• Against The Fall of Night is set in the far future.  Alvin is the only child to be born in the enclosed city of Diaspar for many centuries.  He discovers that outside of the static Utopian life of the city, believed to be the only city left on Earth, that there is another city - Lys, whose people have remained close to nature. In Beyond The Fall of Night Alvin's discoveries have led to a renaissance - man is reclaiming the Earth and even recreating earlier species of humanity.  But with creativity comes Evil.
  • Millville, USA - a small town like countless others - until it is sealed by a mysterious, invisible dome. Brad Carter manages to slip through a time-phase into a wondrous parallel world where he meets aliens from another dimension.  Ostensibly simple purple flowers, they are really a complex data storage system with extraordinary knowledge that can turn Earth into a paradise - or a hell.  The aliens propose a partnership in a great cosmic scheme.  But what is their true nature? What are their actual intentions? And how will Earth react to its first encounter with an intelligence no other world has been able to understand - or stop?
  • A mysterious invisible barrier suddenly encloses a small out-of-the-way American township.  A galactic intelligence is intent on imposing harmony and co-operation on all peoples - but fear of the unknown reduces man to the most illogical behaviour.
  • Summer, 1971. A marvellous spell of weather, idyllic in its warmth. But new sun-spots had appeared; and with their appearance came a significant increase in the suicide rate.  The wonderful summer continued for a decade: simultaneously Radiant Suicide reached endemic proportions, the only people to escape its effects being the supposed transnormals, the obsessionals, the eccentrics and the psychopaths.  They would be the only remnants of the ancient homo sapiens.

  • The Universal Transmitter Company has discovered the matter-transmitter, a means of transporting people  to and from all parts of the globe in a split second.   But on the second day of commercial operations, two women mysteriously fail to reach their destinations.  Their identification is found to be false, and no friends or relatives have come forward.  Detective Jan Darzek is hired to investigate and is landed in a precarious, out of this world adventure.
  • Becalmed forever in the spangled darkness of space, Sector General, the vast hospital comlex created to serve the known - and unknown - worlds, spreads its healing influence across half a galaxy. But for O'Mara the hospital chief and his dedicated crew, part human and part alien, that is not enough - so...Ambulance Ship, a craft in every way as extraordinary as the institution it serves, is designed to seek out and succour the physically or mentally distressed, wherever they are and whatever their species. The human doctor, Conway is the senior medical officer, the insect telepath Prilicla is on his staff, as are the glamorous Nurse Murchison and the Kelgian Naydrad.  Together they face ordeals literally out of this world.
  • Who wants to poison the organist? Why is the overhead projector so very annoyed? Who made the vicar burst into tears in his own pulpit? Why did four sane Anglicans meet on top of the tower in a raging storm? What IS going on? You would think SOMEONE would have noticed there's an alien at St. Wilfreds - particularly one that speaks excellent Prayer Book English!
  • Book I of The Sword Of Heaven. On the planet Rhui the jaran tribes, led by Ilya, are sweeping across the plains to conquer the settled lands, city by city. At Ilya's side, and his partner in victories, is his wife, Tess, a woman of whose true origins Ilya is unaware. Tess, born on Earth. is the sister and only heir of Charles Soerensen, leader of the failed rebellion against the alien Chapalii Empire and now a Duke of the Empire. Charles has continued his subversive activities against the alien overlords and is now caught in a deadly game of interstellar politics. He realises he must go to Rhui to reclaim both his heir and knowledge long hidden there of an ancient rebellion against the Empire. One there, Charles is  swept up in a battle of wills with Ilya, who is equally adamant about keeping Tess on Rhui.  But Tess has her own agenda for the future.