• Book II of Second Foundation. Hari Seldon, approaching the end of his life, is on trial for daring to predict the Empire's fall. At the same time, final preparations are under way for the long-anticipated migration to Star's End. But R. Daneel Olivaw, the brilliant robot entrusted with this great mission, has discovered a potential enemy.
  • Book II of the Kerrion Empire saga. The Kerrions, rulers of the most far-reaching empire in the known universe, attempt to reclaim control of their empire while their renegade second son, Chaeron, retrieves Shebat, his wife, from Earth. As a qualified cruiser pilot, Shebat returns to claim her sentient cruiser and her place in the Kerrion dynasty against danger and numerous obstacles. The relationship of Shebat and Chaeron becomes more complex as they adapt to each other and the circumstances they face as Shebat becomes a staunch defender of the right of the space cruisers to develop their own intelligence, which threatens the control of the Kerrion Empire.

  • Book II of  Star Hounds. I  the empty depths between the stars, man has finally met his match - the cold, cruel Jaxdron, an evil empire bent on destruction. Laura Shemzak, a rebellious and beautiful spy in the way against the aliens, has joined a crew of interstellar outlaws on the rogue ship Starbow. Laura's assignment: pilot the XT Mark Nine 'blip-ship' the Starbow crew intends to steal. Her secret mission: rescue her physicist brother from the Jaxdron.  But the secret even Laura doesn't now is that she's been programmed to kill the very man she hopes to save.

  • Man's concept of time forms a fundamental part of modern lie. From the everyday time experience of day and night, the seasons,  the oddities of time zones and the International Date Line, to the deeper mysteries of  relativity theory, quantum mechanics, the concept of parallel universes and physical timewarps, the paradoxes and the possibilities of our relationship with time are constantly expanding in the face of fresh discoveries. While our watches and calendars are witness to the fact that time flows inexorably forward, at the other extreme black holes negate time altogether, making it stand still. In a wider context, the latest scientific theories are strikingly reminiscent of older philosophical ideas embracing such phenomena as precognition, reincarnation and dream telepathy. In this examination  of time, there are startling new insights into the nature of reality and the possibility that timewarps do exist.

  • Vol. 2, No. 3.  Features : Vital Signs, Dean Ing; The Man Who Stole The Moon, Charles Sheffield; Retrospective, Larry Niven and Steven Barnes; Frankie the Rat Man and Baron Von Ronk, G.E. Coggshall. Articles: Robert A. Heinlein, A Sermon, Spider Robinson; Expanded Universe, Robert A. Heinlein; Nuclear Survival, Dean Ing; New Beginnings, J.E. Pournelle; On Books, Norman Spinrad; The L-5 Review, The Editors of L-5 News; On Predicting the Future, Frederick Pohl.
  • The Carter Prophecy, expressed in the universal language of numbers, irrefutably declares that the human race will be extinct in 200 years. But what if there is a way to survive the catastrophe? When a coded message from the future turns up among the background noise of the Big Bang, Reid Malenfant, NASA drop-out turned entrepreneur, diverts his entire enterprise to find out what it means. The message gives the co-ordinates of the asteroid Cruithne, Earth's remote second Moon - nobody knows how it got there. Soon, Malenfant, his ex-wife Emma, a super-intelligent child and a disturbed mathematical genius are on their way to Cruithne. What is discovered there is nothing less than a revelation: the secret reason for Mankind's existence visible beneath the surface of Time's river.Can this knowledge save the human race?

  • A space-yacht, pursued by angry Adderkops thirsting for blood is in serious trouble.  Picking up the trail of another non-human spaceship, it seems like a good idea to board it and get the crew to head for home. But - it's not that easy to find the crew...there's just cages full of bizarre, otherworldly animals: tigerapes, elephantoids; gorilloids; caterpiggles; helmet beasts; and tentacle set of these extraordinary creatures  must be the crew in hiding - but which?

  • Enemy Mine: The alien Dracon and the Man face each other, both stranded on the barely habitable barren rock of a planet that they have fought over in space not an hour before. They decide to try to survive the planet together rather than kill each other. They learn each other's language and share cultures. The alien, being hermaphrodite and pregnant, gives birth and dies, leaving the unfortunate man to guess how to bring it up. Will the two species learn to co-exist?

    Another Orphan: Fallon, an analyst working on the Chicago stock exchange is leading a standard yuppie life in the city with a girlfriend he’s not even sure he loves.  Fallon feels little motivation or excitement in life, until he wakes up on a whaling ship at sea – his existence has taken on a whole new dynamic, one he quickly realizes is a manifestation of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick !

  • Set on a brutal prison planet where 850 million beings are confined in 40 square kilometres, this is the story of an experiment so monstrous that it threatens the entire galaxy.