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  • How did the folk-witch, the hedge-witch, the invaluable wise old crone become the hated and feared figure, credited with every destructive capability?  Belief in the power of the "Devil" by an illiterate, scared population was power in the  hands of the unscrupulous Church and Government. This is a journey through five centuries of manipulation as innocent people were tortured and murdered by their gullible (and often greedy) neighbours.  Don't be put off by the cover - any Rockwiz will know that the gesture being made by the winged Pan is only very recent, having been invented by Gene Simmons of Kiss fame in the mid 1970s.  
  • December 21, 2012 may have been and gone - yet the passing of time does not make this book irrelevant.  The end of the world was never going to end with a mighty bang on this date: rather, this was the date that things would begin to change.  This is a very in-depth and heavily researched look into the Mayan Prophecies and we might expect the future to be.
  • Journalist James Highgate and linguist Flavia Timmins journey to Xocomil in the Mayan Highlands to meet the custodian of a secret ancient text that holds the key between the Mayan God Kukulcan and the disciple St. Thomas and the destiny connection between these two.  Forget The Da Vinci Code - here's the real thing.
  • An international survey of the strange and scary that covers: the Haitian legends of voodoo, zombies, sorcerers and the evil figure of  Papa Doc; what the rise of Hitler, the defeat of the Spanish Armada and the discovery of gold in Australia have in common; the Beast of  Gévaudan which terrorised a large area of France in the 1700s; the healing of astronaut John Glenn by Australian Aborigines; and some little-known events in the world of witchcraft, such as the Irish witch who, in the 14th century, poisoned her many husbands allegedly at the Devil's behest to the Tanzanian witchcraft trial of 1962. With beautiful colour photos and engravings, this is a real grab-bag of the weird, witchy and wonderful.
  • Dr. David Phillips (1934 - 1993) believed that numbers were more important than words and if you understood the power of numbers life would be less of a mystery. This book can help you to understand the connection between your numerological patterns and your levels of abundance, health and quality of your relationships.
  • Not the lead-up to 2012, but a look at what the world might be like in the years to come. Have other cultures shared this Doomsday prediction? Will the effects be immediate? Or will it be a longer process of spiritual growth?  Many aspects are examined: UFOs, crop circles, Government secrets and projects, Nostradamus, the Age of Aquarius the crystal skulls (yes, they do exist, they are not  exclusive to Indiana Jones), galactic synchronisation and much more. Black and white photographs.

  • A discussion of the thought differences between the view stated in A Course in Miracles and biblical Christianity.
  • Or - How To Succeed at Being Yourself. You can rid yourself of negative attitudes and you can gain a healthy self-confidence. Here is a practical, how-to book which is a real voyage to: building your inner strength; develop your uniqueness; keep your flaws in perspective; make friends with your body; find a place to excel; expand your network of love and help other to become more confident.
  • The Ascended Masters contribute to the explanations of our best-loved mysteries: Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, Invisibility, Aliens, the 4th Dimension and much more.  Also included are exercises to help you develop your psychic skills.
  • So what is the Alexander Technique?  It's a wholistic approach to learning how to rid the body of harmful tension,  learning to move mindfully through life by highlighting inefficient habits of movement and patterns of accumulated tension that's been in use for over 100 years. No passive treatments here, just an active exploration that changes the way one thinks and responds in activity with a skill set that can be applied in every situation. To sum up: it's a positive re-education of the mind and body that's used by many big name actors, musos and writers to the past and present, including Sir Paul McCartney, Dame Judi Dench, Hilary Swank and many more.

  • A magical introduction to the world of Aboriginal folklore and the Dreamtime, for all those interested in Australia's colourful history.  Among the many items of interest in this volume: The Anger of Pund-jil; Bees and Honey; The Coming Of Spring; A Fight With A Kurrea; The First Bullroarer; The Frog Food Of The Bunyip; How Blue Heron Brings In The Tide; How Black  Snake Became Poisonous; The Kangaroo Dance; How The Waratah Was Made; The Miserable Mopoke; The Oyster Brothers And The Shark; The Wooden Devil-Devil and many more. Illustrated by E.H. Papps.
  • A comprehensive and informative book, containing information on herb garden design, cultivation and harvesting; herbal health and preparation of herbal medicine; essential oils;  cooking with herbs, teas, wines and beer recipes; and craft and decoration including using herbs for dyes. Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs.