• Melissa Steiner's assassination ignited the fires of civil war and now secessionist factions clamour for rebellion against the Federal Commonwealth.  The rebels' plans hinge on gaining control of the Skye March and thus control the crucial Terran corridor.
  • With stories by Ilya  Varshavsky, Kirill  Bulychev, Dmitri Bilenkin, Gennady Gor, Vladen Bakhnov, Anatoly Dneprov and more.  Translated from the Russian by Helen Saltz Jacobsen.
  • Long ago the dying ruler of a small interstellar kingdom made a minor Old-Earth bureaucrat named Hobart Floyt the surprised inheritor of an interstellar spaceship.  And that was wonderful, for in those days, Mankind was again expanding into the galaxy and a private spaceship was a license to coin credits.  There were one or two minor problems:  the dead ruler never told Floyt how to find the ship - the bureaucrats of Earth want the ship for themselves - and someone keeps trying to murder Floyt and his friend Alacrity Fitzhugh.
  • This one volume comprises: 2001: A Space Odessey, Arthur C. Clarke; A Time of Changes, Robert Silverberg; The Day of the Triffids, John Wyndham; I, Robot, Isaac Asimov. All are complete and unabridged.  Classic sci-fi by the very best.
  • His officially defined duty was to seek out threats to the Pax Terrestria and neutralise them - or, failing that, call in His Majesty's military forces, who will deal with them in an more drastic and final way.  Flandry's definition of his duty: to stick his finger in the dike of civilisation, to hold off for his lifetime the inevitable coming of the barbarians and the Long Night.  So he battles gloriously, murders remorselessly and betrays outrageously.  His justification?  To save the simple pleasures of human civilisation!
  • This volume contains: The Far Side of the Bell Shaped Curve; The Pope of the Chimps; The Changeling; The Man Who Floated in Time;; the Palace at Midnight; A Thousand Paces along the Via Dolorosa; At The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party; Our Lady of the Sauropods; Gianni; The Trouble with Sempoanga; How They Pass the Time in Pelpel; Waiting for the Earthquake; Not Our Brother; The Regulars; Jennifer's Lover; Needle in a Timestack .
  • It is the year 12,020 and the last Galactic Emperor of the Autun Dynasty, Cleon I sits uneasily on the throne. On Trantor, 40 billion people have created a civilisation of unimaginable technology and cultural complexity, a world so intricately woven that pulling one thread would unravel it all. Cleon I knows this and he knows there are those who would see him fall - and he cannot touch them.  If only he had knowledge of what lay ahead! When Hari Seldon arrives on Trantor for the Decennial Convention he has no knowledge of the brewing political unrest. But when he presents his paper on psychohistory - his astounding theory of prediction - he does not realise he has sealed his fate  and determined the destiny of mankind
  • It all began when the stranger walked into the small town. His face was always in the shadows, always turned from enquiring gazes. His face seemed to shimmer and change. No-one in town took much notice of the stranger with his odd fluid walk. People minded their own businese...until the power that held the figure together began to weaken its impossible hold and the strange man began to lose his shape - and split into an infinity of parts!

  • The members of the crew of the Leonora Christine are preparing for their departure from earth. They know that while they are aboard the ship and traveling close to the speed of light, time will be passing much more quickly back home. As a result, by the time they return everyone they know will have long since died. Fifty crew members settle in for the long journey together, a highly-trained team of scientists and researchers, but  also a community of individuals, each trying to make a life for him or herself in space. The voyage soon takes an unexpected and disastrous turn for the worse when the ship passes through a small, uncharted, cloud-like nebula that makes it impossible for the crew to decelerate the ship. The only hope, in fact, is for the ship to speed up. Cover art by Les Edwards.