• Features:  The Blue Bottle, Ray Bradbury;  The Wind Blows Free, Chad Oliver; Society For the Prevention, Ron Goulart; One Night Stand, Herbert A. Simmons; Elegy, Charles Beaumont; Lap of the Primitive, William Nolan; The Old College Try, Robert Bloch; I am Returning, Ray Russell; The Undiscovered Country, William F. Temple; Restricted Area, Robert Sheckley; One Love Have I, Robert F. Young; Worship Night, Kris Neville; In Space With Runyon Jones, Norman Corwin; The Ties That Bind, Walter M. Miller

  • Everyone knew the legend of Christopher Sim.  Fighter.  Leader. An interstellar hero with a rare talent for war.  Sim changed mankind's history forever when he forged a ragtag group of misfits into the weapon that broke the back of the alien Ashiyyur.  But now, Alex Benedict has found  a startling bit of information, long buried in an ancient computer file.  If it's true, then Christopher Sim was a fraud. For his own sake and that of history, Alex Benedict must follow the dark track of a legend, into the very heart of the alien galaxy where he will confront a truth far stranger than any imaginable fiction. Cover art by Darrell Sweet.
  • Everyone knew the legend of Christopher Sim.  Fighter.  Leader. An interstellar hero with a rare talent for war.  Sim changed mankind's history forever when he forged a ragtag group of misfits into the weapon that broke the back of the alien Ashiyyur.  But now, Alex Benedict has found  a startling bit of information, long buried in an ancient computer file.  If it's true, then Christopher Sim was a fraud. For his own sake and that of history, Alex Benedict must follow the dark track of a legend, into the very heart of the alien galaxy where he will confront a truth far stranger than any imaginable fiction. Cover art by Darrell Sweet.

  • Book XII of The Horus Heresy. The Great Crusade is at its height and the Thousand Sons are its most dedicated warriors. Though utterly loyal, the Legion of Magnus the Red is viewed with suspicion because of its arcane methods. Feared by the Imperium he has sworn to serve, Magnus is called to the planet Nikaea to answer charges of sorcery. When the ill-fated primarch foresees the treachery of Warmaster Horus and warns the Emperor with forbidden powers, the Master of Mankind dispatches Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves, to attack Prospero. But Magnus has seen far more than the betrayal of Horus and his revelations will seal the fate of his Legion forever.  Cover art by Neil Roberts.

  • Danny Hawkins is  a bright lad who wants to grow up to be a scientist like his father, who died in an accident in space. But Danny is a victim of polio and lives a restricted life with his mother in a remote corner on Earth. One day eminent scientist Samuel Gob;e arrives at Danny's home to recruit him to join a special scientific exploration on Triton, one of Neptune's moons. The team will be a small group of gifted children who will be transformed by matter transmission into creatures capable of surviving the crushing gravity and poisonous atmosphere of Neptune's surface. Transformed, Danny will never miss the use of his arms and legs - Goble says that he will be the same as all the others. And this top secret mission, in its early project stage, was the one that claimed Danny's father's life. They are to explore the planet Neptune and try and establish contact with an alien race that seems to be  colonising the planet.   Cover art by Bob Walters.
  • An alternate history set in 1973, which has been shaped by Washington losing the Battle of Lexington and being executed as a traitor. Now America is a British colony dreaming of independence. Columbus didn't discover the Americas and the cultures of South America have not been  destroyed. Here is a British Empire which, in the 20th century, is still influenced by its Victorian creators. But this ideal is threatened by increasing unemployment and the threat of economic decline. The empire needs something to boost its fortunes. So is born an engineering project to link Britain with its colony: a tunnel beneath the sea. Employment will increase and manufacturing will prosper. Our hero is  Captain August Washington, engineer & descendant of the traitor. As well as wishing to see the tunnel's success, he wants to see his homeland achieve independence or - at least - the dominion status of Canada and Australia. He's also in love with Iris, daughter of the genius behind the project, Sir Isambard Brassey-Brunel, who despises the upstart colonial engineer.If the project is a success, the credit will go to Washington and it is his hope that his success will at last erase the shame of George, hanged as a traitor to his king more than 200 years ago. Cover art by Rick Sternbach.
  • The young wizard Sparrowhawk, tempted by pride to try spells beyond his powers, lets loose an evil shadow-beast in his land.  Only he can destroy it and the quest leads him to the farthest corner of Earthsea. Cover art by David Bergen.
  • True stories of alien abductions.  Includes an appendix so you can see if you've been an abduction victim.
  • Dr. Fiore, a practising psychologist, has found that many of her patients who suffer from psychological and health problems have actually been traumatised by past close encounters of the third kind - visitations and abductions by extraterrestrials, the memory of which has been buried in the victim's subconcious. Beginning with a short history of UFO sightings fro prehistoric times to the present, the author explores some of the more famous abduction cases, followed by ten of Dr. Fiore's actual case histories showing the various forms these encounters take. Finally there is a checklist for the reader in order to recognise possible signs and symptoms.

  • Jillian Shomer had won the right to compete in the Olympiads that tested the mind as well as the body.  Athletes use The Boost - an operation that conveyed brilliant intellect and superhuman strength - at a terrible price.  Once Boosted, rapid burnout followed.  The only way to halt the effects was connection to The Link, the global information network that sustained the world.  Only those who won received the Link.  None who dared question the workings of the system had ever survived. But Jillian Shomer dared. Cover art and interior illustrations by Boris Vallejo.
  • She was just a little girl, with a tiny horn in the centre of her forehead, odd-looking feet, beautiful silver hair and several curious powers: the ability to purify air and water, make plants grow and heal scars and broken bones. A trio of grizzled prospectors found her drifting in an escape pod amid the asteroids, adopted her and took her home to sizzling controversy. Officious bureaucrats wanted to put Acorna in a home and cut off her 'deformity'. Ambitious scientists wanted to isolate and study the 'unicorn girl'. Which was worse? Acorna's 'uncles' weren't waiting around to find out - they took her back at knifepoint and ran to the bandit planet Kezdet where no questions are asked and she might grow up free. But Kezdet has dark secrets -  an army of toiling, silent children in the mines and factories, unnamed, unloved and unseen, administered to by a mystery man known as 'The Piper'. And the Piper has plans for Acorna...Cover art by John Ennis.

  • Book IX of Acorna. It is difficult growing up in the shadow of heroes revered throughout the galaxy. But that is the lot of young Khorii - daughter of the legendary Acorna and her lifemate, Aari - who must now follow her own destiny through a fantastic universe of wonders and perils. Khorii became a hero in her own right as she fought to save the universe from a mysterious, deadly plague that not even the healing powers of the Linyaari could stop. Now, confined with the rest of the survivors on Paloduro, the home planet of the disease, it seems as if the danger may be fading, and Khorii and her friends may be able to stem the tide of death and disease...until ominous signs indicate that the perpetrators are near and that the epidemic is only beginning. As old enemies reemerge and a shocking family secret is revealed, Khorii must unlock the malevolent mysteries of the deadly pestilence with the aid of her android "brother" before their unknown foes complete their covert mission to cripple the entire star system. Cover art by Fred Gambino. 
  • Star Trek No. 88.  The Hawking left Earth during the 21st century on a one-way mission to colonise a distant world. Due to the relativistic effects of pre-warp travel, its crew has aged only 30 years while two centuries have passed outside the ship. When the Enterprise comes to the rescue of the malfunctioning Hawking, the colonists find themselves thrust into a universe and an era that has left them behind. Captain Kirk intends to help the colonists adjust as best he can - but it's not simple. The newcomers are survivors of a more violent, more paranoid time and they have brought old suspicions - and an ancient weapon of mass destruction - into a world of unexpected challenges and dangers.
  • Pilgrim is again at the centre of strange and mysterious affairs.  When last heard from, the Flying Dutchman of Spacetime was busy robbing the Pyramids so that he could fuel his spaceship/time-machine.  His latest scheme is to reach back in time and save President Abraham Lincoln from assassination...After the fact! Cover art by David Mattingly.
  • Against The Fall of Night is set in the far future.  Alvin is the only child to be born in the enclosed city of Diaspar for many centuries.  He discovers that outside of the static Utopian life of the city, believed to be the only city left on Earth, that there is another city - Lys, whose people have remained close to nature. In Beyond The Fall of Night Alvin's discoveries have led to a renaissance - man is reclaiming the Earth and even recreating earlier species of humanity.  But with creativity comes Evil.
  • Alien Base is the culmination of nearly 40 years' research that for the 1st time offers an in-depth understanding of the diverse range of UFO phenomena. New evidence from Good's files includes:  An impressive collection of photographs of alien craft; the 1st convincing photographs of aliens; retrievals of alien craft & bodies predating Roswell; cases involving repairs carried out to grounded craft; visits to alien bases on Earth; new stories of worldwide encounters with aliens (1920-97); Unidentified submarine objects reported by naval observers; remarkable new cases involving space-time distortion; and sensational new encounters reported by pilots. Written by a researcher recognized internationally for his unsensational objectivity about this complex multidisciplinary subject, Alien Base provides insight into the extra terrestrial and UFO phenomenon. With colour and black and white photographs.
  • Millville, USA - a small town like countless others - until it is sealed by a mysterious, invisible dome. Brad Carter manages to slip through a time-phase into a wondrous parallel world where he meets aliens from another dimension.  Ostensibly simple purple flowers, they are really a complex data storage system with extraordinary knowledge that can turn Earth into a paradise - or a hell.  The aliens propose a partnership in a great cosmic scheme.  But what is their true nature? What are their actual intentions? And how will Earth react to its first encounter with an intelligence no other world has been able to understand - or stop? Cover art by Jim Warren.
  • A mysterious invisible barrier suddenly encloses a small out-of-the-way American township.  A galactic intelligence is intent on imposing harmony and co-operation on all peoples - but fear of the unknown reduces man to the most illogical behaviour.
  • Summer, 1971. A marvellous spell of weather, idyllic in its warmth. But new sun-spots had appeared; and with their appearance came a significant increase in the suicide rate.  The wonderful summer continued for a decade: simultaneously Radiant Suicide reached endemic proportions, the only people to escape its effects being the supposed transnormals, the obsessionals, the eccentrics and the psychopaths.  They would be the only remnants of the ancient homo sapiens. Cover art by Chris Foss.
  • Bing Walter, alien, has been given a human body (more or less) by his superiors and he’s an advance scout to prepare Earth for extra terrestrial contact. His mission: to get a job with TIME Magazine and once there, insert a cover story detailing the forthcoming arrival of an alien spaceship. His home planet has been sending out signals, but humans are not getting the message. Bing feels perhaps the UNIVAC computer at S.E.T.I. - which calls itself Rufus - would be more helpful...but the message code is so simple, that even Rufus needs help figuring it out and humans haven't got an earthly! Cover art by Bill Wenzel.
  • The Universal Transmitter Company has discovered the matter-transmitter, a means of transporting people  to and from all parts of the globe in a split second.   But on the second day of commercial operations, two women mysteriously fail to reach their destinations.  Their identification is found to be false, and no friends or relatives have come forward.  Detective Jan Darzek is hired to investigate and is landed in a precarious, out of this world adventure.
  • In this volume: Port Eternity: Lancelot, Elaine, Percival, Gawain, Mordred, Lynette and Vivien are made people - clone servants who work aboard The Maid, an anachronistic fantasy of a spaceship. They had no idea they had originated from old storytapes of chivalry, romance, heroism and betrayal, until a ripple in the space-time continuum sucked the Maid and her crew into a no-man's-land from which there could be no return. They are left alone to face a crisis which their ancient prototypes were never designed to master...                                                                                                                                                                                                       Wave Without A Shore: Freedom is an isolated planet - not because it's inhospitable, or off the main spaceways, but because outsiders - tourists and traders alike - claim that the streets are crowded with mysterious blue-robed aliens. Native-born humans deny these aliens exist - until a planetary crisis forces a confrontation between the question of reality and the reality of the question.                                                                                                                                                                               Voyager In The Night: Rafe Murray, his sister Jillian and Jillian's husband Paul Gaines - like many other out-of-luck spacers - have come to try their luck at Endeavor Station. Their tiny ship has been salvaged from the junk heap and fitted to mine ore from the mineral rich rings that circle Endeavor. But a collision with a huge alien vessel provides them with the oddest first contact experience possible!

  • Becalmed forever in the spangled darkness of space, Sector General, the vast hospital comlex created to serve the known - and unknown - worlds, spreads its healing influence across half a galaxy. But for O'Mara the hospital chief and his dedicated crew, part human and part alien, that is not enough - so...Ambulance Ship, a craft in every way as extraordinary as the institution it serves, is designed to seek out and succour the physically or mentally distressed, wherever they are and whatever their species. The human doctor, Conway is the senior medical officer, the insect telepath Prilicla is on his staff, as are the glamorous Nurse Murchison and the Kelgian Naydrad.  Together they face ordeals literally out of this world.
  • Book I of The Sword Of Heaven. On the planet Rhui the jaran tribes, led by Ilya, are sweeping across the plains to conquer the settled lands, city by city. At Ilya's side, and his partner in victories, is his wife, Tess, a woman of whose true origins Ilya is unaware. Tess, born on Earth. is the sister and only heir of Charles Soerensen, leader of the failed rebellion against the alien Chapalii Empire and now a Duke of the Empire. Charles has continued his subversive activities against the alien overlords and is now caught in a deadly game of interstellar politics. He realises he must go to Rhui to reclaim both his heir and knowledge long hidden there of an ancient rebellion against the Empire. One there, Charles is  swept up in a battle of wills with Ilya, who is equally adamant about keeping Tess on Rhui.  But Tess has her own agenda for the future.

  • Book I of The Windhover Tapes. Gerard Manley, a representative of the Fed is undertaking a series of new assignments after having had his memory wiped from the previous one. But despite his new missions - being stuck in the middle of a violent revolutionary war, brokering a treaty for a Federation base on Quadra, a planet populated entirely by ghosts - he is still haunted by dreams of a woman he calls Fairy Peg. Who was she?What was his relationship to her? And to what disastrous end did it come that warranted having his memory wiped by the Federation? Cover art by Tony Roberts.
  • To her fellow pilots, Gaelian is the Angel, the best of their elite fighting force. To the powerful ruling Board of Dinoreos, she is the Eldest of the Eldest of her household, scheming and plotting to claim her rightful place while she strives to overcome the handicap of a childhood spent on the primitive world of Cahaute. Gaelian is haunted by memories. Even in space she feels the Power Clans of Cahaute with her - though to surrender to the magic of her childhood would mean abandoning the privileges and honours she has worked so hard for on Dinoreos.  Before she can make her choice, Gaelian discovers a secret older than either of her worlds and suddenly she holds the future of both in her hands.
  • Orphans born in the depths of space, they were engineered to range the galaxy in search of fortune. Misfits and outlaws, they defied the huge interstellar cartels that ruled space.  Ubu Roy was the strong young bossrider of the starship Runaway, who held all of history in his remarkable memory.  Beautiful Maria was an ace star shooter and cybernetic witch, who could bend space time to find the perfect singularity.