• Truebirth - born in the laboratory, genetically engineered soldiers trained to be the ultimate warriors. They are the elite pilots of the Clan's fearsome Battletech war machines.  Freebirth - born of the natural union of parents, also soldiers, but pale imitations of their truebirth superiors.  They are despised for their imperfections and fight where and when their Clan commands. Aidan has failed his Trial of Position, the ranking test all Truebrith warriors of the Clan Jade Falcon must pass.  He is cast out, disgraced and his rightful Bloodname is denied him. With a Bloodname, all past failures are forgiven, there is respect and honour.  Aidan will do anything to gain that name - he will even masquerade as the thing he has been taught to despise - a Freebirth.
  • Edwin Amis, new commander of the Eridani Light Horse faces a tough decision: Should he openly defy the First Lord  of the Star League? Sun-Tzu Liao, First Lord, has sent Star League troops as 'peace-keepers' to the St. Ives Compact to prevent open rebellion by angry citizens - but the troops aren't seeking peace. Amis knows the mission is actually for reclaiming territory for the Capellan Confideration and he's ready to station counter-forces on Milos, close to the heart of the Capellan capital.  But on Milos, events are already escalating - Death Commando Chen Shao and his ruthless partner, Nessa Ament have secretly murdered a rebel's family in cold blood.  Full scale war is about to erupt.
  • Sho-sa Yubari Takuda leads a Draconis Elite Strike Tea, one of the Combine's commando units.Well versed in techniques of conventional and unconventional warfare, even MechWarriors respect and fear the prowess of these deadly soldiers. Takuda, a follower of the ancient code of the samurai, believes in the superiority of the Combine warrior culture and believes it will produce a harmonious, prosperous society  - if the realm can be freed from the pressures of foreign aggressors.  But when a JumpShip malfunction catapults Takuda's team and a company of mercenary MechWarriors beyond known space, he finds his long-held beliefs challenged when they find themselves on a planet inhabited by a primitive race who are descendants of humans from the Draconis Combine.
  • Nothing much is going right for Fred Wagner. He's bored with writing advertising copy for loofah mitts, and Babe's left him. Seems he's doomed a life of celibacy and tedium. But there's one thing about Fred that sets him apart.  He can disappear at will.
  • Blade Runner Meets Shogun?  That's got to be interesting!
  • The VERY best from "New Writings in SF" Volumes 1 - 4. The volume contains: Man on Bridge, Brian Aldiss; The Night Flame,  Colin Knapp; The Eternal Machines, William Spencer; The Creators, Joseph Green; Testament, John Baxter; The Fiend, Frederik Pohl; The Subways of Tazoo, Colin Kapp; Night Watch, James Inglis; Bernie the Faust, William Tenn; Starlight, Isaac Asimov; High Eight, David Stringer.
  • The best from the creator of the Stainless Steel Rat.
  • Book III of the David 'Lucky' Starr space sagas. On the barren planet of Mercury, a network of wire harnesses the great power of the sun, to send it crackling out into space, creating a giant powerhouse.  But this secret mission is being sabotaged and David Starr had to face an unseen, unknown enemy.