• The interstellar adventures of Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Slartibartfast, Trillian and Zaphod Beeblebrox  continue as the manically xenophobic inhabitants of the Planet Krikket begin a quest for the symbols that make up the legendary Wikket Gate.
  • The Ramans return in 2200, but this time Earth is ready and some of the questions posed by Rama may at last be answered.
  • In this science fiction classic, the reader is transported millions of years from now. The sun is going nova and in the boughs of a colossal banyan tree that covers one face of the globe, the last pitiful remnants of humanity are fighting for survival, terrorised by the carnivorous plants and the grotesque insect life.
  • On the Nevada desert, a handful of scientists are battling to retrieve a swarm of rogue micro-robots that has escaped from the lab. The swarm is self-sustaining, self-reproducing and capable of learning from experience. It is, to all and intents and purposes, alive. And very, very deadly.  It has been programmed as a predator, a ruthless predator that becomes more dangerous  with every passing hour...And we are the PREY.
  • London, 2100 A.D. London has grown to giant proportions - giant skyscrapers, huge wind wheels.  Broadcasting and television are the communication methods, for there are no longer any books.  Hypnotic suggestion is the cure for all ills.  Graham does not know what to make of this world - he has been in a trance since...1897.
  • Book IV of Patterns of Chaos. Boost - a synthetic drug for humans which seemed to be the answer to the fading powers of the Choyan tezars, the pilots who used their soulfire to guide starships at faster-than-light speed across the galaxy. Yet only humans could produce Boost and no one was certai of the long term effects.  But with the Houses of Cho in conflict, the tezar training school at Blue Ridge destroyed, the emperor now extremely vulnerable, Palaton now a fugitive stripped of his heirdom and his human comrade Rand a prisoner on the planet Sorrow, there was no-one left to stand against those ready to use Boost to establish a brand new rule - that of the House of Tezars.