frances Zambreno.  Includes commentaries by Theodore Sturgeon, Robert Silverberg, Jack Williamson and Roger Zelazny. Includes photographs from the 1984 Writers Of The Future Awards.
  • Mulder and Scully, FBI - the maverick and the lady agent assigned to keep him in line.  They investigate the eeriest, weird and unsolved cases: from pyro-psychics to death row demonics, rampaging Sasquatches to alien invasions.  All the cases the Bureau wants handled quickly - and quietly - before the public finds out what's really out there.
  • Tales of far away and other when - this collection includes:  The Daughter of the Tree; The Superior Sex; The Ajeri Diary; Quick to Haste; The Smiling Future; Gathi; The Children; Throwback; One-Way Journey; The Season of the Babies; Featherbed on Chlyntha; The Transit of Venus; All in Good Time; The Absolutely Perfect Murder; Operation Cassandra; The Last Generation?  Cover art by Richard Powers.