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  • When a disease-ridden body is discovered in the smouldering ruins of the federally funded DyMar genetic research lab, agents Fox Mulder and  Dana Scully fear a deadly man-made plague may be on the loose. Racing to contain the lethal virus before it can spread, Mulder and Scully make a chilling discovery in the X-Files: The late Dr. David Kennessy, a hotshot cancer researcher at DyMar, had been experimenting with microscopic  bio-machines that can cure any disease, heal any wound. In theory, this could be a miracle cure - and the doorway to immortality. But when a second corpse turns up, savagely mutilated from within, it's anything but theoretical. Cover art by Tony Mauro.
  • Presenting fifteen gently humorous fun stories by some of the giants of science fiction...Are you ready to meet an elephant with a wooden leg? A Martian who has married your daughter? An entire island of beautiful girls just waiting for your touch? A house that spies on you when you go to bed? In this volume: Space Rats of the C.C.C., Harry Harrison;  How the World Was Saved, Stanisław Lem;  It Was Nothing - Really! Theodore Sturgeon; The Glitch, James Blish and L. Jerome Stanton; Conversation on a Starship in Warpdrive, John Brosnan; The Alibi Machine, Larry Niven; Emergency Society, Uta Frith; Look, You Think You've Got Troubles, Carol Carr; A Delightful Comedic Premise, Barry N. Malzberg; Trolls, Robert Borski; Elephant with Wooden Leg, John Sladek; Planting Time, Pete Adams and Charles Nightingale;  By the Seashore, R.A. Lafferty;  Hardcastle,  Ron Goulart; The Ergot Show, Brian W. Aldiss. Cover art by Graham Dean.
  • Area 7: America's most secret Air Force installation, hidden deep in the Utah desert. The President has come to inspect Area 7, to examine its secrets for himself. But he's going to get more than he bargained for - hostile forces are waiting inside...Among the President's helicopter crew is a young Marine: quiet, enigmatic, hiding behind silver sunglasses.  His name is Schofield, code name Scarecrow. Rumour has it he's a good ma in a storm. And judging by what the President's just walked into, he'd better be...

  • Set on a terraformed Mars where fusion-powered locomotives run along the network of rails that is the planet's circulatory system and artificial intelligences reconfigure reality billions of times each second. One young woman, Sweetness Octave Glorious-Honeybun Asiim 12th, becomes the person upon whom the future - or futures - of Mars depends. Described as 'a wild and woolly magic-realist SF novel, featuring lots of bizarre philosophies , mind stretching ideas and trains as big as city blocks'. Cover art by Paul Youll.
  • Book IV of Man From Atlantis. All the FBI had to go on were a few scraps of paper: one bore the word Felicitos and that rang a bell in Mark Harris's mind. On a perilous rescue mission, the Man From Atlantis sped to a mysterious island off the coast of Brazil. There, in a sophisticated underground laboratory. a deranged woman scientists had concocted a potion that would make the greatest minds on Earth serve her will. Mark Harris was uniquely armed to meet the bizarre adventure that awaited him - an adventure that threatened to take the Earth's intelligence out of the known world to a strange and overpowering new one. Cover art by Vincent Di Fate.
  • Buck Rogers.  Book III of  The Martian Wars. A fierce war of revolution and imperial conquest has thrown the inner planets of the solar system into chaos. Fighters, Battlers and Transports scream across space, cutting swathes of destruction from Mercury to the Asteroid Belt. RAM's space fleet, intent on destroying the NEO freedom fighters - led by Buck Rogers - thunders Earthwards.  Meanwhile, Venusian warriors, race to Earth's aid unaware of treachery from an unexpected part of the solar system. Cover by Don Landwehrle.
  • Here is the tale of the world that will emerge from the Great Wars. Pollution and warfare have poisoned the skies, the water and the soil. Pockets of society exist, living in fortified strongholds, while those outside the walls roam the landscape - predator or prey. Even the isolated compounds are not safe: armies of demons and once-men assault their defences and one by one they fall. Anarchy is the only law. Logan Tom and Angel Perez are the last two Knights to stand against the forces of Chaos.  These two extraordinary people have the ability to resist the dark tide and to them will fall the twin tasks: to find and protect and very old and a very new magic. They are humanity's last hope. They can halt the destruction of the Old World and it will be up to others to usher in the New...

  • A short story volume, including: The Lake Was Full of Artificial Things; The Poplar Street Study - a blackly comedic account of an alien invasion; Face Value; The Dragon's Head; The War of the Roses; Contention; Recalling Cinderella; Other Planes; The Bog People; Wild Boys (Variations on a Theme); The View From Venus; Praxis - a story about a theatre wherein  the real and the unreal collide. The Gate of Ghosts a child journeys to a strange and deadly world. Cover art by Tito Salomini.   
  • Star Wars:  Book II of The Corellian Trilogy. Imprisoned on the planet Corellia, Han Solo finds himself at the mercy of his evil cousin, Thracken Sal-Solo. Thracken plans to restore the Imperial system and seize total power - no matter what the cost. Han has one chance to stop him. But to do so he must turn his back on his human cousin and join forces with a female alien. Dracmus was arrested as a ringleader in a plot against the corrupt Human League. Now she and Han will attempt a daring escape to Selonia in time to warn Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Lando of Thracken's plan. But can Han trust the alien to keep her word? Meanwhile other questions threaten the New Republic - and the lives of millions. Who is behind the deadly Starbuster plot? Why is someone attempting to take possession of Corellia's powerful planetary repulsors? And what is the secret behind the mysterious Centerpoint Station, and ancient, artificial world of unknown origin that has suddenly - and inexplicably - come alive? Cover art by Drew Struzan.  
  • Star Trek Original Series No. 84. Captain Kirk first encountered Gary Seven on 20th century Earth. Now Seven, a time travelling operative for unknown alien forces, makes  a surprise visit to the U.S.S. Enterprise. Kirk is on an urgent mission to bring relief to a disaster ravaged planet, but Seven has an agenda of his own - and he's not above hijacking the Starship Enterprise and sending it on a perilous journey deep into the heat of the Romulan Empire. Kirk must dare to trust Gary Seven again, as he confronts the possibility that the enigmatic stranger may bring death and destruyction to Kirk's own era. Cover art by Dru Blair.
  • Book 82 of Perry Rhodan. The Reign of the Robot Regent is over and the power to rule has come to the Crystal Prince, the Immortal Arkonide. But a dangerous rebellion against Atlan is fomenting as a smokescreen for Thomas Cardiff, son of Rhodan, and avowed enemy of the Administrator of the Solar System.  The hatred of son  for father knows no bounds.
  • This volume contains: Burning Spear, Kit Denton; It Could Be You, Frank Roberts; The Evidence, Lee Harding; An Ounce of Dissension, Martin Loran; The Weather in the Underworld, Colin Free; All My Yesterdays, Damien Broderick; Final Flower, Stephen Cook; For Men Must Work, Frank Bryning; Beach, John Baxter; All Laced Up, Bertram Chandler; Strong Attraction, Ron Smith; There Is A Crooked Man, Jack Wodhams. Cover art by Ian Lines.
  • This volume contains: The Immortal, Olaf Ruhen; Siren Singers, Robyn Tracey; The Case of the Perjured Planet, Martin Loran; Space Poem, T.F. Kline; Robinson, David Rome; No Sale, John Williams; The Man of Slow Feeling, Michael Wilding; Vale, Pollini! George Johnston; From: Rutherford, Douglas Stewart;  Apple, John Baxter; A Happening, Frank Roberts; Dancing Gerontius, Lee Harding; Whatever Happened to Suderov? Steve Kaldor.  Cover art by Wes Stacy.
  • In this fabulous volume of van Vogt's best: The Great Engine: A space ship is damaged by a meteor - and its propulsion mechanism falls to Earth to be discovered by an embittered hermit, a veteran of World War II. The Great Judge: An inventor in the year 2460 is sentenced to death for insulting the absolute dictator - but one of his inventions may yet save him... Secret Unattainable: Memos, telegrams and interview  transcripts reveal that the Gestapo, the Reich's Bureau of Physics, Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler may have learnt hyperspatial travel...The Harmoniser: When an alien craft crashes on Earth among the dinosaurs 80 million years ago, all the occupants are killed but the cargo of 'ibis plants' survive - and thrive! Heir Unapparent: War is abolished - but one man has the power of total destruction. The Second Solution: When a ship crashes on Earth carrying a monstrous alien creature and its offspring for scientific research, the order is given to execute both - but the baby, a dark-blue, intelligent, razor-clawed, six-legged, telepathic killer about the size of an adult lion escapes into the forest and begins to wreak havoc. Film Library: Mr Arlay's educational film distribution business runs into trouble when his films suddenly start showing what seems to be future inventions. Asylum: An alien couple land on Earth and they're very hungry - fortunately, there are plenty of humans to suck blood and energy from.  Cover art by Chris Foss.
  • In this volume of sci-fi blended with horror: Barnacle Bill The Spacer: John is a technician on the space station Solitaire on which ships with solar sails are built. Tensions between the crew members are aggravated by subversive agents of a subversive group...and the inevitable showdown must happen without endangering the lives of all. A Little Light Music: an art critic writes an article about a quartet of resurrected corpses, but there is a more sinister revelation...Human History: On a largely deserted planet with a technically backward human population a man goes through a marriage break-up, a mid-life crisis, the maturing of his son and the domination of those who live in the orbiting space stations. Sports in America: Gangsters, the Irish mafia against the Sicilian mafia, paid assassins, revenge and spectacular upheavals. The Sun Spider: A husband and wife on the space station Helios each have a tale to tell of infidelities, tension and the attempts to discover life on the sun.  All the Perfumes of Araby: In Egypt, Danny Shields and his Gulf War veteran friend become involved in drug trafficking and extremist groups. Beast of the Heartland: Mears, a boxer whos sports career is on the decline is about to go blind and suffers from hallucinations in which opponents in the ring have monstrous faces.
  • Book VIII of Horus Heresy. Now that news of Horus's treachery is in the open, a time of testing has come. Some Legions have already declared their allegiance to the Warmaster, while the loyalty of others lies firmly with the Emperor. As Horus deploys his forces, loyalist Astartes learn that a massive Wordbearers fleet is heading to Ultramar, home of the Ultramarines. Unless they can intercept the fleet, and destroy the mighty battleship that has been sent to reinforce it, the Ultramarines may suffer a blow from which they will never recover. Cover art by Neil Roberts.
  • Book VIII of The Horus Heresy. News of Horus's treachery is in the open and a time of testing has come. As Horus deploys his forces, loyalist Astartes learn that the Wordbearers are sending a fleet to Ultramar, home of the Ultramarines. Unless they can intercept and destroy it, the Ultramarines may suffer a blow from which they will never recover. Cover art by Neil Roberts.

  • A Saga of the Year 3000. Earth has been dominated for 1,000 years by an alien invader - and man is an endangered species. From the handful of surviving humans a courageous leader emerges: Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, who challenges the invincible might of the alien Psychlo empire in a battle of epic scale, danger and intrigue with the fate of the Earth and of the universe in the tenuous balance. Cover art by  Gerry Grace.
  • First published in 1974 together with Before The Golden Age Volumes I - III in one books, the fourth volume of Asimov's personal view of sci-fi in the late 1930s contains nine memorable stories - most of which had not been published before - including one by Asimov himself.  In this volume: He Who Shrank, Henry Hasse: A man discovers worlds nested within a universe with apparently endless levels of scale.  The Human Pets of Mars, Leslie Frances Stone: Martians land on a golf course in Washington, D.C., and capture a small group of humans, transporting them back to Mars to be kept as pets. The Brain Stealers Of Mars, John. W. Campbell Jr: Two former atomic workers, now outlawed, flee to Mars with newly developed weapons and discover a telepathic life form that mimics any other life form and is impossible to separate one from other duplicates.  The outlaws want to return to Earth but must eliminate the imposters first. Devolution, Edmond Hamilton: Perfect beings, alien colonists on a pre-biotic Earth, slowly, over time, devolve in lesser beings - less able and less moral...Big Game, Isaac Asimov: A drunk man tries to convince his audience that ten years ago he built a time machine and travelled back to before the extinction of the dinosaurs, where he met an intelligent race of humanoid dinosaurs who communicated with him telepathically. This story was believed lost for many years until a fan discovered it in the archives of the Boston University Library and returned it to Asimov. Other Eyes Watching, John W. Campbell Jr.; Minus Planet, John D. Clark: Two eagle-eyed astronomers discover a massive planetoid is about to hit Earth. Past, Present, and Future, Nat Schachner: Kleon, from Greece two millennia ago and Sam Ward, an American of the mid-twentieth century, enter suspended animation and are awakened after 10,000 years, to find a world transformed. The Men And The Mirror, Ross Rocklynne: Jack Colbie of the Interplanetary Police is in pursuit of interplanetary criminal Edward Deverel  when they inadvertently slip onto the frictionless surface of an enormous concave mirror built by unknown alien beings, and must use the laws of physics to escape. Cover art by Tony Roberts.
  • Nothing much is going right for Fred Wagner. He's bored with writing advertising copy for loofah mitts, and Babe's left him. Seems he's doomed a life of celibacy and tedium. But there's one thing about Fred that sets him apart.  He can disappear at will.
  • Sandra Foster studies fads - from Barbie dolls to the grunge look - how they start and what they mean. Bennett O'Reilly is a chaos theorist studying monkey group behaviour.  They both work for the HiTek Coporation, strangers until a misdelivered package brings them together. A moment of synchronicity - if not serendipity - which leads them into a chaotic system of their own, complete with a million dollar research grant, cafe latte, tattoos and a series of unlucky coincidences that leaves Bennett monkeyless, fundless and nearly jobless. Sandra intercedes with a flock of sheep and an idea for a joint project - after all, what better animal to study both chaos theory and herd mentality? But scientific study is rarely straightforward...
  • Book V of Chung Kuo. On Mars, Chung Kuo's largest colony is engulfed by civil war. In America, a ruthless leader precipitates a disaster greater than Chung Kuo has ever known, while the Seven Han Lords dissipate their power fighting the shadows of their own great Ministry - The Thousand Eyes - in a struggle for ultimate political control. And in the heart of the City, in the final hours before the darkness falls, an old man - once the most powerful soldier in Chung Kuo - paces his rooms, surrounded by the ghosts of the dead. At last, the magnificent edifice built by the Chinese conquerors has begun to crumble. Cover art by Jim Burns.
  • Book II of The Guardians. They are the enemies of promise and man's only hope. They are outsiders, a world wide secret cabal, walking in the shadows and dedicated to the cause of stability, dedicated to preserving science from the world, and the world from science.  In a rotting decommissioned nuclear power station on the English south coast, a sinister experiment is taking place.  In Japan, a hacker genius called the Emperor Dragon is threatening to tear down the cyber empire of Kawai Kim, the Guardians' intelligence co-ordinator. The Guardians little suspect the danger that is building withing their number.
  • It is said they came five centuries ago, wreaking destruction upon the galaxy, sterilising planets and laying waste to solar systems. They were the unliving aliens who programme was to expunge the universe of all living matter - they were the berserkers, death-bringers from deep space...Then Karlsen, the demi-god, turned back the onslaught, forcing them out of the known universe - all except one shell-less brain, which lay festering in a small corner of the galaxy, awaiting the rebirth of civilisation which it would then enslave...Cover art by Peter Jones.
  • Fifth annual edition, 1976.  Stories in the volume:  The Bitter Bread, Poul Anderson: After the Armageddon War, a puritanical form of Christianity becomes the state-sponsored ideology. Mail Supremacy, Hayford Peirce: A light-hearted story in which Chap Foey Rider begins to wonder about the mail system and how it works. Child Of all Ages, P.J. Plauger: A child who is granted immortality before attaining puberty finds that being a child who never grows up is far removed from an idyllic Peter Pan-like existence.  Tree Of Life, Phyllis Eisenstein: A mulberry tree in a new housing development attracts an alien visitor.  Helbent Four, Stephen Robinett: A warrior sent to fight aliens returns to Earth 300 years later - but it isn't the Earth he left. Pop Goes The Weasel, Robert Hoskins: Growing up is hard enough - and when the entire world seems to conspire to prevent maturation, it's impossible! The Book Learners, Liz Hufford: An astronaut carrying a bible crashes on a planet - with the result that hundreds of its inhabitants annually claim to be Jesus Christ. High Yield Bondage, Hayford Peirce: A damaged alien spacecraft lands secretly on Earth. Senior Citizen, Clifford D. Simak: Theoretically, a senior citizen might live longer in space...much longer...The Peddler's Apprentice, Joan D. Vinge and Verner Vinge: A peddler, Jagit Katchetooriantz, travels into the future to sell his wares, depending on civilisation's changes for fresh wares. But then the Givernment takes an interest in his activities.
  • Ten trips to the far reaches of imagination.  In this volume: The Ash Circus, M. John Harrison; All the King's Men, B.J. Bayley; Mix-Up, George Collyn; Time Considered As A Helix of Semi-Precious Stones, Samuel R. Delany; Lone Zone, Charles Platt; Two Poems: Flower-gathering and Transplant, Langdon Jones; The Apocalypse Machine, Leo Zorin; The Beach Murders, J.G. Ballard; The Wall, Josephine Saxton; The Tank Trapeze, Michael Moorcock.
  • As well as the title story, this volume contains: The Prime of Life; Waterclap; That Thou Art Mindful of Him; Stranger in Paradise; The Life and Times of Multivac; The Winnowing; Marching In; Old Fashioned; The Tercentenary Incident; Birth of a Notion.