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  • What would the world be like if the Russians discovered how to beat us at our own capitalistic game and began dumping inexpensive, quality goods on the world market? Reynolds presents us with an alternative world where America is rapidly being turned into a second-rate power as its industries go bankrupt, a world falling under the wheels of the Soviet juggernaut, peacefully and passively.  The U.S. has only one way to retaliate and that's by bringing religion to the Soviet Union - a very special religion...
  • Seven teenagers from a small Australian town take a weekend camping trip to an isolated bush location the locals call Hell.  Seven teenagers come back - to Hell.  Their town has been invaded, war has been declared and they are in hiding for their lives. Cover art by Helen Halliday.
  • On a long weekend in Australia, while Effie and her friends are camping in the bush, their town is invaded and taken over by an enemy - Australia is at war.  They are suddenly in the toughest situations humans can confront, facing life and death decisions, in a world where they must find courage, spirit, initiative and wisdom - or die. Cover photo by International Photographic Library.
  • On a long weekend in Australia, while Effie and her friends are camping in the bush, their town is invaded and taken over by an enemy - Australia is at war.  They are suddenly in the toughest situations humans can confront, facing life and death decisions, in a world where they must find courage, spirit, initiative and wisdom - or die.

  • A rare collection of shorts by the masters of classic sci-fi: The Man Who Lost The Sea, Theodore Sturgeon; March Hare Mission, Ford McCormack; The Earth Men, Ray Bradbury; Who Goes There? Don A. Stuart; In Hiding, Wilmar H. Shiras; Not Final! Isaac Asimov; And Be Merry...Katherine Maclean; The Witches Of Karres, James H. Schmitz; Resurrection, A.E. van  Vogt. Cover art by Jim Burns.
  • Book III of The Dumarest Saga. Wanted by Dumarest: information on the whereabouts of the planet Earth. On the world Toy was the giant computer that might have the information. But the world of Toy gave nothing for free. The information would be costly. Dumarest would have to take part in the Toy games. Fight like a tin soldier in a giant nursery. Yet there was nothing childish about being a plaything on Toy. The pain was real - as were the wounds, the blood and death.

  • A space-yacht, pursued by angry Adderkops thirsting for blood is in serious trouble.  Picking up the trail of another non-human spaceship, it seems like a good idea to board it and get the crew to head for home. But - it's not that easy to find the crew...there's just cages full of bizarre, otherworldly animals: tigerapes, elephantoids; gorilloids; caterpiggles; helmet beasts; and tentacle set of these extraordinary creatures  must be the crew in hiding - but which?

  • Warhammer 40,000. Book VIII of Gaunt's Ghosts.  Book 1 of The Lost sequence. A high-ranking Imperial officer has been captured by the foul forces of Chaos. Gaunt must assemble a squad of his most trusted men and venture deep into enemy territory. Their mission: rescue the officer if they can. However - if he has been compromised their rescue mission may become an assassination. Cover art by Adrian Smith.
  • Medium is a heart-warming machine, designed to provide a connection with the dead.  Now all the world could reach their loved ones - at a price. Anything so emotionally loaded and carrying that kind of price tag could be a powerful political weapon. But no-one, not even the inventor, could guess at how terrible that price might become. Cover art by Peter Jones.
  • Star Wars; Volume XIII of The New Jedi Order. After the capture of Coruscant, the heart of the New Republic, a stunned galaxy fears that nothing can stop the Yuuzhan Vong.  Yet the crushing defeat has produced a miracle:  Jacen Solo is alive.  He is in the care of Vergere, a fascinating creature of mystery and power, her intentions hard to fathom, her cruelties rarely concealed. But this master of inscrutable arts has much to teach the young Jedi...for she holds the key to a new way to experience the Force, to take it to another level - dangerous, dazzling, perhaps deadly. In the wrong hands, the tremendous energies of the Force can be devastating. And there are others watching Jacen's progress closely, waiting patiently for the moment when he will be ready for their own dire purposes. Now, all is in shadows. Yet whatever happens, whether Jacen's newfound mastery unleashes light or darkness, he will never be the same Jedi again...Cover art by Cliff Neilson.
  • According to bestselling author Whitley Strieber, his contact with strange aliens did not end with the release of his controversial book, Communion. Instead, the "visitors" kept coming. In Transformation, Strieber challenges his own fear for a triumphant breakthrough in understanding. Comprises the following sections: Introduction; Part 1: Secret Journeys; Part 2: Life in the Dark; Part 3: Beyond the Dark; Appendix 1: Health; Appendix 2: Truth; Appendix 3: Gaelic; Afterword. Cover art: variant by Ted Jacobs.
  • The huge black spaceship in orbit around Doonarrala is apparently unarmed and poses no immediate threat, but a classified military tape reveals that it bears a striking resemblance to one found derelict and looming over a planet devastated by war.  For Todd Reeve, leader of the Human colony on Doonarrala, and for his Hrruban friend Hrriss, the ship represents a chance for both their species to extend the hand of friendship to another. For others, both from Earth and Hrruba, the ship and its inhabitants are a threat of such magnitude they will stop at nothing to to sabotage Todd's efforts at communication. Cover art by Mark Harrison.
  • Book VIII of Witch World. The fate of Witch World hangs in the balance. Can Yonan the Warrior, aided by the spirit of Tolar, an ancient Witch World hero, combat Targi and defeat the Forces of Darkness? Only in the past can Targi's defences be penetrated.  While Yonan/Tolar journey backwards in time, Crytha, an untrained witch, must thwart the Forces of Darkness until hs return. Cover art by Rodney Matthews.
  • Mech-Warrior Dark Age series. The Raging Bears have begun their occupation of the planet Vega with the hope of restoring order after violence and civil war. But their move to stabilise Prefecture 1 for the Republic of the Sphere may be the chance their enemies have waited for. While the military takeover was no great challenge, setting up a new planetary government and restoring the infrastructure of civilisation have proven to be far more difficult for the peace-keeping forces of the Rasalhague Dominion. There remains an underground rebellion that refuses to cease fire and the Bears suspect that the Draconis Combine is secretly supporting the rebellion. As the Combine threatens them from without, the Bears also find themselves plagued by betrayal and deception from within. Uless they can find the rival elements in their clan, they may end up as fodder for destruction.

  • Book X of The Chronicles of Counter-Earth. The Others were on the move. The Priest Kings had received a message: Surrender Gor. The date had been set for conquest or destruction. Tarl Cabot could not linger in Port Kar - now he must act on behalf of the Priest King, on behalf of Gor and on behalf of Gor's unsuspecting, teeming twin: Earth. Evidence pointed to the great wasteland of the Tahari, known only to the clannish militant tribes of desert wanderers. There, Tarl Cabot must go. Among the feuds, along the salvers' tails, beyond the forbidding salt mines to a redezvouz with treachery, a woman warlord, a bandit chief and with the monster intelligences from the world of steel.

  • Earth's invincible space fleet has occupied the monsters' worlds! Earth's mighty space force has seized the aliens' home planet! Earth's triumphant space warriors have captured the enemy system! But then...why is Earth suffering so beneath the tread of those heartless conquerors from the stars? Earth and Kazo have created a unique peace. Kazo administers Earth, and Earth controls Kazo. Nothing is really complicated until both humans and Kazos discover the existence of a third intelligent race in the galaxy and try to bring them into the newly developing peace. Cover art by Jim Burns.
  • When Diana and Francis, two biochemists, discover a rare form of lichen contains that which will retard the ageing process, there IS going to be trouble - particularly when Diana opens an elite beauty spa for Britain's most powerful and wealthy women.
  • When the maverick star passes between Earth and its sun, humankind's final calamity will have arrived. Everything and everyone will be drawn toward the Dwarf.  There would be tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanoes, the earth will fragment and among the people - anarchy and death.  They can try to prepare, survive and then if any did survive, cope with living - but survival could be the worst alternative.
  • This volume contains: Semper Fi;  The Big Pat Boom; Man in the Jar; The Handler; Mary; Auto-da-Fe; To the Pure; Eripmav; Backward, O Time; The Night of LIes; Maid to Measure; Collector's Item; A Likely Story; Don't Live in the Past.Damon Knight
  • When the ship that brought him to Earth crashed and Tweedlioop (not his real name) was the only survivor, he found himself at the mercy of Earth and its inhabitants. Some were kind and understanding: Bill saved him from wolves in the Alaskan wild; Danni battled authorities for his custody, and Laurie became his one true friend. They all wanted to help him return to his people. But the U.S. Government didn't. They trapped him - to test him and to hold him hostage. They planned to trade him for the key to his people's stardrive. If his friends could not help him before the ship arrived to rescue him, it would be too late, not just for Tweedlioop but for all of Earth. Cover art by Doug Beekman.
  • Professor Pierre Aronnax is part of a team sent to investigate reports of a sea monster, suspected to be a narwhal, off the coast of New York. They soon discover that the monster is in fact a submarine called the Nautilus, captained by the mysterious and enigmatic Captain Nemo,  who has withdrawn from the world. When Arronnax and his team are taken prisoner by Nemo, the Nautilus heads into the deepest fathoms of the seas where  the wonders of Atlantis, the maelstrom and fantastic worlds await beneath the pack ice. First published in 1870, this is one of the first sci fi classics. Cover art of this edition by Henry Austin from the 1917 edition.
  • Star Trek No. 77. Unlike most planets, Rimillia doies not spin upon its axis, so the day and night sides are subjected to perpetual extremes of heat and col. Habitation has only been possible on a narrow strip of the planet's surface. Until now...Using gigantic impulse engines of unimaginable power, the alien Dumada intend to start Rimillia rotating, making the entire world fit for colonisation. Yet there are those who fear the enormous stresses involved may instead tear the planet apart. Assigned to assist the Dumada, Captain Kirk must rescue a kidnapped scientist vital to the rotation project. But once the giant engines are activated, can Scotty save Rimillia and the Enterprise from total destruction?
  • In this volume: The Streets Of Ashkelon: An alien race believes everything it is told - and when it hears the Christian message the consequences are truly horrific.  Portrait Of The Artist; Rescue Operation; Captain Bedlam; Final Encounter;Unto My Manifold Dooms; The Pliable Animal; Captain Honario Harpplayer, R.N.;  According To His Abilities; I always Do What Teddy Says: A frightening glimpse at the possibility of mass mind control from childhood. But why is one person spared? Cover art by Jim Burns.
  • The author is not only convinced that extra terrestrials are visiting Earth, but that the continued UFO presence over the last 100 years has produced a change in human awareness. In this, the sequel to UFO Quest, he explains how we have been receiving communications from deep space for over twenty years and how, through specific channels and key individuals, messages from a powerful group called the Council of Nine have been received. The messages allegedly contain a wealth of information on the past, present and possible future of the Earth.

  • Contemporary theories on the origin of the phenomenon, with chapters on man-made UFOs; UFO psychology and abductions; UFO cover-ups and crop circles; unidentified submarine objects; psychic UFOs; demonic UFOs; extra-terrestrial intelligence and humanoids. Contributors: W.A. Harbinson; Alvin Lawson; William H. Spaulding; Peter Brookesmith; Janet and Colin Bord; Jenny Randles; Hilary Evans; Ron Hyams; Charles Bowen. With colour and black and white photographs and artwork.
  • Explorers Findriddy and Carson are sent to Boohte to survey the ridges and scrub-covered hills of the planet. Back home, their adventures are followed by countless breathless fans, but the reality is far less romantic as they deal with dust, nitpicking regulations, and uncooperative aliens. Teamed with a young intern whose specialty is mating customs, and a native guide of indeterminate gender, the group sets out for a previously unexplored sector of the planet. As they survey canyons and cataracts, battle dangers, and discover alien treasures, they will soon find themselves in alien territory of another kind: exploring the paths and precipices of sex. And love. Cover art by Mick Van Houten.
  • The volume contains: Time Enough, Lewis Padgett; The Soul-Empty Ones, Walter Miller Jr; Defender of the Faith, Alfred Coppel; All of You, James V. McConnell; The Holes and Beast in the House, Michael Shaara; Little Boy, Jerome Bixby; Unwillingly to School, Pauline Ashwell; Brother Robot and The Stuff, Henry Slesar; The Risk Profession, Donald E. Westlake; Arcturus Times Three, Jack Sharkey; They Are Not Robbed, Richard McKenna; The Creatures of Man, Verge Foray; Only Yesterday, Ted White; An Agent In Place, Laurence M. Janifer.