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  • The Asthsheans are, literally, little green men, dwelling peacefully among the forests of their world. The culture places great emphasis on the importance of dreaming: their experiences while dreaming and awake are both considered to be real and valid. Their society is peaceful and gentle: murder and war are unknown. To most of the human colonists, the planet - which they know as 'New Tahiti' - is there to be plundered of its valuable timber.  The Asthsheans are contemptuously known as 'creechies', to be exploited as slave labour, to be pushed out of their homes and slaughtered without thought when they protest. A few men, such as Raj Lyubov, try to stand up for the Asthsheans - but they are greatly outnumbered by the crazed Colonel Davidson, to whom the only good creechie is a dead creechie. Inevitably, despite the efforts of Raj Lyubov and those like him, the Asthsheanshave to learn to fight back against their oppressors. And they do - causing changes in their traditional way of life forever.
  • With the colonial government of Demeter in the hands of the outlaw Tolskegg, young Charis Nordholm had no other choice. Reluctantly, she signed an indefinite contract which put her in the service of the off-worlder, Jagan. Her assignment - trade with the mysterious Wyverns on Warlock. At first Charis was attracted by the dreams of the shimmering Wyvern witches.  The taste of their power given her in the Cavern of the Veil was tantalising and she yearned to know more, in spite of warnings from her predecessor Sheeha. When she met Shann Lantee, a government liaison officer, Charis began to understand the menace of Warlock - almost too late! Cover art by Gilbert Riswald.

  • What if men built a tower from Earth to Heaven-and broke through to Heaven's other side? What if we discovered that the fundamentals of mathematics were arbitrary and inconsistent? What if there were a science of naming things that calls life into being from inanimate matter? What if exposure to an alien language forever changed our perception of time? What if all the beliefs of fundamentalist Christianity were literally true, and the sight of sinners being swallowed into fiery pits were a routine event on city streets? These are the kinds of outrageous questions posed. In this volume:  Tower Of Babylon; Understand; Division by Zero; Story of Your Life; Seventy-Two Letters; The Evolution Of Human Science; Hell Is The Absence Of God; Liking What You See - A Documentary.
  • After telling the world of his remarkable contacts with apparent aliens in his mega-best sellers Communion and Transformation Whitley Strieber suddenly and mysteriously retired from public life in 1989. At the time he said he would not return unless he has something fundamentally new to say about the beings he calls 'the visitors'. What had happened in 1989 is that he had gotten compelling proof that the visitors were real. His first impulse was to rush this information to press but then he became concerned  that this might be interpreted as a signal to the visitors to initiate world wide contact. He was worried  what this might mean. Not all encounter experiences were good. People were afraid. Strieber himself was afraid. He spent five years struggling to understand, and the visitors responded by taking him an astounding journey of revelation to answer his questions:  Who are they? What was their intentions? What did they want or need from us? The answers were so impactful that Strieber became a virtual hermit, searching his soul and living in close touch with the visitors for months at a time in order to understand their aim and the priceless new potentials available to everyone who has contact with them.
  • Volume I: To The Stars. Homeworld is stable at last, hundreds of years after the collapse of the 20th century economy.  For millions of proles, life is still grim but for the lucky few, like Engineer Jan Kulozik, there is every kind of luxury - except one.   On Homeworld, where everyone and everything is monitored by the faceless power of government, there is no freedom. Jan Kulozik knew nothing about the Resistance and probably didn't want to.  But suddenly he is a part of it and running for his life. Cover art by Nigel Hills.

  • Close encounters of the first, second and third kinds are on the increase - why are world governments determined to conceal the truth? In 1947, a pilot saw nine bright flashing objects in brilliant sunlight, and estimated they were travelling at 1700 miles per hour...In 1961, a New Hampshire couple walking in the White Mountains noticed a bright light coming from a strange craft - they then lost consciousness for two hours...In 1976, the passengers, crew and pilots of a Trident jet all saw a dazzling light int he sky with two dark objects beneath it and on their return flight, a massive object showed up on radar in the same position - so what's going on?
  • Long ago, the Founding Mothers left old Earth and the Phylum Worlds, seeking a hidden place to reforge human destiny. Through genetic wizardry, they have altered human sexual patterns. For most of the year, any child born on planet Stratos is a clone of her mother, identical to all the sisters in her venerable clan. Only in summer are “vars” conceived - old-fashioned, gene-mixed girls, and even sometimes boys - each one garishly, ignobly unique. Maia, one lonely young var, grows up knowing she must summon all her skill to win a place in this world run by and for high-caste clanswomen. A world far gentler than those of the Old Phylum…except for those rare seasons of change, where the planet seems to call its people forth to glory. Preparing to set sail, Maia watches the strange, bearded faces of the seamen. Are the teachings true? Are men practically another species, fit only for brief encounters? Or might their arts and games and secret ways hint of something deeper to share with the women of Stratos? Ready to seek a place in the world, Maia sets forth expecting labor and hardship. What she finds is danger, adventure and a strange, half-innocent emissary, whose simple message may mean new hope…or a return to ancient terrors. From the vast unforgiving sea, to imprisonment, to rocky depths where she must wrest hidden secrets from the clutches of time, Maia comes to understand why the Founding Mothers sought a change in human life…and what a price their descendants must pay. Cover art by Gary Ruddell.